Lisa Sasevich – Queen of Sales Conversion, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, and Author of Meant For More

Episode 45

I'm so excited to have my friend and guest, Lisa Sasevich, on today's episode of Unstoppable. Lisa is one of the smartest people I know and she is an award winning entrepreneur, business coach, and queen of sales conversion. Lisa teaches entrepreneurs how to increase their sales and revenue with her company, The Invisible Close, which has been in the Inc. 500 and named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing privately held companies two years in a row. She's helped over 15,000 entrepreneurs in 134 countries make money doing what they love. On today's show, Lisa talks about her new book, Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits, how to figure out your unique value, how to charge for your service, and much more.

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Kara Goldin: Hi everybody. It’s Kara Goldin from Unstoppable. And we are here with one of my favorite, favorite people, Lisa Sasevich. Yay, Lisa.

Lisa Sasevich: Hi.

Kara Goldin: Lisa’s tuning into us from San Diego. And as I mentioned, Lisa’s a friend of mine, full disclosure, she is also an investor in Hint too. We met a few years ago, and she is one of the smartest people that I know in sort of helping small businesses and people who just have ideas that don’t know how to ultimate make them into something bigger. And we’ve been talking about doing this for a while, but we thought that there was no better time to do this, not only with all of what’s going on in the world right now, but also because she’s got a new book coming out in just a couple, not even a couple of weeks. So we’re very, very excited to have her here to talk about that.

So just a little bit about Lisa, in case you want a little bit of background on it. So Lisa was, after 25 years of winning top sales awards and training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, and lots of big companies, she left corporate America, and in just a few short years created a multimillion dollar business while raising a couple of kids as well. So we love those dual tasker’s, as I call them. Now she’s an award winning entrepreneur, business coach, and a queen of sales conversions. So if you all want to know how to convert sales, Lisa is definitely your person. She teaches lots of people on basically how to get your message out, and just enjoy massive results that we’re all… She had a book before, The Queen of Sales Conversion, which was super, super great and I loved it.

And now her new book, Meant for More, is coming out. In addition to the book, she has a whole toolkit that we can talk a little bit more about too. But anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome Lisa. So I’m going to just dive right in and take us back to the beginning. I read obviously that you help these huge corporate giants. I’m sure maybe lots of other people were in that position or are in that position now. I’m thinking, how do I get out of here? How do I do more? And tell us a little bit about how this all started.

Lisa Sasevich: Well, thanks for having me and I feel like, God, there’s just no way I could’ve known when I wrote Meant for More, and, by the way, just got my own copy from the publisher. So here it is.

Kara Goldin: It looks awesome.

Lisa Sasevich: Meant for More, and you’ve got to type in, if you go to grab this on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, by Lisa Sasevich. Meant for More by Lisa’s Sasevich.

But there’s no way I could have known when I wrote this, that the formula inside, which is how to turn your knowledge into profit, would be like the number one thing people need right now when it comes to creating an additional income stream, or comes to figuring out how to work from home, where at the time we’re recording this, most of us are. So I just feel really honored to be able to share what I’ve learned over the last decade, probably more really, in helping all kinds of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to figure out what their unique gift is, and then how to turn it into what we call an irresistible offer. And an irresistible offer, you know, it’s that offer that the person who needs your advice or your help, would thank you for. They’d be like, “I’m so glad I found you. I needed to know how to navigate the college process right now,” for example.

So when you and I have shared some experts that we have, you know, past referrals back and forth with people we’ve worked with for our finances, for our family, for our relationships, for our health, that have done just that, taken what they know and figured out how to help more people with it, and make great money doing it. So that’s the formula that’s inside, Meant for More. And you know, we’ve been a home-based business actually since the beginning, and from home, using the exact strategies that are in the book, while raising… You know, when I started this business, my kids were one and three, they’re teens now, but we’ve done over $40 million of sales. We have been an Inc. 500 acknowledged company two years in a row, number 20 in women owned businesses, and are here in San Diego.

