Julia Haart: Founder of Body by Julia Haart & star of My Unorthodox Life

Episode 461

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Kara Goldin Show. Today we are joined by Julia Haart who is a self-made businesswoman, designer, and bestselling author of Brazen. Julia is the Founder of an incredible company called Body by Julia Haart, but you may have also caught her and her story on the Netflix hit show My Unorthodox Life which she stars in. Her incredible women’s fashion brand, Body by Julia Haart, has taken off and she takes us into her journey in building it. Julia is a powerhouse and her backstory will leave you nothing but inspired. Julia’s lessons she shares plus her ability to conquer her own fears and build a fabulous business will leave you motivated for sure. On this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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I am unwilling to give up that I will start over from scratch as many times as it takes to get where I want to be I want to be, you just want to make sure you will get knocked down. But just make sure you don’t get knocked down knocked out. So your only choice should be go focus on what you can control control control. Hi, everyone and welcome to the Kara Goldin show. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders. We’ll talk with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and really some of the most interesting people of our time. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hi, everyone, it’s Kara Goldin from the Kara Goldin show. And I’m thrilled to have my next guest here. Julia Haart is the founder and CEO of an incredible brand called plus body, the actual website is Body by Julia Haart. We’ll have all of that in the show notes. But she’s also the star of a show that you might be familiar with called My Unorthodox Life. And she wrote an incredible book that is now a best seller in three countries called brazen, if you see this video here, where you have the book here. And it is really, really amazing. I love stories of specially stories of women, really getting all of their fears together and just going for it and changing the status quo. And that’s what I felt that Julie has done. And now she’s building this incredible brand. That is definitely one that you should know Julia is a business woman designer, and now best selling author. And, and also, as I said, the Netflix hit show my unorthodox. My Unorthodox Life is just so so good. So without further ado, welcome, Julia,

Julia Haart 1:59
thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to be on your podcast. It’s a great, wonderful, medium. So thank you for having me.

Kara Goldin 2:07
I’m so excited that you’re here. So tell us first about the story for people who are not familiar with the show. But also just what is your backstory? How did this all come about? Well, it’s

Julia Haart 2:21
a 400, and somewhat page book and so far, two seasons of a television show. But if I had to encapsulate it, in a short form, I would just say I grew up in a very extremist fundamentalist community, which really was like living in the 1800s. Right, I lived the life of an 18 have a 19th Century woman, someone who was not allowed to be educated, who was taught her entire purpose in life is the to be a wife and a mother. Basically, in my community, all women are interchangeable. We’re all supposed to do the exact same thing. We’re just bodies, we’re bodies, and people who are supposed to serve and stay silent and negate ourselves so that men can find their life super convenient, and don’t have to do any work because all they have to do is sit and study. Because that of course is the greatest thing that you could do is study the Torah. But women aren’t allowed to do that. Women can’t become rabbis, women can’t become leaders. They are the receptacles on which men stand to get ahead, period. So that’s how I grew up without a television without radio, without newspapers without magazines, not knowing that women were legally allowed to live alone and the outside world because no one in my community no women live alone, you go from your father’s house, to your husband’s house. I always tell people if they want to understand my world, think bridgerton Minus the balls minus the fabulous clothing, where it’s all about the marriage. The girl is supposed to be pure while the guy goes around the world and sews his wild oats and gets educated. The girl has to sit and hide in her house and no one can touch her. And she has to be pure. The man chooses her and then she has no autonomy. That was one way. That’s the easiest way to explain it. And my four children I was pregnant 10 times six miscarriages. I have I think other than nearing the number changes all the time because they keep on having more babies somewhere in the neighborhood of 49 nieces and nephews. Most of whom I’ve never gotten to meet because I may heretic and I left the path and I left at 42 with my children started a shoe brand two months after I walked out the door within a year was being sold in multiple countries within two years. partnered with a parola to do a co branding. Within three years became Chris, director of the pearl event took over a talent management company and transformed it into a media conglomerate and two years brought it into a billion dollar business valued by Jeffrey’s bank, and then just launched a stapler brand. And they’ve also invented a vibrator that’s coming your way soon. today. Wow,

