Connie Zack: Co-Founder of Sunlighten

Episode 357

Connie Zack, Co-Founder of Sunlighten™, the global leader in infrared light therapy and infrared saunas, joins us and shares all about the brand she created and so much more. After seeing how infrared sauna transformed her brother's traumatic health issues, Connie and her husband decided to start Sunlighten to help others gain healing from infrared light technology. Started 22 years ago and available in 13 countries around the world, Sunlighten is one fascinating business you need to know about. We learn all about her journey to starting and scaling Sunlighten plus some of the lessons she has learned along the way. Such a great, inspiring episode that you won’t want to miss! On this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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Kara Goldin 0:00
I am unwilling to give up that I will start over from scratch as many times as it takes to get where I want to be I want to be you just want to make sure you will get knocked down but just make sure you don’t get knocked down knocked out. So your only choice should be go focus on what you can control control control. Hi, everyone and welcome to the Kara Goldin show. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders. We’ll talk with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and really some of the most interesting people of our time. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s go Let’s go. Hi, everyone. It’s Kara Goldin from the Kara Goldin show and I am so excited to have my next guest. Here we have Connie Zack, who is the co founder of sunlighten, which is the global leader in infrared light therapy and infrared saunas. With us here today, after seeing how Infrared Saunas transformed her brother’s traumatic health issues, Connie and her husband started sunlighten to help consumers gain healing from infrared light. And the company started just over 22 years ago, and is available in 13 countries around the world. sunlighten has a huge celebrity following and Connie has even been on Oprah, as I was doing the research seeing a little bit more. She hasn’t, of course, told me that but I was saying that she had been on Oprah talking about sunlighten. And its benefits. So cool. And I personally am such a huge fan of those saunas and Connie, and in particular, I use my sauna, every chance that I get, I was just telling her after hiking, I try and get into my sauna as much as I can. And I love how Cami and her husband made a conscious decision to start sunlighten to help people get and feel better. I can’t wait to have this discussion with her to hear a lot more about the product, the company and her overall entrepreneurial journey. So welcome, Connie.

Connie Zack 2:06
Thank you. I am so excited and honored and humbled to be here. My kids are tired of hearing about it. So they’re like just go and do it already. I’m like I’m so excited to

Kara Goldin 2:16
talk. That’s so funny. Well, I’m really, really excited to have you here. And I of course know most of the story, but I was even finding a lot of it that I didn’t know that much about but just to get started a little bit. I’d love to hear so you had a family member who had a chronic fatigue syndrome. And please, can you share a little bit more about that?

Connie Zack 2:39
Yeah, so it was my brother. And he was horrible. I mean, this is over 25 years ago, and he was really, really sick. And his dentist, which every time I say it out loud, it’s so hard to because this was 25 years ago, right? Is dentist is the one that said, you know, Jason, I think that your fillings in your mouth and mercury fillings, I think they’re leaking. And I think that’s what’s getting into your body. And that’s what’s causing your illness, your fatigue, your vertigo, your pain. He couldn’t I mean, he literally was hard for him to get out of bed. And so he said, I have heard some research in Asia about infrared heat, and it can penetrate and help to detoxify the body. I think it’s worth a shot, I think you should give it a try. So my brother did and changed his life. I mean, we were I was in St. Louis at the time with Aaron and my brother as well. And I mean, it took a while, you know, but it literally changed his life. And he could change the way he looked his color, it changed his energy, he could actually like start to walk again. And I was working at Procter and Gamble. And the foreign pharmaceutical division, one of my personal missions in life was always to find a way to make a difference, especially in wellness. And so I was, you know, thinking I was in pharma that I was you know, making a difference, you know, helping with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, etc. And I saw this transformation and met with my brother and, you know, started to think about how can we get this word out and I started doing also care a lot of my own research from Asia to figure out what this dentist found, right. And, I mean, there was so much data. It was so impressive the data but yet it was not available in the United States if i Nobody had ever heard of infrared back then. And so a couple years later, I left my my corporate job and that’s enough different story in itself and Aaron did to Aaron was working at p&g and, you know, we jumped out of a airplane without a parachute and, you know, started satellite and so and started it. I love it in our basement.

