Elena Cardone : Founder of 10x Ladies & Author of Build an Empire

Episode 451

Elena Cardone, Founder of 10x Ladies and Best Selling Author of the book Build an Empire: How to Have it All, shares all about her journey and her view of what it takes to build a business with a significant other. This episode is terrific with some important lessons that I know you will want to hear. Now on the #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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Kara Goldin 0:00
I am unwilling to give up that I will start over from scratch as many times as it takes to get where I want to be I want to be, you just want to make sure you will get knocked down. But just make sure you don’t get knocked down knocked out. So your only choice should be go focus on what you can control control control. Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Kara Goldin show. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders. We’ll talk with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and really some of the most interesting people of our time. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the Kara Goldin show. And I am so excited to have my next guest here. I’ve been seeing her content on Instagram and some other platforms over in particular over the last year and a half. And I really, really was excited when we were connected and was dying to get her on the show. Because what she’s doing, I think is so important, not only for women, but also just sharing how she’s actually doing it and how she’s managing so much in her life. So we have Elena Cardone, who is the founder of 10x Ladies. And she’s also the author of an incredible book called build an empire. And you have to have to dig into everything that she’s doing. She has some incredible conferences as well, that I’m sure she will chat about. But also, as I mentioned, her book, build an empire is super easy to pick up. And really, really gets everyone thinking about their own life and how maybe they can make some tiny tweaks in order to make lots of great things happen. So she’s a force, thrilled to have her here to share a lot more about her journey and a lot of her lessons. So welcome, Lena,

Elena Cardone 2:02
thank you so much for having me. And what an incredible intro. Thank you for that. It was good acknowledgement.

Kara Goldin 2:10
Absolutely. So you’ve achieved some tremendous success as an entrepreneur and as a best selling author, congratulations. Very, very excited for you. So what inspired you to start 10x? Ladies, and how has it empowered women to reach their full potential Do you think?

Elena Cardone 2:32
So I was inspired to start 10x Ladies, few years ago, because my husband Grant Cardone wrote the book, the 10x rule. And he’s very, at that time, I believe he’s kind of crossed into this space now more than ever before. But at that time, he was hosting these entrepreneurial conferences. And I would say it was this is just my guesstimate, 90%, male 10% Female at that time, it was entrepreneurial. Grant’s got this very big personality. And of course, I’m his wife, but I’m also his biggest fan. And I believe in his material. It’s not only transformed my life, but because I’m I’m I he is one of my greatest mentors. But also I see the effects that he’s had on so many people’s lives and families lives by his data and his material. So as I looked around the room at these 10x growth conferences in the early inception, I said, Where’s all the women? Why don’t they have access to this to this material that grant has to offer? And I thought, Well, maybe if there’s women out there who were like me, initially, I Grant Cardone kind of repelled me. There are certain entrepreneurial women that just gravitate towards grant and they’re like, they get him and, you know, they’re just beasts, right. And then there’s a different type and I kind of fit more into that category where Grant was a little more off putting to me so that’s what I had the idea about 10x Ladies, I thought, wow, what if I was the conduit, and safe point where I could open the door to everything that we’re doing here in the CARDONE world, but for the women who maybe identify and relate more to me, because I definitely do things differently than grant even though they’re similar. We have similar mindsets. The approach is just different. I am not Grant Cardone. I am not that at all. I’m Elena Cardone. So it was actually just let me have this opportunity to reach women that could find me more easily on social media, whether it’s because I’m a mom or or because I post some fashion things or because I saved them. things differently and that would be the funnel in and the door open to where you come in to 10x Ladies, you like what we have to say here then I can open you up to CARDONE ventures where we collaborate and joint venture with companies and scale them and become a partner with them. I want more ladies doing that with us or you can come in and become an investor into CARDONE capital. And then we’re we’re investors together and real estate together or you come in and, and you’re on 10x health. And now we were helping you have less stress, anxiety, sleep better at night, get off all your prescription pills, you know what I mean? Because now you’re in the 10x world, or 10 IQ stages, knowing how to find your voice and speak. So we have 16 companies over here, we’re like the Amazon for the entrepreneur here at the 10x headquarters. So that was the birth of 10x. Ladies, and now we have 1000s and 1000s of women in the organization that have filtered in from this one little funnel. And you asked me how do I empower women? Well, empowering women just coming together a strength in numbers really, together to really take responsibility for our power as women our capacity or the ability to influence the behavior of others, as well as ourselves. But what is our voice? What what do we stand for? What what do we want to see different on this planet, having the self confidence and not the wherewithal and then unapologetic viewpoint to say, You know what, I’m going to not only make my life better, I’m going to help my partner make his life or her life better, our children’s life, our community, the globe, but that all starts with being able to come together and, and really having and cultivating that power within us to be bold enough to go out and build and deliver an empire.