Kara Goldin 5:08
amazing. Amazing. So So you left your 42. Yeah. And so like, what was the moment when you just said, I’m out? I’m out. Like, I can’t do this anymore. I know there’s this world outside and I want it. Well, there’s

Julia Haart 5:31
actually two moments. There’s the moment when I decided I wanted out. And then the moment I actually walked out the door, and those are eight years apart. So the moment Yeah, because I mean, I knew nothing about the 21st century, I knew I knew nothing about it, I didn’t, it’s very hard for people to imagine just how different my life was. Because we take so many things for granted, right? Like, you probably had your first boyfriend in high school, you learned about all those kinds of behaviors and sex and, you know, orgasms and pleasure and what a man is supposed to do, or can do when women relate to all these things that you pick up. By just living. I didn’t have any of those things. I didn’t get to talk to guys, I didn’t get to hang out with them. They weren’t my friends. I didn’t go to prom, I didn’t go to a bar, I didn’t get to choose to kiss a man. I had nothing of 20 of the 21st century experience. And I knew nothing. I was completely uneducated. You know, I learned how to change diapers and be a good wife and be silent and subservient. I didn’t have an education. And so the I think, the two most difficult parts of my Exodus, my personal Exodus is what I kind of call it. But is when I realized I actually gave myself permission to say, this is not okay, I went out. And then the day that I walked out the door, and both of them, interestingly enough, both of them were, how shall I say, were propelled by my daughter, Mary. So, my entire life there have been this dichotomy between who I am intrinsically as a human being someone who’s very outgoing, someone who loves to work, someone who loves to learn and study, a reader, a learner, I an internal student. That’s who I am intrinsically as a human being. And then who I was told I had to be was to, that I’m not intelligent enough to study that I’m not supposed to read all the books in my bookshelf, forget about secular books, I wasn’t allowed to read religious books. I didn’t woman is not allowed. I had a bookshelf of books that I was forbidden, forbidden from reading forbidden. So my entire life had been this dichotomy between who I knew I was as a person. And what I was told I had to be the only way that I could be to be loved by God. And so there was this constant internal struggle, you know, of, you know, what I explained, people was not feeling like I was living in my own skin, because my body wasn’t my own. My choices were my own, I was constantly told that I was stupid when I knew that I wasn’t. And so but they had convinced me that something was intrinsically flawed in me that I wasn’t okay with the system. And so I genuinely thought I was a sinner for even thinking that I should have the right to read, or to be autonomous, or to make my own money, or to have a say, in any part of my life. Okay. Then comes my little five year old daughter, and she wants her for six or seven, somewhere around there. I don’t I, I can’t remember the exact age. And she says to my husband that she wants to play soccer. And my husband looks at her and says, You can’t. And when she asked him why he said, Well, you know, you can’t wear pants, which means to play soccer, you have to play it in a skirt. And if you kick a ball, and your skirt lifts up and a man walking by the field will see your knees, he may have inappropriate thoughts about you. And that will be your sin because you caused him to sin. And now let’s not talk about what kind of twisted sick man gets turned on by five or six or seven year olds knees. But let’s leave that alone for a minute. Yeah. My little child looks at my husband and says, Okay, well, if I’m responsible for his behavior and his sins, is he responsible for mine? And hearing that simple, logical, reasonable question, coming from the mouth of a child, someone who they convinced me that I was flaw, they could not convince me