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Brian Mazza - From Creating The Ainsworth Restaurant and Bar to Becoming the Founder of High Performance Lifestyle Training

I'm thrilled to have Brian Mazza, CEO and Founder of High Performance Lifestyle Training, on this episode of Unstoppable with Kara Goldin. Brian is a high performer in every sense. After creating the sophisticated sports bar brand The Ainsworth, a restaurant group with over $100 million in revenue, his passion shifted and he went on to create High Performance Lifestyle Training (HPLT), a brand to unite high performers who value family, fitness, food, fashion. HPLT brings together like-minded people who can feed off each other's energy physically, mentally and emotionally. The program is designed to get people uncomfortable so that they can grow.

On this episode, Brian talks about what it was like to start HPLT from scratch, parenting and self growth, the importance of allowing yourself to be uncomfortable, how to use Instagram to grow a positive movement, the key to creating an engaging brand message, why we need to focus on small wins every day, the lessons he's learned from him and his family escaping from a fire in their home, how to be unstoppable, and much more.


All Time Favorite Podcast! - Sadiegirl1011/4

This podcast is amazing! Insightful, uplifting, inspiring, thought provoking...I can’t get enough! As a recent college graduate trying to chart my own path...I find golden nuggets of wisdom in every podcast. I’ve been following Kara for years and love getting to know her in this facet. Such a valuable listen!

Bringing value with the focused and fun style - @DrinkLumen2/4

Kara has a great balance of getting to the details and finding the deeper threads of the concepts while keeping things fluid and fun. A must listen for anyone looking to learn. #whatillumenatesyou

Inspiration!!! - HoneybeeMD3/4

I am so inspired by Kara and not a bit surprised by the line up of “movers and shakers” she has chosen to interview. When I saw Dr. Robert Lustig on the list I was absolutely delighted! Keep up the fight against sugar, Kara, and keep inspiring others on a daily basis! Thank you for what you do. 💗

Love your guests!! - samanthaalevinee4/4

I love Kara’s questions and her naturally flowing conversations with her guests. I’ve learned so much about developing your own business with little to no experience from the episodes with Alli Webb, Randi Zuckerberg and Ellen Bennett . Kara can relate too based off of her interview in rebecca jarvis’ no limits podcast which makes it even more relatable for me. Great job!!!


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