From experiments in my kitchen
to following my intuition,
here’s my journey to becoming
the Founder and CEO of Hint.

In 2004, I had terrible acne, zero energy, and I was 45 pounds overweight. So I decided to see a doctor.

Almost immediately, I found the culprit — diet soda. I was addicted to the stuff at that time, drinking upwards of 10 cans a day.

I’ll be the first to admit that the word “diet” had totally fooled me. Gosh, I thought I was being so responsible.

When I read the full list of ingredients and didn’t even recognize most of them – I thought, what the heck was I drinking?!

That day, I decided to cut diet soda out of my life and started drinking water instead. Three months later, my acne was gone, I was bursting with energy, and I had lost 40 pounds!

Fast-forward to today and the concoction I made in my kitchen to help me drink more water is helping people all over the country do the same thing!

As a society, we spend so much time figuring out how to eat better that we forget about what we’re drinking. It matters just as much, people!

So please, stop drinking soda and other sweetened beverages that are often labeled as "healthy", and take a closer look at that label.

Better yet, drink hint instead! You’ll still get that burst of flavor that makes your taste buds go “Oh yeah!”… while avoiding the sugar that makes your entire body go, “Oh, no.”

Today, Hint is going beyond water to give people better, healthier experiences that they can truly enjoy and share. In 2017, I launched Hint sunscreen, an SPF 30 sunscreen mist that’s enhanced with the same essences used in hint water, after having several run-ins with precancerous cells on my nose.

I decided to solve yet another personal problem by creating a sunscreen with no parabens and oxybenzone, while smelling amazing. My team and I are dedicated to helping people live healthier lives, easily. With water and sunscreen, there’s no telling what’s next.

My goal is to help as many people as possible get healthier by making simple, better-for-you choices that are actually enjoyable.

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