that my child, my five or six year old daughter, was somehow flawed for just being rational. I certainly never said anything. So Miriam gave me permission to say, This isn’t me. This is these laws, they’re not okay. And so she’s the beginning of my Exodus. And when she did that, literally, I think, pretty much the same day, I decided I’m not. It was the first time in my life, I gave myself permission to say, it’s not me. It’s these laws. And so I started educating myself in reading mirror when I would walk every day to Barnes and Noble and just sit there all day, and read books. And I would, we would walk home the hour and a half to the house before anyone would show up. And I would make dinner and do homework and all that stuff. So that nobody was realized that we were reading books all day, because I wasn’t supposed to be reading those books at all. And then I had to figure out a way to make money because I wasn’t leaving without my kids. And so it took me a years. And then here it is, I plan it all out. I read hundreds of books, I watch as many movies as I can. I make some money. And now it’s time to actually walk out the door. And I couldn’t do it. I was too scared. I was really too scared. And again, it’s really hard for someone who hasn’t been in an isolated ice, fundamentalist, wholly controlled environment. It is time travel. It’s so scary. You ever said I didn’t know a single person in the outside world. I didn’t have college friends or high school friends or friends from where I went to work. I was in a nonentity. I didn’t exist. I had no past no history, no knowledge. And I always say to people, imagine if you’ve never tasted chocolate, okay, and you read 100 books about chocolate, and talk about production, and all the flavors of chocolate. And then you watch 1000 amazing movies about the making of chocolate to have any idea what chocolate tastes like? No, you have gotten and just taste it. That was me. Eight years ago, right? I studied everything I’ve read, I’d read about what chocolate tastes like I watch chocolate production, but I’ve never actually taken a bite. And it was so scary to walk outside of the 1800s and time travel into the 21st century. In the end, I chickened out, I was too afraid to do it. I really was I I just was too scared. It just feel it felt on the mountain. It felt like time travel, it’s only going to mA Do you know. And so then again, Miriam steps in to save the day. So there I am. And I decided and it’s in my book. So I know that you know this, I decided to commit suicide, right? I decided that it would be easier to kill myself than to walk out the door because it was less scary. If you can imagine to commit suicide, the Delete, less scare. That’s how scary and I was down to a weight. I don’t want to say publicly but imagine you know, people complain about my way. Now. Imagine this minus 12 pounds. I mean, I was really an emaciated stick. And then purposefully I purposely starve myself to death. And I was a few pounds away from success, I would say. And then my daughter comes home because she got an F on an exam because they said it was too good to have been done by a woman she must have gotten help. And my daughter comes home and she is hysterically crying because she’s like, but I worked on this. I’m the only one who works on this. I did this. They’re punishing me for doing a good job. And literally, the next morning I packed our stuff girl walked out the door. Because that moment watching her cry made me realize that I was being super selfish, because, yes, killing myself and my pain. But she would be me 30 years from that moment, she would be exactly me shoes. 13 years old, when I left. Go back, you know, go 20 years in the future 3030 years in the future at 43. She would be me miserable, wanting to kill herself feeling like there’s no purpose in her life. And seeing that and recognizing that. I need to take everybody out not just myself. And it’s not that I’m being selfish and taking them out. They deserve more. They’re not going to be happy. And that’s really what the impetus was. Well,