Kara Goldin 4:57
So obviously there’s been sauna was around for, you know, longer. So what’s the difference between a, like a traditional, I guess, I don’t know if it’s Finnish or Swedish or kind of sauna that you sit there in steam or he versus infrared sauna, and I guess what makes sunlight and so unique?

Connie Zack 5:20
Yeah, so traditional heat heats the air, and you get hot because the air is hot. The way infrared energy and the wavelength works is it goes into your body directly. And then it transforms the cells once it is absorbed. And so you notice, there’s just a bigger difference in like the quality of your sweat. You know, as far as the the things that come out, there’s been a ton of studies and infrared on removing, you know, mercury and cadmium and aluminum and lead and you know, other types of harmful, harmful substances where, and you can stay in there longer, because traditional Saunas are hotter, right, and they’re like, 180 degrees to 220, infrared ranges, you know, from up 250 ish, we have a sauna that goes 167. But most people take it at a lower temperature, because that’s where you get the highest absorption, the lower the temperature, the highest absorption, because the wavelength is able to get into the body. So as far as sunlight, and specifically, we mastered the delivery of the wavelengths. So we filtered out all the like noisy type of heat the non healing part of the wavelength. And we get, we have a patent on the amount of infrared that’s being entered into the body, which is 99%. So that’s one of the things that makes them like me unique, we also make quality control and the materials that we use, and when we we procure and curate each piece that’s extremely healthy, that’s the highest quality. And then we you know, assemble it and get it to customers. But we have a lot of a lot of patents, but probably the one that I’m most proud of is is the the emissivity the amount of infrared, because that’s what makes the difference. Because we’ve also done studies with our infrared versus other infrared. And we were able to show a significant reduction in blood pressure and the other infrared wasn’t

Kara Goldin 7:26
so interesting, how is your product changed since you launched it? Yeah.

Connie Zack 7:32
I was thinking about that, in depth. So I, you know, worked out this morning, I know, we were talking about that. And, and I was just kind of like in my head going through all the milestones and all the challenges and joys and, and one of the biggest accomplishments, you know, also one of the greatest challenges was when we created a product called Impulse, and it is the only product on the market that gives the entire infrared spectrum and to the body. So what that means is, there’s far infrared, there’s mid infrared, and there’s near infrared, three separate wavelengths. Each wavelength scientifically, is absorbed by the body in different ways and, and has a different impact. So they’re completely all different. This is something we’ve discovered tons and tons of research. And we have found a way to have a far infrared heater, a mid infrared heater and the near infrared LEDs separately, and then we created programs to be to pulsate the wavelengths and different levels. So for optimum cardio benefits, relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, anti aging and pain relief. And, and we have a patent on two or more wavelengths in one place as well. So that was another big accomplishment. So that’s a massive, massive change that happened that everybody was, you know, I mean, just we got heard so many stories from competitors, just saying, well, there’s no such thing as mid infrared. Like, it’s so funny. There’s no such thing as near infrared. And now, like, so many people are, you know, trying to do the same thing and, and red light is in that close to the near infrared spectrum too. And, you know, we have a red light one, which is another product that has evolved over the years, I think you may have seen that the luminaire. It’s a like a handheld. Yep. Well, why don’t we take our LEDs from the sauna that’s behind me, and we put it into a handheld one. So that’s another breakthrough product that came onto the market a couple of years ago.

Kara Goldin 9:36
So you started with just one product initially,

Connie Zack 9:39
right? Yeah, we started. When we started in the basement. We were working with a manufacturer in Canada with just one product that oh my gosh, that it wasn’t even real would Cara like and it was Plexiglas on because we didn’t have any control because it was their product. So we were just selling it right. And because we didn’t have Any money and, and we didn’t have I mean, we quit our jobs. So, um, so we just slowly like, evolved and sold product and then you know went to the next step. And it really was the solo, which is our lie down portable model. It was a product from Taiwan that his name is Martin who’s phenomenal he found us online. And he said, I want to work with you guys. And he sold us, he actually gave us exclusive rights in the United States to sell this product, the solo and that the heaters that were in the solo were the ones that were as, like 95% I believe that you missive then and we’re our goal was to get to 99 but it had we not had he not found us? You know, I mean? That was just a massive breakthrough. Because the experience when you took a solo versus the wooden cabin because it wouldn’t come in had different heaters, it was completely different. And we would sell them we would get that from customers to you know, with people who had the solo it was it was life changing. I mean, it was literally like people call us like, oh my god, I could walk now I can. I couldn’t exercise because I had such bad knees. And now I can move and I used to have cellulite. Now I don’t like all of these stories. Yeah, the stories, that’s what motivated me to keep going in the darkest of days is hearing from the customers of I mean, I actually used to call them if I was having a bad day, I would call some of them and just say, hey, just checking in this is Connie. So like, you know, how was your son? And they would they would fill my bucket up, they would tell me you know about their experience? Oh, I feel great is the best thing ever. Thank you so much for creating this. I was like, okay, I can keep going, I can keep doing this.

