SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 1 – Kara Goldin attends 2015 GoRed for Women Luncheon May 1st 2015 at US in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Drew Altizer Photography)

In the first year of starting hint, I experienced more rejection than I had in the previous five years of my life, combined.


It hurt — especially the first few times it happened. When you’re so early in the game, support is critical, and rejection can really make you question things.


But thank goodness for that rejection! It forced me to learn and grow stronger, and I’m confident it helped me get to where I am today.


Here are 5 things you can do after getting rejected to ensure you come out the other side a better, more complete person, with an even stronger business.


Don’t hide your emotions! Acknowledge them!


The last thing you want to do is suppress your sadness or disappointment by convincing yourself it was “no big deal.”


Instead, acknowledge how you feel, have a cry if necessary, and deal with those emotions head-on. That’s how you move forward.


Don’t let your rejection define you


One person or company’s opinion should never define who you are. Plus, just think about all the factors involved that you might not even know about!


Can you imagine beating yourself up after getting rejected for a job only to learn a few months later that they really wanted to hire you but just ran into some budget problems?

View your rejection as evidence of your ambition


The best way to avoid rejection is to rest on your laurels and stay in your comfort zone.


Mentally strong people view rejection as proof that they’re pushing the limits and pursuing life goals. In fact, if you’re truly ambitious, you should expect to be rejected sometimes.




Pretty straightforward. Dealing with the pain of rejection isn’t enough — you have to learn from it, too.


View being rejected as an opportunity, rather than a circumstance, and ask yourself the important questions. What could you have done better? What can you take away from this?