Kara Goldin 14:49
they say that there are people that you are allowing others to walk on your shoulders right and as hard as it is at times and that’s what I gathered from your book as well. I mean, this were your children. But you’re also through your book brazen your, as I mentioned earlier, you’re a best seller in three countries. Not everybody has is Orthodox that is reading this book, but it’s obviously got an audience of people who are proud of you, right? But also maybe going through their own challenges, what what would you say to those people?

Julia Haart 15:28
So that’s what I’ve seen. So we started collecting messages from people all over the world when season one came out, and then the plethora of communication when the book came out. And then when season two came out, we’ve received over 700,000 messages from people literally all over the world. I mean, some of these are so mind blowing, like, I’ll give you a few examples. I’m going to tell you my absolute favorite one, and then two recent ones that again, I’ve just there’s so it’s just take, it gives me the courage and strength to keep doing what I’m doing. Because otherwise, you know, I’ve been through the wringer and back, but I keep on doing it. And it’s because of people like, I’m going to just tell you so I was sitting in, in a restaurant in the summertime in the city, in a place sides, a great restaurant called it’s a fish place. What’s it called with an owl? It’ll come to me in a second. Anyway, so we’re there and I’m sitting, having lunch outside. And a woman comes over and hands me a letter and says, Please read this and just walks away. She says, Julia, please read this. Thank you so much, and walks away. But and I realized that she must have seen me across the street from this restaurant is a paper source. So mean, she must have seen me at the restaurant, walked across the street, bought the card, bought the envelope, written the letter to bring it back to me and hand it. Okay, because it’s the only thing Yeah. Okay. So I opened this letter. So I wouldn’t try to say without getting embarrassed, because it’s not easy to. So she writes this letter. And in this letter, she writes that the day that my show came out, was the day that she was planning on committing suicide. And she had planned the day really perfectly. She had sold her apartment, she had sent letters to all her friends that they would receive after she was gone. She had sent her most prized possessions to her close friends that she wanted them to know that she was thinking of them. And on her last day on earth, she was going to go with her best friend to lunch, that she was going to come home, she was going to watch something on TV, take sleeping pills and die. That was the plant for her last year. And she goes to lunch with her friend, and her friend starts talking about this amazing show just came out. And onward. And onward and onward. I got this woman and she was going to commit suicide within she chose life and change it again. So she’s like, wow, this is really appropriate. So she goes home from lunch, and she starts to watch it. Instead of watching an episode she watches the entire season and chooses life and decides not to commit suicide, and starts the process of changing the things in her life that have caused her so much pain. And now, this is a year later after the show comes out and she walks over and hands me this letter. And the last part of it is like how much how great her life is now and how it’s moving the right direction. She has so much hope and joy. Sorry. I really want to tell a story without getting emotional. Just bear no.

Kara Goldin 19:04
I think it’s it’s such a powerful thing. And I think that that’s the thing. I mean, that’s what stories do. By the way. It’s like if you have the courage to actually tell your story how you got through something so powerful, the impact that it can have on other people. You know, mine mine is a little bit different. Just building a company and an industry that I knew nothing about in the beverage industry and I mean I run into people all the time I wear lots of clothing that says hint on it or my luggage might say hint I get stopped on airplanes and people will talk to me about how their health has been changed by just finding a drink that they do by the way I

Julia Haart 19:51
love him. I have in my fridge it’s a fantastic drink. It’s wonderful thing and again you are for sure an example to women. You just showing women, what your deck capable of what hard work and endeavor can accomplish? I think you do. I’m sure there are millions of women and also give this podcast. So you’re not only building businesses and building value, you’re then sharing that experience with people to help them build their. So I think, to your point, you’re doing the exact same thing you absolutely are.

Kara Goldin 20:23
It’s really powerful. And those consumers are those readers, you know, how they’ll come to you. And it does inspire you, right? You’re like, I’ve done the right thing. So I’m gonna keep going. So you started, you laughed, and we’ll jump to the show. So how did the show come about?