Kara Goldin 11:42
I talk about that all the time, that being able to have a loop of, you know, consumer feedback. And, you know, definitely there’s, you’re gonna find consumer feedback that is telling you that there’s something wrong, right at points along the way. But it’s also much faster than actually, you know, waiting for a focus group or, you know, it’s, it’s, I really believe that, you know, I remember when I first started out in the business world, actually not having that consumer feedback in, you know, it’s just such a different world today that it just is crazy to me that more, you know, C suite executives aren’t looking at that feedback that comes from consumers and wanting that connection, because you do have bad days. And you know, that is the thing that keeps you going. So when so when did you actually come out with the second product? How many years before you actually,

Connie Zack 12:38
so we came out? So the Solo was like 2002? Three ish, and then we took the heaters this this was our first breakthrough. Your question is we took the heaters from the solo, and found a way with after a lot of nose finding a manufacturer. Oh, that was such a painful process. Finding a manufacturer that would take those heaters and build a wooden cabin. And that was because we kept we had this conflict with we were selling the wooden cabins, but we knew and they were larger, we have many different sizes. And people most people still to this day, most people like to have at least a two or three person sauna. They, you know, most people don’t want it by themselves. And so we had that demand, which was great. But ethically, like we knew when people would say what, which of your products is the best for detoxification? Well, we knew it was the solo. And we had already done a trial from University of Missouri, Kansas City, we showed, you know, removal of arsenic, we showed statistically significant lowering of blood pressure, which, you know, is that like a massive accomplishment, you know, coming from pharma where we tried to do that millions of dollars to do that, and you can’t do it without side effects. It just can’t be done. But here we’ve found a way with, you know, our little company to do it without side effects. So anyway, so we took those heaters and put it in the wooden cabin, and 2005, Cara and that from 2005, you know, on I mean, there are there are some dark years in there for some other reasons that, you know, we can talk about or not, but that really put us on the map on a massive road. Actually, the 2005 was also the year that Dr. Mark Hyman found us. Because, you know, we just started to get some traction, and then he got a solo, you got to sell it. You got to you got to sell for Canyon Ranch, and he got a wooden cabin for himself. And I mean that, you know, he wrote about us in his very first book, which hit the New York Times, and it really, really propelled the business. That’s awesome.

Kara Goldin 14:44
So Dr. Mark Hyman is at the Cleveland Clinic, right? He’s still there. Yes, absolutely. So affiliated, but he was at Canyon Ranch for years and it’s such an incredible, incredible guy and an incredible doctor. So, so amazing. Yeah, very amazing. So are him. So if somebody has never really spent time in Asana, what would you tell them in terms of like, how do you start? Like to really get some benefits?

Connie Zack 15:13
Mm hmm. That’s a great question. And the key thing is to start. Yeah, so, you know, so many people I find, you know, they have this, they think, Oh, if I don’t have 30 to 40 minutes, or whatever, I’m just not going to do it. And that’s, that’s, that’s weak, like, You should do it. Like, even if you’re only in there, you know, for 10 minutes or 20 minutes, you’re still getting benefit, and your body is still receiving that amazing healing energy, and you should do it. So the ideal, you know, for somebody who is they’re healthy. Now, if you’re, if you’re suffering from mold toxicity, or Hashimotos, or different types of autoimmune conditions, or MCs, like, then you should start like my brother did, you should start slow and build up, you know, five minutes, 10 minutes, see how you feel. And then try it again, you know, a couple days later, but if you’re healthy and active 30 to 40 minutes, as often as you can do it is perfect. And you will notice a big difference in how you feel. I mean, I do it, I am I’m a morning person, well, I don’t know if I am a morning person, legit. But that’s when I do all of my workout stuff. And my sauna and I stack it, I’ll workout and then I go right in, you know, to my sunlighten. And I will spend as much or as little time as I can, I don’t get like, you know, guilty or I don’t get conflicted about if I only have 15 minutes, I just do it. And it’s like, okay, I only have 50 I’m still gonna, I’m still gonna enjoy the 15 minutes of my Asana, even though I’d really love to be in there. 40. But that’s okay. You know, I’ll do it longer next time.