Kara Goldin 7:01
Definitely, as I was reading up on you, and and also doing some research on grant to and, and taking in everything around 10x, it totally makes sense to me. And I think that there’s this audience out there that you talked about that, you know, a few women were coming to these conferences, but many of these men are married, right, there are women that I run into all the time, some married, some not married, that have discretionary income that want that have ideas as well, and they want to figure out, how do they execute on some of these ideas. And I think there’s principles around 10x That grant has been teaching for years, and people have been picking up on it, but why not women, and I think that how you’re speaking about it, sometimes it’s not just about the money, it’s about using your brain and and using your ideas write to be able to execute on those. So I think you’re hitting an audience that I hear from quite a bit that really wants to go out and get in the game and make money but also take their ideas to the next level

Elena Cardone 8:13
million percent. And, and sometimes, you know, who knows, for whatever reason, sometimes, you know, why dive into the why of it. But, you know, just talking about money, sometimes we’ve been taught not to talk about money or not to trust. You know, I’ve always been like, Oh, you have to bring a man with you when you go buy a car because they’re going to rip you off and, and just the vulnerability of our nature as women in general, right, this is a generality, but in in general, a woman, you know, we wouldn’t go run on the beach by ourselves at three o’clock in the morning when it’s dark, like, like, I just don’t know, any woman that would do that. Why? Because we would be afraid we would be attacked or something horrible would happen. But guys don’t even have that consideration. If they want to walk run on the beach at three in the morning. They run on the beach at three in the morning, they don’t even think otherwise to be worried or scared or anything like that. So we have that just like kind of somewhere built in us to be maybe wary of men. You know, so sometimes it’s easier to let your defenses down and be able to be indoctrinated about money or investments sometimes easier when it’s a woman that you’re relating to rather than having your guard that that protective guard up coming from a man even though grant would never the one of the things that I love most about Grant is how he loves and protects women and children. Like he you know, I just admire him so much for that. So he is the last person who would especially single mothers out there he was raised by a single mother. You know he was to give to two people he most wants to help people who don’t have what is the word who don’t have the the leg, the shoe up or the the arm and a leg out? Yeah, you know what I’m saying? But but still on the line. I agree, you know what I’m saying. But nonetheless, there’s going to be just certain people, women in particular out there that could have something and be open to an idea that I say, more than perhaps grant just because of that one little piece that I was just mentioning.

Kara Goldin 10:39
No, I think it totally makes sense. And so you wrote a book a few years ago, now called build an empire, how to have it all, which was an excellent book, it was, it was really kind of bringing all of the the topics of career and family and personal growth into into one which I loved. But what are some of the key insights? How would you describe it to people that you think really gets people thinking after they’re reading the book? Or why should people want to read that?

