Nikki Azzara on Unstoppable with Kara GoldinNikki Azzara, CEO and founder of P.S. Snacks, came to San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show, and I had the pleasure of snagging her away for a moment so that we could chat about her entrepreneurial journey.

When Nikki found out that she was gluten intolerant during college, she started a gluten-free food blog called Slender Seven. As the recipes gained traction, it became clear that there was a business opportunity for her to sell yummy treats that are actually good for you!

Nikki began selling her plant-based grain-free cookie dough and she named the brand P.S. Snacks. You can find P.S. Snacks online and in about 50 retail locations (and growing!).

Today, Nikki and I talk about what it is like to be a budding entrepreneur, how she got her brilliant good-for-you cookie dough sold in stores, who to look for when hiring a team, plus much more.

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“I’ve actually been working quite a bit on infrastructural improvements so that we can grow. So it’s been a little bit of slowing down so that we can speed up.” – Nikki Azzara

Show Notes:

  • How to be gluten-free
  • What is a commissary kitchen
  • How to launch a business
  • Why high school sports are important
  • How to create sales content
  • Why slowing down can help your business
  • What to look for in a team
  • Who to hire

“The lows are brief and painful, but if you can see the larger vision and know that there are thousands of people who are buying this and there are thousands of people that want it. That, to me, is the most important thing every day.” Nikki Azzara

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“There is so much that you can learn and do but you have to do it, and if you can figure it out on the fly then it almost makes it more exciting.” – Nikki Azzara