Kara Goldin 16:49
And you set it at just the time, like, do you set it for different?

Connie Zack 16:53
Which would Yeah, I depending on what’s going on with my body, I will use I use the pain relief program a lot. Pain Relief has all three, it kind of maxes out all three wavelengths. So I liked that feeling. And I liked that scientifically, I like that. Sometimes, if I’m going to an event, I’ll do the anti aging as a cooler experience. But it helps like with the skin helps plump up the skin and just helps you make you look, you know, just really healthy, you know, glow, you know, have a beautiful glow. But most of the time I’ll do the pain relief program and, and a lot of times, and I’m able to spend the entire time of the program in there, but that’s okay, I just get out when I need to get out.

Kara Goldin 17:39
Yeah, I like that program too. It’s like the Easy, easy one just to click on. So it’s, it’s great. So, so what frequency if you need to recover from like a bad night’s sleep? Or what would you say?

Connie Zack 17:53
I would say to do the detox program. Detoxification is 100% built to pull everything out. And a lot of times, if you have a bad night’s sleep, it’s related to something going on, you know, internally in your body, you know, you’re just you’re stressed out. And a lot of times that stress causes, you know, hormones to change. And it just it just, you know, you’re you’re you’re off. You’re not in regular, you know, flow in your body. And detox can help reset that for sure.

Kara Goldin 18:26
Definitely. So I was listening to one of your interviews, and you talked about the study at University of Wisconsin, and that connected the core temperature increase the reduction in depression, obviously, that has become such a massive issue. I personally think more and more people, spending a lot more time at home and not around as many people is a massive problem. That’s only going to get worse until we start to get back into seeing people and going back into the office. And I mean, the number of people that I’ve heard, especially if they don’t have a family, they’re living alone. I think it’s like a real problem for people. But in that in the interim, if if people want to come into the sauna, I mean, that’s definitely something that that, you know, could be helpful. But anyway, I’d love to hear a little bit more about that study. Yeah, it’s,

Connie Zack 19:22
it’s fascinating. And it’s done with a model that similar to our solo. So that head is out. And that science is essentially all about increasing the body’s core temperature. And what’s so great about you know, Sun lightens technology is because it’s at a cooler wavelength. You can get all of this energy into the body, and you can ever elevate your core temperature without feeling like you have to get out because they did a lot of studies before where people couldn’t tolerate, they did it with convection or like traditional heat, but they couldn’t stay in long enough to notice a difference. So then when they found infrared, they noticed that, okay, now, what’s happening essentially, in theory as the body wasn’t thermo, regulated before, so people with depression a lot of times at night, like their body, you should sleep at, you know, the cooler temperature and their body doesn’t decrease at all, in temperature, so it stays elevated. And so they don’t have that change. And so then that signal to the brain is that, oh, I don’t feel good. And, you know, it starts to this repression cycle, if you can unlock that, that switch, where you can, now your your temperature can go down and up, then it affects the brain in a happy way. It’s like, oh, it’s just kind of just totally turns, you know, the brain back on. And that’s what happened with the core temperature is the core temperature increased with people with depression, and then it also went down. So then now they’re able to cool off. And that process, that thermo regulation helped to decrease depression. So interesting. It’s I know, it’s, it’s fascinating, and, and they did it with just one session. And it lasted, the benefits lasted six weeks. So, I mean, I mean, you were, yeah, right. It’s crazy. I know, I know, it’s really, it’s really great. Data, and it’s so important, as you said, right now with everybody, you know, working remote and so much is going on, you know, if you have a tool or resource to be able to be mentally, you know, happier, I mean, why not do it? Right?