Elena Cardone 11:11
Well, because it’s basically the concepts of how to even get yourself in the right mindset to be able to think in terms of empires, like, that’s even an overwhelming concept of someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck and going, Gosh, you know, I can’t even afford to buy a Starbucks, which is where I was at, at one point in my life, like, what is she talking about Empire, but just even that concept alone to just start shifting into being like, what is the harm? What does it cost you to think more rather than less? And how does it How does your mind open when you start to just be able to be willing to see more, have more experience more? And then okay, well, if I can see that now, what do I have to do enable to be able to have something like that, and then, and then the book sort of puts you in a path and a guideline to actually see how this is achievable for yourself. So if you’re reading this book, from a partner viewpoint, the book isn’t to go make an entrepreneur and entrepreneur, it’s to make somebody figure out their role in the machine that is going to get you to the bigger purpose of where you want to be. So if you’re, if you’re reading this with a partner, you’re going to figure out who does what, based on strengths and weaknesses in order to get you both of you working together in a collaborative effort to reach these heightened levels of success together. And if you’re single person reading it, you’re going to start to understand what to look for, what do I want in a relationship, not wanting a relationship? Like some people get confused? Because they think, Oh, well, they want the two of the same person, like a lot of people come to me and say, How do I get like, my person’s not motivated? Like I am? I’m 10x, I’m, like, grand and my spouse isn’t? Well, are they 10x? At what they do? Like if someone’s 10x, and supporting you doing what you do, so that you can 10x Will you do for the both of you? What’s more valuable? Like, you know, just so so trying to get people working in these ways? Based on these four concepts, which is this empire mindset, the dynamic relationships, how to master your money, and then how to make it all manifest and show up in the physical universe. That’s what you’re gonna get out of this book.

Kara Goldin 13:34
Definitely, well, I also think there is, there’s clearly a lot of respect between the two of you, and I think with respect, brings support. And that’s what I see out of the two of you. As I mentioned, before we started recording, my husband and I started a company together and have been married now for 28 years. And still, and after running a company together, then very different people, very different skill sets, but also, he’s my number one fan, right? And I’m his right. And so it’s, I think finding that support system, finding that bridge there too, like just because you do things differently, and you think differently, that doesn’t mean that you’re not as smart or as qualified, or whatever it is, you’re just thinking differently about things. And I see a lot of that with Grant and as my husband always says, it takes a strong man to not just talking about himself, but in general it takes a strong man to lift other women up, right and especially in today’s day and age, and when other men don’t know how to do that. Hopefully, they’ll take some lessons. So I really mean that from my heart. I think it’s, it’s, you can see it and I think you guys are, you know, a powerhouse. Couple for sure.

Elena Cardone 15:00
Why do you think did he say why? I’m flipping the interview on you now? Did you say why he thinks it’s difficult for a man to uplift a woman? Is that? Did he say, you know, I think that.

Kara Goldin 15:16
I mean, this is probably its own podcast. But I, you know, it’s it’s interesting because I think that even Grant’s background of, you know, being raised by a single mother, I think he’s used to having somebody that he’s got to rely on. Right, and that has, you know, different things that they do. Right, different things that maybe he wishes they would not do. Right. That’s life. Yeah. But he has respect. Right. And I think, unfortunately, there are, you know, a number of people that, you know, have have not been raised like that. And I think that there are a lot of women who haven’t been working over the years that maybe were taught that working was not what you were supposed to do. But then, you know, women later on in life, I talked to a number of people who have told me, you know, I stopped working, and I want to work. Now, some people have to go back to work, but I think there’s this there’s definitely this, you know, discrepancy, I think, amongst many men, you know, around women, and maybe not even consciously, that they just don’t really believe that women should have a seat at the table. I mean, you know, I don’t have to get into the statistics, too much. But you know, less than 1% of capital is going to female entrepreneurs today. If they show up to actually raise money with the men, they have a 50% higher chance of actually getting a check. You know, why is that? You know, and yet women’s companies seem to be the ones that are ultimately as long as they can raise enough capital, or have enough capital. Those are the those are the companies that typically are the most successful, especially during, in a challenging times, like we’re in now in a down economy. So So I think supporting women, is it? But how do we get that message out there more? I’m not sure. But I love seeing what you two are doing? Because I think it sets a great example. And he’s not afraid to, you know, have you in videos with him? And, and, and have you speak your mind? And which leads to the next question I have is that, you know, Grant definitely has a big brand, and you are coming up on him. And definitely,

Elena Cardone 17:54
I’m still riding the coattails. But thank you for saying it that way. How?

Kara Goldin 18:00
Definitely your brand and and how do you feel about, like supporting each other? And while maintaining a strong? Or how do you do it and supporting a strong and loving relationship? Sort of knowing that you’re both? You’re both have your own brands?

