Darby Jackson on Unstoppable with Kara GoldinI’m so excited to have Darby Jackson, wellness entrepreneur and co-founder of Après plant-based protein shakes, with me on today’s show.

After Darby stopped playing water polo for UC Berkeley, she grew a business as a personal trainer and a health coach. Her clients often asked her, “what should I eat after I workout?”.

Darby struggled to answer that question until she met Sonny McCracken. Together they created Après, a beverage company that makes clean protein shakes with high-quality ingredients.

On today’s show, Darby talks about her wellness entrepreneurship career, what she has learned about fundraising and pitching to investors, how Après has positioned itself in the competitive protein industry and much more.

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“It started off being inspired by a need for women post-workout. The product has since evolved into being something that speaks to the modern consumer post-workout.”- Darby Jackson

Show Notes:

  • How to have more body love
  • What is Après
  • How to start a wellness business
  • What to eat post workout
  • How to market yourself
  • How to raise capital
  • Why you should surround yourself with successful people

“What’s going on in your life? What are you stressed about? How are your relationships? That’s what really makes you healthy.” – Darby Jackson

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“We’re building a team and in all of the important things that we’re doing throughout our day – I have to show up! I have to show up, and I have to be present, and I have to be focused and ready to provide a ton of energy to get this thing going.”- Darby Jackson