Julia Haart 20:47
Basically, me walking into Netflix and saying, Hi, I’m Julia Haart. Here’s my story. Want to do a show? Darryl? I mean, I didn’t have an agent. I didn’t have anyone help me. I met this amazing guy, who introduced me to a production company, Jeff Jenkins production. And I’ve met with Jeff Jenkins, and we fell in love. Jeff is my brother. He’s wonderful. And he and I went really sold the show to Netflix. And funnily enough, the book comes after the show, because usually there’s the book and then there’s the show like normal person, but I don’t do anything like no, of course, was no game before my book. Well, the funny thing is that the book came about, I mean, I knew I had to tell my story. And it’s something that was in the back of my head because I thought, my story is a story that can help other women write their story. So I knew was something I wanted to do. But I was kind of like, I kept on putting it off, because it’s very scary. And as much as the show is reality TV, the book is all me. I wrote it. I did the editing, you know, meaning it’s not like I tend to handed it in, and then it was done. Right? They would say to me, Julia, I handed in a 17 140 page manuscript. So you know, we had to cut it from 1700 40 pages to 400 and some odd pages. That’s a lot of Julia takeout paragraphs, delete, fix this. Yeah, there’s a lot of editing. And then I do the audio recording, it is just me through and through. And I was a bit scared. Because, you know, you’ve read the book, I’m radically honest, I talked about all the bumps in the wards and the mistakes and the embarrassing things that happened to me or that I did. You know, I don’t hide anything. And so it’s very finding, and I knew that if I was going to write it, that’s how I was going to write it. Because I will never forget, when I first started in this industry, I’m going to leave the person name, right, because I think women should lift each other up, reference each other down. But I met this designer, this female designer. And, you know, this isn’t she had, I mean, she was just like, she seemed to have everything like she had children and the brand. And Manuel loves her and like it, she made it all look so easy. And my questions her I was just starting out, I’ve maybe been in my out of my community three, four months, like, really? I was four months old to the 21st century. And I’m like a little puppy dog and like, how do you do it all? Like, you just You’re beautiful. You’re always put together and you’ve got a family, you’ve got this business. How you doing on she’s like, Oh, it’s easy. I wake up, it’s I love doing homework with my children. I think we still shed a person on earth who loves doing homework with their children. It’s just a lie. And I’m looking at this woman saying she’s lying. She is lying to her teeth. And it really depressing because she made it sound so easy. That all my struggles. I was like, Well, I’m never gonna be able to do that. Because those things aren’t easy for me. So when you smooth over the mistakes and the problems, you do people a disservice. Because then when things are hard for them, they’re like, Oh, well, I guess I’m not truly off. She did it with no mistakes, no errors smooth and simple. You know, it’s it comes easily to her. So I’m not even going to bother time. No, it’s difficult. It’s messy. It’s hard. You’re gonna cry. You’re gonna feel bad about yourself. You’re going to second guess yourself, you’re going to have impostor syndrome. You’re gonna have days where you just think why in the world did I start this? And you’re gonna keep going? Because that’s what it’s about. And that’s what I knew I had to write it with all the bumps and bruises. Otherwise there was no point. So suddenly, I was very afraid to do and then I’m speaking to a producer a scripted producer, and And this guy named Ben Silverman. And he’s like, Giulia write your book. Total. And I remember thinking, I thought, You know what, I have no workstations. I have just got to write my book. And so I absolutely

Kara Goldin 25:14
know. Yes. So great. So how did the plus body company come about? Then? You want to back up? I should back up because you did a few things. It wasn’t like, you know, you went from starting a show to doing a book to just saying, oh, I want to do the this incredible, you know, Bodywear? I mean, you had been at La Perla. And you had some experience there sort of understanding kind of the learner working, Andre?

Julia Haart 25:48
Exactly. Because that’s a very complex skill. Think about it. When Chanel or Dior, Gucci, when they make bralettes. There’s a reason they call them bralettes. And not bras, because they’re not made and cup sizes are made extra small, small, medium, large. So a woman who has a narrow frame but is well let’s just say more well endowed, is not going to fit into them because they’re not bronze, bronze, they’re engineered. They’re not a multiple, like normal clothing is there like a shoe. It’s very complex. It’s it needs engineering, because it’s not only there to cover, it’s there to support. It has a utilitarian function, in addition to cover. And so what I learned in the furloughs what definitely helped me in creating and inventing this new product, because I know how to make products. I learned how to make bots, I learned how to incorporate bras into clothing. Right? Because it’s the only shaper in the world that does that. You’ve

Kara Goldin 26:53
done an amazing job. So talk about the how did this come about that you just said I need to go and launch my own movie.

Julia Haart 27:00
Again, a story stories changed the world, right? So this came about because again, although the last eight years of my living in my community, I watch movies and television and read books. And I only did that for those eight years. So I still, the last 10 years, I’ve been trying as much as I can to catch up on my pop culture holes. I have so many of them. Oh my god, you just don’t realize how much you learn by osmosis just from being in the 21st century that I didn’t get. So you know, just so many things anyway, so I’m slowly starting to catch up on movies. And I watched this movie called Bridget Jones’s Diary. And there’s this scene. It’s just I gotta put it on this thing for a second because it’s just so funny. Let’s do you too.