Kara Goldin 21:52
Absolutely. So how have you gotten the word out about sunlighten We work

Connie Zack 21:57
with a lot of influencers. And most of them have, you know, like Dr. Hyman, you know, approached us, they want to invest in their own, you know, wellness routine, and they want a sunlight and sauna as part of that wellness routine. And so they want our product, and they become passionate about it, and you know, want to share their story. And, you know, people like to hear from people and like to hear stories about their their wellness journey. And so these stories have really, you know, been a key key, you know, part of motivating our growth and inspiring our growth. So, influencers is a big way. And when we do a lot of direct to consumer sales, we opened up an office in the UK, and that has really taken off of a lot of growth there. We have, you know, other countries as well. But it’s, you know, it’s mainly all of the people that are sharing their love and joy, and they’re telling you, they’re telling people to get like our referral is just through the roof. So, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, I feel very, very, you know, fortunate, I mean, my, my dream has always been to, you know, leave this world a healthier place and make people feel better, so that they can do more of what they love to do with the people they love to do it with. And I get to do that, you know, it’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Kara Goldin 23:22
It’s amazing. So, did you have this all figured out? I mean, obviously, that you hadn’t been a, an entrepreneur, you had worked inside of a, you know, you had an amazing experience and an amazing company and your husband as well. But do you feel like you had it all figured out? I mean, you had this idea that you were going to go launch you’re trying to sounds like you had to make a lot of connections in Asia, you know, that I’m sure we’re a lot of phone calls and trying to figure out if somebody spoke the same language and could you you know, I can only imagine, but what was probably the hardest thing about actually getting started.

Connie Zack 24:03
The hardest thing was, we were we were in debt. And so, you know, as I’m talking to one of my old colleagues at p&g, the other day and you know, at p&g, like it carries so you can call the bank and you can say, hey, you know, so you know, you can’t do that so I mean, back then, you know,

Kara Goldin 24:31
yourself up and yeah, the heart the

Connie Zack 24:33
hardest thing was literally just taking each day at a time and saying, Okay, today we’re gonna do this. And it was really, really hard. But then the other thing that was that worked well for us as well and we would have a win. I don’t care how small it was. We would have like our I get a phone call back from US Bank. I remember you know, Could you call me back? You know? Yes. And that just that, you know, kept us going and coming. I mean, Kara, I really, I saw firsthand the transformation with my brother, right? And I am, just by nature, a skeptic and I have to be proven something like I just ask a lot of questions. I don’t, you know, I have to, I have to really be convinced. And I saw myself firsthand with my brother, I saw the science, you know, that was already out there. In Asia, I thought, you know, we just need to bring the science to United States, we need to create a healthier product that’s been with real wood that’s made with better materials that has the highest quality heaters. And then just we just share a story. And that I mean, that was kind of I was in my head that was in Aaron’s head, I’m like, we can totally do this. Yeah. I mean, it’s crazy. When I think back, you know, like, we’re in our basement, in fact, are the guys that were helping us with our website, they would come over and visit us because they wanted to make sure they got their check. So they would actually physically, like, come over. And there would be times where we would like be popping champagne, because we celebrated, you know, there was something great happen. Right? Right. And, like, are you guys are you guys are really gonna make it. Yeah, but our next door neighbor, we did this at my house, and our next door neighbor was our IT support, like, he would come over I mean, you know, we just, when you’re when you’re, you know, down like that, you dig in, you dig in, you do it one task at a time, and we aren’t, we really believed we had this, this document is piece of paper large on the wall, to the garage, and it just said, you know, we have the right purpose with the right people with the right product at the right time, we just need to do it, and that we just kept stayed on that path. And, you know, and 25 years later, we are I

Kara Goldin 26:57
love it. Well, and also you believed, and I think that that belief, and that, you know, conviction of what you’re doing, I think is such a powerful thing. And it’s, you know, I, we have many of the same stories in the early days of hand as well. It’s just, you know, we really wanted to change an industry. And that’s what you have done as well. So I love, I love talking to founders for that reason, because it’s really, you can hear it in their voice. So do you have any words of wisdom for others who want to start a company but are really daunted by the prospect? First of all, you have to have a great idea that you believe is going to, you know, other, that you believe other people want it, and you can scale it. But what else?