So, you know, all those things came from what I’ve poured into the Meant for More formula, which you can all now get at your favorite bookseller. So if you’re holed up and looking for a way to grow, looking for a way that you’ll look back in three months and say, “I’m really happy with what I did with that time.” You know, “I didn’t just get sucked into a social and the news all day, I grew myself.” And I really think that this is a chance for all of us to ask ourselves, what will I be happy to have done? Not, what am I happy to do right now? You know, that could send us all different kinds of ways, and that’s one question you could ask. But what if you looked out, stood three months out and looked back and say, “What will I be really happy that I did? How will I be really happy that I grew?”

And I’ll tell you, figuring out your unique value that you offer to the world, is one of the best assets that you have, better than any other investment you could make. Because regardless of circumstances, and we clearly have a chance to test that, right now, people who have done that work and look to see what is it that’s unique about me that I could bring to the world, that I could help in a way that no one else is uniquely qualified quite like me? You know, that will be something that will pay you forever, not just in the monetary possibility, but in your fulfillment that you have.

Kara Goldin: So did you have people saying to you when you were… So what year was this that you started?

Lisa Sasevich: Well, it’s been 2009, so it’s been over a decade that I looked to discover my own unique value. And it was, you know, it took a long path. I didn’t have someone just handing me the formula in a book, which is why I wrote it. I came to see for myself for example, that something that I do that is… This is a clue, by the way. One way to look for your unique value, here’s a clue, is look for things that are easy for you but other people struggle with. And so I came to see that when I was working for Hewlett-Packard, for Pfizer, for these different big companies, it was always really easy for me. And also with small things I’d start, to make my offer, to offer my work, my services, my knowledge, like I didn’t have that thing like, ooh, sales.

To me it was just a way that I helped. In fact, I’m wired to really believe, and this is something that I can help you with, others, anyone who doesn’t believe this naturally, it’s a gift I have. I’m wired to believe that it’s a disservice. If you can help, it’s a disservice not to make your offer. And I believe it’s a disservice not to actually claim your value, even charge for your offer, because people get more out of it when they have some skin in the game. When they pay, they pay attention.

Kara Goldin: No, sorry. So were people telling you like, you know, finding your value, like were people always saying, “Hey Lisa, you’re so good at that.”? Like, how do people find that? I mean, is it something where they think back on like what do people always say to me?

Lisa Sasevich: Well actually, let me give you a couple of tangible, like three different ways you can start to find that right now. If you’re watching and this intrigues you and you… You know, Meant for More is really about that feeling that won’t go away. That knowing that we each have that there is something that we have to give, but we can’t quite get our finger on it, we don’t know how to say it, right? Or we know what it is, and we don’t know the steps to take. That’s what the Meant for More journey is about, and that’s the formula in the Meant for More book. But I’d love to give you some things you can start doing right now to follow the breadcrumbs. Like while we’ve got that moment to look.

So your question is so perfect. You know, were people telling you, were they asking you? So here’s one of the exercises that is in the book, actually. So think about for everyone listening or watching, think about the times where people have come to you and said, “Hey Kara, hey, can I take you to coffee?” You know, nowadays it would be, “Can we meet on Zoom real quick?”

Kara Goldin: “Do you have five minutes?”

Lisa Sasevich: “Do you five minutes?” Right? That’s exactly, “Do you have five minutes? I’d just love to pick your brain about X.” Right? And you and I have had this conversation the last time I saw you. You know, I was like, what is that thing that people always want to pick your brain about? Now you get, a lot of times, people wanting to pick your brain about starting up, right? Because your business that started as a startup, just has been such a beautiful contribution to the world.

So many people have been so successful, and I’m so proud to be a part of it. But they always want five minutes, as if you could share what you know in five minutes.

Kara Goldin: In five minutes, right.

Lisa Sasevich: And here’s the problem. When we let people pick our brain for five minutes is that, we’re givers, right? You’re here, you’re attracted to Kara because that’s who she is and you resonate with that. Same with me. So we go and we let them pick our brain, right? We like open up and we give it all, we pour 10 pounds of rice into a five pound bag, right? Like we just go and we give, and the person usually you can see there’s a point where their eyes start rolling back in their head, like it’s even more than they can digest, and they waddle off and they don’t do anything with it.

