Often as a leader, you’ll notice that sometimes, no matter the overall sentiment of your business and its goals, your team might have seemingly hit a wall. The fresh ideas and energy have been replaced with complacency and waning creativity. They lack motivation, they have simply become cogs in the machine. Without saying it, they are looking to you, their leader, to re-energize their working spirits with the right motivational inspiration.

So how can you get your employees motivated and moving forward again instead of just going through the paces? Well, for one, I believe that refocusing on the goals and long-term vision of the company is a good start in getting into the right motivational mindset. On its own, this isn’t exactly a motivational trend, but it is one way to visualize where you want to end to up. Evaluating goals for teams and individual team members provides a good starting point for motivation.


Once again, we find communication skills high on the list of applicable leadership traits. Constant communication with your team will keep them invested in their work and the overall mission of the company. This not only applies to your communication to your staff but also making sure that they know they can communicate with you. Being open to new ideas, holding brainstorming sessions and encouraging collaboration with leadership is always a standard in motivating your employees.


From coffee in the breakroom to being able to access private rooms for quiet conversations or privacy, creating a healthy work environment goes a long way in motivating your team. Things like natural light, fresh air, proper ergonomics, and ambiance all contribute to creating a workspace in which your employees feel at home. Remember, they are spending most of their waking hours working, so creating a solid and energetic environment is a great way to keep your team motivated on a daily basis.


At a base level, we all want to win. I want to build the best lifestyle brand I can, and my team wants to be the best they can be. One of the best ways to encourage collaboration and motivational teamwork is through healthy and fun competition. Whether it be within the development team or the sales team, setting clear goals and clear rewards for top performers can motivate the entire team. The key is to reward teams rather than individuals and set clear rules that enable long-term success. Healthy competition encourages teamwork and goal-oriented behavior.


Employees want to know that they are not only contributing to the growth of the company, but to their own personal growth as well. Providing a clear path for individual growth and development is always a motivating factor for the individuals on your teams. Each employee has a different set of goals and skills, so each employee would need to be assessed differently. Focus on skillset management and preparing your team members for broader or different roles. Enable them to grow in their current role, with an eye toward the future.


One of the best motivational tools is to celebrate your teams’ successes. Either on a team-based level or an individual level, no matter how big or small the success, drawing attention to it is a great way to encourage employees to be more goal-oriented. You don’t have to throw a huge party, but showing gratitude goes a long way in keeping your team motivated and invested in their work. Whether it be bringing in food for the team, or bonuses, celebrating their success in the office is always appreciated.

There are literally thousands of ways to motivate your team. While these are some of the most popular and often used motivational methods, a quick Google search will reveal more lists than you can shake a whiteboard marker at. The point is that your employees are not faxed machines, they are living, breathing humans that need motivation besides a place to sit when they leave the house. Employing any number of motivational methods will go a long way toward creating a healthy, goal-oriented and motivated team environment.