CEO of hint, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur


CEO of hint, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

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Undaunted is one woman’s journey past doubts and doubters to become the award-winning CEO of Hint® water.
After interviewing dozens of business leaders for her podcast, Kara Goldin uncovered the overarching key to their success based on the way they handle and move past obstacles and their own insecurities, which she unpacks in these pages.
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My Story

My Story

Hint is going beyond water to give people better, healthier experiences they can truly enjoy and share.

What started out as a “beverage” company has grown into a mission of ours to make the everyday products we use better. We just upgraded our new personal care products collection with a new aluminum-free deodorant.

Like all Hint products, Hint deodorant Hint deodorant was created with the passion to help consumers lead healthier lives and at the same time deliver a great deodorant experience. I learned about aluminum and all its potential risks and decided I no longer wanted to clog my sweat ducts with this toxic ingredient. After trying many things on the market, I still was unsatisfied, some had irritating ingredients like baking soda, others just didn’t feel good or smell good. So, I decided to develop my own — a super effective deodorant that was free of harmful chemicals and enjoyable at the same time. The idea was to offer an innovative, healthy alternative that was an easy transition for everyone in the family.



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