You know, I mean, how many of you have lost weight and your friends say, “How did you lose the weight?” You tell them everything you know, and they’re doing the same thing. Or, “How do you have such a great relationship with your teen. Or you know, with your husband?” Or, “How do you flip homes?” And you tell them everything, but do they go flip a home, right? So all those things that we all have figured out that other people want to know, they want to pick our brain for five minutes, that’s a clue that you have something of value. Here’s the kind of the bad news. When you keep giving it away free and watching people do nothing with it, you can falsely start to believe that it doesn’t have as much value as it does. Well, they didn’t do anything.

They didn’t lose the weight. They didn’t flip the home. They didn’t invest the way I suggested. They didn’t help their teen get into the college of their choice. It must not really be that valuable. So we tucked it away. And there are so many of people walking around with these incredible gifts, incredible ways to help, things you’ve done for your health, things you’ve done to detoxify your homes. You all know you’ve got these things you care about, but you question the value. And a lot of that is from giving it away. So, that’s the first thing you can do, is notice where people want just five minutes to pick your brain, start making a list. Okay?

The second thing is, this is like kind of just the sister to that one. Notice where things are easy for you, but hard for others. So I started talking about this earlier. You know, for me, making my offer is easy, I love it, it’s the way I love, it’s the way I serve. But others are like, I don’t want to be pushy. I don’t want to be salesy. Or right now I don’t want to be an opportunist. It’s not about any of that. You know, it’s that there’s an opportunity that you’re being given to help, to make a difference, not just for the other people, but for you and your family, and for places you love to give to. So don’t worry about the being an opportunist. And we show you exactly in step four of the Meant for More formula, how you can make your offer without being pushy or salesy. You know, we give you the steps, but you’ve got to figure out what it is first.

Kara Goldin: And it’s one thing, ultimately.

Lisa Sasevich: Yeah. You know, ultimately, we’ve all got a lot that we offer, I think that’s a great question. But here’s an analogy. I call it your unique value, or another way I like to say, it is your million dollar value. It’s kind of like, imagine if there was a dime dropped on the floor, right? And your life journey, your Meant for More journey is to get on your dime. You know, like all 10 toes. So while we all have a lot to offer, there is that one way that we each offer what we offer, that’s unique. Like there’s a ton of people in health, but some people help women over 50, and some people help with postpartum depression, and some people help with…

I have a client who helps, she helped herself, she found out she had multiple sclerosis 25 years ago. She’s not a health professional. She’s been symptom free for 25 years. She heard this advice, she followed the steps in the Meant for More formula, she now helps people all over the world virtually, just like we are today, to live symptom free.

Kara Goldin: Amazing.

Lisa Sasevich: And she was able to retire from her work, her husband left his job. They are helping people. People pay thousands of dollars for her Live Disease Free course. She’s not a medical professional, she’s just taking what she figured out, organizing what she knows, and then offering her advice out to folks who are looking for a solution.

Kara Goldin: Well and especially with great tools like Zoom, right? And if you’re working from home, or you’ve recently lost her job, I mean, this is like such a great time for your book to sort of really, really help people figure this out.

The other thing that you and I have talked about that I think it is also really interesting, is that so often entrepreneurs come to me and they say, “Well, I need to go raise a lot of money. I mean, I’ve got this idea.” I point to people like you where, you didn’t go out and raise a lot of money, right? You started with this idea, you got it out there. Talk to me a little bit about what you’ve learned about actually being an entrepreneur as well.

Lisa Sasevich: That’s a fabulous question. In fact, yeah, we really, I mean, I figured out that my unique value is helping people sell without being salesy, be confident, making your offer. And, you guys, this was right during the recession.

Kara Goldin: I know, 2009, right?

Lisa Sasevich: Yeah. It was very, you know, similar timing as to what’s happening with Meant for More right now. It was just like, when I figured that out, people needed to know how to create more sales. So here’s the steps like in entrepreneurship that we’ve taken, you know, without raising rounds of money, it’s all just been, we make the money, we grow the team, we make the money, we grow the team, we serve people.

So in our model, the first step is figuring out your unique value. Once you know it, the second step is turning it into an offer. We call that, nail your offer. It’s one of our first paid programs that people will do. And you can look at all this at, We’ve got it all on there.

Kara Goldin: I was going to talk about that, too.

