Leslie Silverglide on Unstoppable with Kara GoldinMy guest today, Leslie Silverglide, is an eco-entrepreneur and conservation expert who takes it to the next level as the CEO and co-founder of MIXT restaurants.

Leslie knew that she wanted to pursue eco-entrepreneurship after grad school when it was clear that she wasn’t meant to be a conservationist. So as young entrepreneurs in their mid-twenties, she and her husband started MIXT salad restaurant in 2005 (the same year as Hint!). They sold MIXT to Nestle a few years later, but ended up buying it back.

Today on the show Leslie dives into what it was like to start her second wellness-based company with her best friend from business school, how her employees influence her business decisions, what it is like to be a mom amongst all her entrepreneurial endeavors, and much more.

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“I realized that I was not meant to be a on-the-ground conservationist at all, and if I wanted to make a big impact then I’d need to do that through business. And seeing that business utilizes most of the world’s resources, it seemed like a pretty interesting fit.” – Leslie Silverglide

Show Notes:

  • What is eco-entrepreneurship
  • What is MIXT
  • Why sell a business and buy it back
  • How to sell your company
  • What is Wello
  • How to start a company
  • How to acquire a business
  • Why being a mom makes you more efficient
  • How to work with a co-founder

“When I was running Wello, we were working basically 17 hour days and I couldn’t fathom how I could possibly fit in having a baby. But it got to the point where I knew that it was something that I wanted to do and I said, ‘like everything else, I’m just going to have to figure it out’.” – Leslie Silverglide

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“You have all these people who are counting on you, and they’re counting on you for their paycheck and to support their family. And so that has really become my number one driver in being successful and making sure the company is thriving.” – Leslie Silverglide