Darya Rose on Unstoppable with Kara GoldinToday on Unstoppable I interview Darya Rose, the author of Foodist and the creator of the blog Summer Tomato.

Starting her career with a neuroscience Ph.D., Darya discovered scientific literature on how to prevent and often cure many major diseases in modern society through eating a whole foods diet. When she finished her Ph.D., Darya decided to take a look at her own life and uncover why she was a chronic dieter.

Darya writes about food, health, science, and how to overcome chronic dieting on Summer Tomato. In 2011, Time Magazine named Summer Tomato one of the “50 Websites That Make the Web Great”, and the site has successfully educated its readers about “healthstyles” and Real Food diets.

Listen in to today’s show to learn more about how food can cure diseases (even neurodegenerative ones), how to overcome yo-yo dieting, and how to make a healthy lifestyle more sustainable.


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“I started just getting off the fake health food train and getting on the actual real food train. The more I did, the better my results were and the happier I was. ” – Darya Rose

Show Notes:

  • Why diets don’t work
  • What is a Real Food diet
  • How many types of cancer can be prevented
  • The difference between New York and San Francisco
  • How body image affects health
  • Why we’re being told the wrong thing
  • How to teach teens how to eat healthy
  • Why people want to feel better

“The vast majority of the causes of misery in the old age disease world are things that are massively improved if you eat more vegetables, eat less junk food, and exercise.” – Darya Rose

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“It’s a new thing. Most people have never heard that before, and they love the idea of being gentle and compassionate with yourself and eating food that tastes good. Just focusing on food that actually nourishes your body.” – Darya Rose