Lisa Sasevich: And then once you’ve turned it into an offer, we then have what we call, create the love your life sales machine. And that is, how do you want to get your offer out to the world? Some people just want to talk to people one on one, get referrals and talk to people one on one, or people they meet at networking. So we have a model for that. Some people want to get their offer out through speaking, you can speak just like virtually like now or eventually, when we’re all allowed out of our house, from live stages. And you know, you do that a lot, I do that a lot.

You can actually make your offer your invitation to more than one person at a time that way. So we’re the brand holders of a product called, Speak to Sell, that shows you exactly how to do that. Again, that’s me turning my knowledge of how I would get on stages and sell, into profit. I organized what I knew, and now I teach it as a class, right?

Kara Goldin: I love it.

Lisa Sasevich: Some of you want to get your work online. We have a model for that. So there’s lots of different ways to make your offer, but the first thing is knowing what it is. So you know, just in Meant for More, there’s five steps to the formula, and really five steps that each of us need to go on, on the journey. The first step is, making peace with sales.

You’ve got to get okay with making your invitation. We help you with that. The second step is, what is your unique value? And you go through a bunch of exercises to figure out that second step. In fact, anyone listening now, I have a gift for you. If you want to start in on the second step while you wait for your book to come. So go order the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Everyone says order two. I’m like get two because you’re going to be looking across the table at your husband, your sister-in-law, your adult teenage, and thinking you’re Meant for More too, here, take mine. You’ll be glad you bought two. But anyway, if you want to start on step two, I have a gift for you. This was a course I started developing that we were going to charge $500 for, and then we all went into lockdown.

I thought, I’m giving it away for free. So if you go to,, you can put in your name and email and we will send you access, so then go check your email, to my paid course, and you get it for free right now. It’s called, Discover your Unique [crosstalk 00:18:32].

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing.

Lisa Sasevich: So I want you to be able to do that while you’re waiting for your book.

Kara Goldin: That’s so huge.

Lisa Sasevich: Yeah. And then after that, we teach you how to really get into action with what you learned, and then how to turn that into an offer without being pushy, without being salesy. How can you actually make your offer to help other people? And I mean, listen, I really want you to expand your mind because, I had a gal who was a high school college counselor, Doreen, 25 years. She was that one person in the high school that helps everybody get into college. We all know they do a great job, but there’s not enough of them to go around.

And people were always asking her for more advice, but she hadn’t picked her own brain enough to organize it and be able to give it to them. Right? She’s one person. If you’re feeling so overwhelmed with all the people you’re helping right now, this book’s going to save you. It’s going to help you pick your own brain so you can help more people. So she went through the steps. She created something called, College Prep Roadmap, and now she’s not working at the high school anymore, although they send her students all the time, and she’s charging $2,000 for every family that goes through her College Prep Roadmap, takes them about a dozen at a time. You can do the math on that. You know, and is running classes regularly from home.

Kara Goldin: I love it. I love it. Well, that’s what I think. I mean everyone’s got, it doesn’t matter what industry, I’ve run into so many people who are, whether they’re in the health and nutrition industry, or in finance, or education, and your tools can go across multiple industries. So I’m so excited, and thank you so much for gifting the people off of this as well. I think that that’s… I didn’t know that was going to happen. So that’s so exciting.

Lisa Sasevich: It’s really for the people that come to you because you are unstoppable, and I really know that you’re here providing tools for all of us to be unstoppable, and I know that if there’s one thing I could toss into the unstoppable stew, it’s really, really helping you guys look inside. So there’s a couple of actions to take, really. I would say step one, go grab your copy of Meant for More on Amazon, or your favorite online bookseller, and that will be shipping out on April 14th, so they’ve already got them in stock. I’m so happy. I guess it’s considered an essential.

Kara Goldin: Yay, that’s great.

Lisa Sasevich: I actually don’t know, but I know that they’re in stock there.

Kara Goldin: I love it.

Lisa Sasevich: While you’re waiting, then head on over to and we’ll give you access to our mini course. It’s video and a workbook. You’ll get to download the workbook, I just printed mine. It’s called, Discover your Unique Value. So you get to do that work, and you’ll start to see, you know, what are those things that I can contribute beyond what I’m already contributing?

