As an entrepreneur, I can attest that you’ll face numerous challenges on the road to success. Taking your vision from inception to a marketable business can seem daunting, but if you have the right mindset, it is absolutely achievable. There is a laundry list of traits that entrepreneurs have that might seem cliché, but there is a good reason for that. Finding and driving success is not a simple task and you’ll face obstacles every step of the way.

Kara Goldin

There are dozens of traits one can attribute to entrepreneurs. The key is knowing which ones you should be prepared to work to enhance, while the others may already be ingrained in your personality. Being an entrepreneur is more than just knowing how to build a business. It’s knowing when to lead when to motivate when to accept and build on failure, when to learn and when to compete. These traits are found in most entrepreneurs, with good reason.


As you’d guess, being a leader is the most obvious trait of entrepreneurs. Being a leader is more than just having a team to give directives to, it means working with your team toward a common goal. It means embodying every other trait of an entrepreneur and the leading spirit. Having strong leadership traits means having the ability to communicate with purpose and strength while being able to foster an environment of growth and trust.


As an entrepreneur, you’ll find that sharing your vision with your team isn’t always as easy as it might appear. It’s your vision, not necessarily theirs. With the right motivation, your vision can become a shared vision among your team, but that directly ties into your leadership abilities. Most entrepreneurs have the drive and the details in their vision to motivate and encourage their teams to find success. Motivation isn’t just about your team, it’s about you as well. There will be challenges and situations in flux that will require strong self-motivation. Positively pushing yourself as much or more than you push your team is a strong trait in any entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs are generally risk takers. We all know this and accept it. I know that without risk, there is no reward and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the willingness to take risks. With risk, there can often be failure. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure. They accept it as part of the process and they know that each failure leads directly to a learning opportunity. Failure can be tough to endure but is a necessary trait to master if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.


This is where entrepreneurs often shine. The competitive spirit runs strong with the entrepreneurial class of person. They enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur and like to win. Of course, this goes together with accepting failure, as one doesn’t exist without the other. With a strong competitive spirit, entrepreneurs are ready to take on the world and build their businesses. Being mentally focused on healthy competition and the drive to succeed is a trait you’ll find in almost every entrepreneur.


The thing that self-motivation, learning from failure, leading a new team and having a drive to compete have in common for entrepreneurs is the constant stream of learning opportunities. An entrepreneur must be ready and willing to learn from everything and everyone. Often, entrepreneurs come in hot and all that risk-taking leads to tunnel vision and learning opportunities are missed. Becoming an entrepreneur means holding strong and building on all these traits and learning along the way.

The path to success, while littered with minor setbacks and the natural attrition of entrepreneurship, is a rewarding one. With the right combination of a strong vision and entrepreneurial traits, there is no reason to not succeed.