Dr. T. Colin Campbell on Unstoppable with Kara GoldinOn today’s show, Kara Goldin talks with Dr. T. Colin Campbell PHD, author of The China Study.

Dr. Campbell is a scientist who has been at the forefront of nutrition education and research.  He worked at MIT as a Research Associate in Nutrition, Biochemistry, and Toxicology, and he spent many years on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Biochemistry and Nutrition Group.

Dr. Campbell is currently an Endowed Chair at Cornell University.

Listen in to hear Kara Goldin and Dr. T. Colin Campbell discuss The China Study, plant-based diets, optimal health techniques, and revolutionary health studies.


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“I got the impression that the families, the few families I should say, the 2% or 3% who were eating levels of protein like we do in the West, their children seemed to be at higher risk for getting this one kind of cancer.” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Show Notes:

  • What is the China Study and how was it developed
  • Why do Americans have such poor health
  • What is Dr. Campbell’s opinion on Obamacare
  • Why is the USDA problematic
  • What is the most crippling misinformation about nutrition
  • How do plant-based diets influence cancer
  • Why doctors overprescribe medication
  • How can a plant-based diet be a “quick fix”

“We can use the kind of nutrition I’m talking about not only to prevent future disease, problems like heart disease, and cancer, and diabetes, and that sort of thing. But it actually can be used to treat people with existing disease now.” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell

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“What I’m saying, as far as the healthcare debate is concerned, is let’s agree that there’s a piece missing. It just so happens to be the most important piece of all. It’s called nutrition.” – Dr. T. Colin Campbell