I have this other a fun way. I said I would give you three, and I always like to make sure I keep my promises. By the way, I’m laughing because my daughter left her hint. What do you call these? Not really a juice box-

Kara Goldin: They’re just boxes, but they’re sort of the hint juice box.

Lisa Sasevich: You know, I’m sitting here with my water and I look over-

Kara Goldin: It’s all the same, [crosstalk 00:21:41].

Lisa Sasevich: Being able to have my kids have these, and we’ve been doing little family picnics in the backyard and, you know, just anything, it’s spring break right now. These have been great. But anyway-

Kara Goldin: So happy to hear it.

Lisa Sasevich: My third little tip, just to keep my promise here, I’m giving you guys three places you can start today.

This is just kind of a fun one, but it really, really helps. Is, think about where you always meddle. Like you can’t not contribute, you can’t not butt it, and you see somebody doing something and you’re like, “Wait, wait, wait. This would be a better way to do it.” You know? In fact, I’ll tell you, I had a practice marriage in my twenties, just one of those in and out. Oops. And you know, but everything he did, whatever he did, because you know, my gift is just making complex things simple. I would always reorganize it. In fact, it was to the point where he looked at me one day and called me, Mrs. Betterway.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Lisa Sasevich: And I think about that because it’s actually one of the breadcrumbs you can follow to your unique value, is where are you, Mr. Betterway, or Mrs. Betterway?

Like however someone’s going about something, you always-

Kara Goldin: So something good always happens with [inaudible 00:22:54], right? It’s like you got to pull it out.

Lisa Sasevich: Exactly. Yeah. So, there it is, my confession. But you know, it’s part of how I saw it. So take your own inventory, and my biggest hope is that all of us, you know, I’ve got myself on a 30 minutes, twice a day, diet of news and information. That’s all I need, right? I have a honey who’s watching all that stuff for us, I’ve got my friends and the social groups that I’m in, so 30 minutes, twice a day, I get the update on what’s going on in the world right now with all of the things that we’re dealing with. And that keeps me updated. And the rest of the time I’m taking my unique gift and getting it out into the world as much as I can. Of course, even with my kids, I want them focused on this too. So my wish is, that you will be happy with what you did during this time, and I think this will help.

Kara Goldin: I love it. So just once they get the Meant for More book, and they read through and you know, it’s a workbook, in a sense, where you’re doing some work along the way as well. But what would you say like for people, I mean how long every day should they be committing to sort of really trying to figure this out? Like people say to me constantly, like when you were looking at hand, I mean, was it an hour a day? Was it five hours a day? I mean, how much are you really kind of doing the work and setting aside time? Do you have any thoughts on that?

Lisa Sasevich: [crosstalk 00:24:35] start today at, and you can go through, there are three videos there. You know, if you just watch straight through, they’d maybe take an hour with the workbook, but you want to do the work. So I would say, you know, give yourself a couple of hours, or an hour a day, and then when you get the book, the book is not just like reading, like watching a TV show. It’s not a passive read, it’s an active read.

In fact, once you get it, inside it, you’re going to see that there is a URL that you’ll go to, a website, that you’ll get a bigger book that actually has all the exercises. You can download the exercises in the Meant for More book. So I’ll tell you it is on par with things that we have put into our $2,000 online programs, in this book. How much time you spend, is really dependent on how really you want this to be in your life. You know, as a minimum, 30 minutes a day, but if you are like sitting and you’re unable to work right now, make this your work.

Kara Goldin: Totally. Think of all the time, I mean, I’m saving two hours commuting right now. And so I think about that as well, that it’s like, this is a time when I could dedicate to these business ideas for Hint that I’ve had, that we should go and do as well. So I think everybody has the time right now to go and do this, and why not do it towards bettering yourself and ultimately your happiness? I mean, I think that, that’s another thing that I’ve noticed about you, Lisa, and I didn’t know you when you were in these other roles. But I mean, you’re always smiling, you’re always leading with kindness, and I think it ultimately starts with, obviously you being unstoppable, but also you being happy, right?

So I think if you’re not happy, so often I tell people like, “Look at what you’re spending the majority of your day doing. If you’re going to an office, or working at a company that you just don’t believe in, or don’t really like what you’re doing, or maybe feel like you could be doing something else altogether, why not use this time to really figure that stuff out?” So I love it.