Kara Goldin 27:51
I haven’t seen that in so many years, but it’s one of my favorites. So, so

Julia Haart 27:56
fun. So there’s this scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary, where she has to decide whether or not she’s going to wear sexy knickers or grainy PM, she has to decide whether or not she wants to wear that. Oh my gosh, underneath her dress. Because then of course, she’ll feel more confident or better in her dress to get the guy because she was in love with Hugh Grant. But she can’t bring him home because no woman wants to be caught dead in shape. Well, that’s just the fact we all know that. And then there’s this scene right here. Hold on, I found it. It’s just the best scene of all time. So they come home she forgets she’s wearing the shape where you have your ball on the floor, and now what happens

is and you see her face and she’s like, Oh my god, I saw my shape wrong. And I thought to myself, This is crazy. The entire night, as much as a staple made her feel comfortable. It made her feel uncomfortable. Because there was something she had to hide. Yeah, she was living a lie, in a way and that’s a yucky feeling. And then and I thought to myself, What do women actually do when they’re wearing shapewear? And some significant other is undressing them. What do you do? And I started asking around and the machinations that people go to to hide their shapewear. Oh, it’s really in the middle of foreplay, or run to the bathroom I’ll hide hidden drawer. And then before that when sex is done before he or she gets up, I’ll run back and I’ll put all these things rather than let someone know they’re wearing shapewear, which is just not a good feeling. I don’t want women to feel that they have to hide anything about themselves. It makes me crazy. When eradicate that so That was the idea of the shaper make shaper that’s so beautiful. That if he grants undressing you, you’re gonna feel good about it. You’re gonna feel good about yourself the way you look at your dress, and you’re gonna feel great when you take the dress off. Because he sees plus body, he’s not going to say oh my god enormous panties, is going to say down. What is this extra laundry? Because nobody knows. It’s it shapewear doesn’t look like shapewear. To the point where it when we first started showing it to people, they were like, Yeah, this can’t be shameful. I’m like, no, no promise is cheaper. And they made me like send them pieces because they didn’t believe me. No shape on Earth looks like this.

Kara Goldin 30:38
I love it. And so currently, I know that it’s just a couple of months old. So currently, it’s online. Where else are you selling it to? Right

Julia Haart 30:45
now it’s just on body by Julia hart.com. We have sold out in some sizes. So if your size is not there, I’ve already reordered and put in the next collection, it’s coming. I’m really sorry, we should have ordered more. It’s hard to know. And on your first run, you know, it’s doing over a small brand, we’re very new. So we were more, you know, small without ordering. But it’s Moore’s coming. So if your size is not there, I apologize. It is on its way. And we’re gonna start doing some pre orders so that the people who didn’t get a chance to order it now will know that theirs is on the way and that once it’s produced, they got first dibs. And you know, we basically changed everything about cheaper that makes shapewear awful. First, we created a way of coloring it that is not dyeing it, but as heat fusing it, which gives it that, you know, I

Kara Goldin 31:47
feel like it’s like you don’t feel anything in it. That’s like sticking you Right? Like it’s