Connie Zack 27:47
Yeah, I have several, you know, as I was reflecting, like, you know, what are the things along the way that I, you know, like, we had so many challenges, you know, so many stories of challenge. What did I learn from those challenges, you know, and because that’s the key, like, you’re not going to, you’re gonna have challenges, you’re gonna have failures. You know, it’s like you say, an undaunted your book, which is a great book, by the way. I mean, you’re gonna, that’s gonna happen. How do you rise up from that? And how do you what do you learn? So, you know, one is to make sure when you have those challenges, you do reflect, okay, what should I do differently? For example, one of the things, we you know, we launched a product too soon on. So we were on Oprah. And then Dr. Oz came to us and said, I want to have you guys on my show. With impulse. We add, which wasn’t ready yet, which is our product has the three different wavelengths. Yeah. And, you know, we were trained, we trained ourselves to always say, Yes, you know, that was like our thing with air. And I really, I don’t care what customers ask for what the answer is, yes, we can do it. We can do it. And so when Dr. Oz Collins said, Hey, we want you I am doing a cold and flu season. And I want you guys on the show. We had met him before with Oprah. And I want I want that new product. It has three wavelengths and the smart sauna, blah, blah, blah. I should have said, we absolutely want to do this Dr. Oz, just not right now. You know, instead we said yes. And so the lesson is that it’s okay, as your you know, is well there’s two lessons one is to learn. And to burn it your brain, you know, and we did, you know, we will never launch another product ever until it is like measured 25 times and cut once and we’ll have to have inventory. I mean, we just do it, you know, so differently because of that experience. So one is to learn what the second is to follow your gut instinct. You know, I remember thinking back I remember being so excited but also thinking we’re not really ready. And you know, and it’s okay to say not yet. Like there’s just there were so many lessons in that you know, And then so follow your guide is that’s probably my, that’s my personal and professional mantra. And whenever I, you know, have that feeling inside, you know that I need to just stick with it and not try and rationalize, you know, it LA, not trying to think about oh, but what happens if we were on Dr. Oz and blah, blah, blah blah, you know, well what happens if you go on and you sell it and you don’t have the product? Well, that’s worse. You know. So. I love Yeah, several lessons. The other thing that I was thinking, Kara, is the hiring aspect. We were talking a little bit about this before. Like, I wish, I wish somebody would have told me so this is what I would tell somebody who’s starting the business, as soon as you can hire the smartest people pay them for figuring out how to pay them. And it will, you will benefit so much on a personal level from it versus trying to do the math on the ROI. And I need to stay on this budget and 90, you know, I don’t have any money, like I get the whole money thing. But when we were when we were at our lowest of lows we’ve ever been in all the money in the world was like all of our assets, everything was leveraged like, you know, we hired our Chief Operating Officer, it’s still with us today. I think that was like in 2013, if I remember correctly, so 10 years ago. And it was so scary because we didn’t have the money. Yeah. And we told him that. And when we told him we were a trend. I mean, we said here’s our book, here’s what you’re getting yourself into. It was the best decision ever. And ever since then I thought, oh my gosh, you know, now like, it’s a freeing feeling to say, go for it hire if you believe in them, and they believe in you. You’ll figure it out.

Kara Goldin 31:53
You know, and those great hires will actually help you to scale your business. Right? Oh, absolutely. And yeah, over and over again. I think that is also enormous, wonderful advice. So that’s great. So last question, best advice you ever received?

Connie Zack 32:14
Best advice I’ve ever received? Well, let me think about that for a second. So I it brings me to a quote, which I remember, we were there like Inc. Event, Inc. 500. event. And I sat next to a guy that said, when you’re going through hell keep going. And that was from Winston Churchill. And I remember because that’s what we were going through. And Aaron, I liked each other like, okay, that that was meant for us. We just like to keep going. Yeah, that’s Yeah. The other probably piece of advice was one of my friends who also owns a business forever ago, when I was struggling, again, with with hiring with making some decisions. And she said, break it down and think about is that amount of money, going to give you more time with your family. And if that amount of money, it’s going to give you more time with your family, than it’s worth it. And don’t be so worried about losing that think about gaining time with your family, which is my that’s my biggest value. That’s what’s really important to me. And so, so I still think about that today. When I’m doing things. I’m just like, Okay, so is that, you know, going to do that? Is that going to deliver my ultimate? You know, Ty Yeah, right. Right. It’s time, which is something you can’t get back. All right. i So yeah, put it time and money into the things that you believe in. So

Kara Goldin 33:48
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