Lisa Sasevich: Yeah. This is a time that you could step into your Meant for More journey and, you know, somebody I really love to acknowledge for doing this so publicly so that we can all see an example, because stepping into this may require, as Kara is saying, letting some things go that do not bring you fulfillment. And let’s take a look at Oprah, right? She’s so public, so easy to see. And for 25 years she was on her dime, all 10 toes with that show. That was like what she was made for. And really you want to look at all your schools, you have your formal education, if you have that, and you also have like the schools of hard knocks, you know?

Look how much of who Oprah is came from the school of hard knocks. We’ve got our spiritual schools, we’ve each been to, right? All of the parenting school, relationship school, all that stuff makes each of us who we are. It made her who she is. So for 25 years, like that compilation of her schools, made her uniquely [crosstalk 00:27:51] and have her amazing show. But then we all watched as she got the Meant for More feeling, right? And even though the show was so amazing and you could never imagine it ending, she let it go and she journeyed, right?

Kara Goldin: She’s a great example, absolutely.

Lisa Sasevich: And she’s creating OWN Network, now we could say she’s still on the journey with that. All 10 toes aren’t necessarily on the dime, right? It’s a journey. It’s what we’re moving toward. And the more she gets closer, the more traction things get.

And it’s just a beautiful example. So yes, there may be things, people, habits that you could decide to let go of right now. So many people reach financial success and don’t have fulfillment. And on this journey it leads more and more toward fulfillment, because it’s using the hard earned gifts, the God given talents, all those pieces of you.

Kara Goldin: I love it. [crosstalk 00:28:51].

So Lisa, where do people find you?

Lisa Sasevich: Okay, so you can find me on any social channel @LisaSasevich. So you can find us on Facebook and on Instagram and on Twitter and on YouTube-

Kara Goldin: And it’s S-A-S-E-V-I-C-H.

Lisa Sasevich: Right, there’s no T. S-A-S-E-V-I-C-H. Maybe you can see it on the screen there, I think so. And then again, if you want to start on this, my inspiration to you is, number one, be the first to grab the book. It is getting ready to ship. You can place your order, get two copies. You can do that today. By the way, if you go to and hit the Meant for More tab, it’ll give you all the links of where you can buy Meant for More, and it’ll also show you where if you enter your order number, there’s a thousand worth of free training, even more than what I mentioned today, available for you.

In fact, I’m going to leak something here. Okay? For those of you that stayed till the end.

Kara Goldin: Oh, another one? Lisa.

Lisa Sasevich: in the year, I have permission, we just haven’t… You’ll be the first to know. Because of, you know, who knows if shipping will be fast or slow. I want for those of you who go and buy the hardcover book to get to start right away, so I just talked to our publisher Hay House, and they are allowing me to give you the audio book free right now, when you purchase the hardcover today.

Kara Goldin: Oh, I love it.

Lisa Sasevich: Go and get the hardcover. Again, the easiest thing to do,, go to the Meant for More tab. It’ll show you right to where to get the book. You take your order number after you buy the book, you enter it on that page, and we’re going to put you into our online portal, that’s where you’ll get the course I mentioned, Discover Your Unique Value. I’m loading in the audio book in there, free. This is never done. Like this is part of the unprecedented [crosstalk 00:30:42] audio books always release like weeks after. So anyway, just literally before we got on this interview was working out those details. But you’re the first to know because this is the Unstoppable show.

Kara Goldin: Love it. Love it. Okay, great. Well thank you so much for coming and joining us, and everybody get the Meant for More book and actually her original one, The Queen of Sales Conversion is also quite excellent. And every once in a while she does nationwide, or actually global events, so you should definitely look for those as well because those are pretty fun to join as well. Well thank you, Lisa, and stay well through all of this nuttiness and-

Lisa Sasevich: You should see my garage, I can’t even get out of my car because I know there’s no like, I don’t know, truth to the water supply, but I just like, I want my [inaudible 00:31:38] water, I want water for my family. So I took it upon myself to go a little crazy there, and I’m happy-

Kara Goldin: Well, we love you too. You’re awesome. So, all right, great. Well, have a great afternoon.

Lisa Sasevich: Bye everybody. Nice to meet.

Kara Goldin: Bye. That was so great.