Julia Haart 31:53
not here. I mean, amazing. People forget they’re wearing it. That’s the whole point is you put it on your body, it will suck you into every direction, but you’re not gonna remember you have it on your body. And I’ll tell you why that’s so important. So the first thing that we did is I realized that the reason it’s always beige wearing black is not because people making them don’t realize that women hate how ugly it is. It’s because dye material. When it’s stretched past the point of its actual size, it gets those terrible white lines. And it distorts the color and the pattern, you know, you walk down the street and you’ve seen someone wearing something that’s a small size too small. And then you can see, because the fabric is stretched out stretch. Yeah, you know, it doesn’t look right, the color doesn’t look like the pattern doesn’t look like because that’s not dyed fabric, it doesn’t work. So we had to figure out a way of not just dying something because dying things. Compression, think about what a compression garment, it’s a compression garment comes in the bag, it’s this big, and then it stretches to fit your body. The minute that happens, if it’s any color, any pattern, it gets distorted and discolored. And there you go. Thank you. So here is my favorite pair of pants to use because it’s an expensive pair of pants, they’ll run. And it’s very colorful, and it’s an easily discernible patterns. So now look what happens when you stretch it. Here we go. Love it. See what happens. You get those nasty white lines, the color and the pattern just start. It’s just what dying does. There’s no way around it. That’s what dying does. So I had to change the way colors put into clothing to make it so that when you stretch it, and it’s shaped when you put it on your body, that doesn’t happen. There are women who tell me that when they put on their shape where they can’t button their pants, because think about it. shape wear is making women choose between being smoother and flatter. But whiner because they’re adding to their wit. They’re giving their body extra width because they’re putting on this very heavy, thick additional layer to their clothing. And well. I mean, it’s just math, right? If you’re this much, and you have to wear shaper to be smoother, you’re now this much because you just put on an extra layer of clothing. And so you have a choice between being smooth and wide or lumpy and narrow. Those are not good choices for women. So I decided, well, if I can fuse color into fabric, can I fuse all the layers of compression into one layer? And the answer is yes. And ours is as thin as a piece of paper.

Kara Goldin 34:41
It’s It’s so crazy. Yeah. And

Julia Haart 34:44
as you said, you’ve tried it, you’ve seen it. You’ve worn it each so comfortable. Once you put it on the What’s it called? powerbomb 2.0 technology. It actually figures out where your body It’s more suction, and it will hold it in and the other place and it will loosen out, you just don’t know you forget you’re wearing it. And you can see all the different layers because there’s some places that have these little micro dots. And then there’s some places that are receiving material. And they’re all compressed together into one layer. Mine is the only stapler in the world where it’s not just cups, it’s by cup size, you can buy an extra small with a cup, a B cup, a C cup, and we go all the way up to F. And so it is truly, it’s colorful, it’s sexy, it makes you feel good and look good. You never have to hide that you’re wearing shapewear again, you never have to feel insecure. And I know and I’m gonna guess you feel have felt that way once or twice in your life I think most women have. We’ve all been in that place for all we can think about is the pimple on our face. You know what I mean? Where we can’t fully be present in our day, because all we’re thinking about is what people think of us and how we work and what we look like. And the beauty of it. When I always say to people, you’re not going to think about what you like, and you put it on and you forget about it. Because in the end, you want to live your day, not spend your day with a conversation in your head of how ugly you are or how you could be prettier. Or this that was the other thing. Julia

Kara Goldin 36:24
I wrote a book a couple of years ago called undaunted. And I think you are a perfect example of being undaunted right. Thank you so much. And we’re gonna have all the info in the show notes. Everybody needs to try the Body by Julia Haart, go to the website, and you will not be sorry. And definitely follow everything that Julia Haart is doing because she is truly brazen and undaunted, and everything else. So thank you everybody for listening. And thanks again, Julia. Thanks again for listening to the Kara Goldin show. If you would, please give us a review. And feel free to share this podcast with others who would benefit and of course, feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode of our podcast. Just a reminder that I can be found on all platforms at Kara Goldin. And if you want to hear more about my journey, I hope you will have a listen or pick up a copy of my book undaunted, which I share my journey, including founding and building hint. We are here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And thanks everyone for listening. Have a great rest of the week, and 2023 and good bye for now. Before we sign off, I want to talk to you about fear. People like to talk about fearless leaders. But achieving big goals isn’t about fearlessness. Successful leaders recognize their fears and decide to deal with them head on in order to move forward. This is where my new book undaunted comes in. This book is designed for anyone who wants to succeed in the face of fear, overcome doubts and live a little undaunted. Order your copy today at undaunted, the book.com and learn how to look your doubts and doubters in the eye and achieve your dreams. For a limited time. You’ll also receive a free case of hint water. Do you have a question for me or want to nominate an innovator to spotlight send me a tweet at Kara Goldin and let me know. And if you liked what you heard, please leave me a review on Apple podcasts. You can also follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn at Kara Goldin. Thanks for listening