Elena Cardone 18:23
Yeah, well, because we weren’t together. And so this old idea that I had about I had to be a strong, independent, powerful woman never depend on a man for anything, was a false data that I assumed for a long time that I used, and it helped me small, because you can only get so high on your own. That’s just, that’s just the facts. Like, you can only do so much like, so I could hit my 100% and be great at that. But then I realized, wow, you know, when I have grant and that support, I go to a heightened level of success. So I only take credit for grants heighten the level of success, because he’s amazing. And he hits 100%. And my job was to hit my 100%. And how much can we do? Together? So so so it isn’t, for the first four years of our marriage, I was operating as this independent person. And I thought I needed my own little things to make me something or to be a value to the society or to the world because that’s what I thought that’s that’s how I marked it. That’s how I judge it. And a lot of the judgment of my self esteem and self worth came on. Well, how much money did I make and I earn like that, to me was that that meant everything to me, which is why I never wanted to be married in the first place. It’s why I never wanted to have kids initially, other than the fact that I thought I was going to ruin them and not do a good enough job. I thought, well, if I become just a mom, I’ve degraded myself to just mother. Low life motherhood. And then I realized all of these things are just concepts that I have been indoctrinated with that have kept me small. So how do I look at it when grant wins, that’s us. We’re a team. When he wins, I win. Like, it’s us. It’s not his thing. And my thing, it’s our thing, even if I’m not going in teaching somebody how to do sales and marketing and all of the stuff that he is genius at and money. And I mean, the the incredible mind that he is, Hey, what did I do to help facilitate that I did behind the scenes, you know, facilitating him to be able to thrive in that environment without having a nagging wife say, What are you doing? And why are you never home and you spend so much time and distracting him and confusing him so that he’s making mistakes and being pulled? And, you know, and creating conflict? No, I’m not doing that. I’m being supportive, showing active interest in the success of him, creating a distraction free environment. So when he wins, and he gets to help those people, did I also help those people? Yeah, I help them by helping him help them. Do you know what I’m saying? So my kids, it’s the same thing when they’re on Team CARDONE helping us to be able to get this knowledge and information out to people’s lives so that they can change their trajectory for the better they’re contributing to. So I don’t look at it as separate entities. I don’t look at it like, oh, I had to make the billion dollars or somehow I’m second to him. No, I support him. I own that role. I first I was ashamed of it. Then I looked it up in the dictionary, it says Show active interest in the success of I mean, strong enough to bear the weight of like a support beat. So if you have to be stronger than the thing that you’re bearing the weight of aren’t I stronger than him? Yeah. So I got to apologize for that. No, I don’t think so. When you know who you are, what your purpose is where you want to go together, nobody can shame me into anything. Nobody can degrade my position. Motherhood, I look at that. Now that I’m a mother. I’m like, How disgusting of a human being was I to think that becoming a mother was a disgrace in a low life to my beingness. Wait a minute, women are always responsible for the procreation continuation of the entire civilization. Like, that’s only what whether you become a mom or not become a mom, the female body genetic body is responsible for the survival and the continuation of mankind. I got to apologize for that, if I rear to productive contributing happy members to society, and that is my product as a mom, I got to apologize for that. I don’t think so. Like hell to the no, I will never say I’m just a mom again. And eventually, if we get enough moms on board who stopped saying ngca Mum, I’m just gonna hunch was, you know, if they actually own their power, and like, they’re like, I’m a mom, like, and the big cognition at the end of all of this is cut forward into the future when we’re at a party with our significant other, and they say to him, what do you do? And he’s like, Well, I’m the CEO of a multibillion dollar company, or, and Madame wifey poopoo, what do you do? And she’s like, I am a mother, rearing to productive, contributing members of society, I am responsible for the continuation of civilization. And they’re like, Wow, you’re a mom, thank you. For your service. I’m eternally indebted. That’s the future I want to see for women, whether they have children or not. But that is the capacity of what we have as our responsibility if we choose to go there or not.

Kara Goldin 23:57
So 10x Ladies, can you talk to me a little bit about what are the key things that you’re hearing from women? Like why are women joining 10x Ladies? And what have you seen that you’ve been able to transform? Being a part of that group?

Elena Cardone 24:12
Oh, this group is miraculous. First of all, we are we come together from across the globe, we’re very welcoming because we all have whether we’re coming are approaching it from the entrepreneurial side or we’re coming in at it from the support behind the scenes sign, like we, the mother, not mother, whatever it is, we’re coming together, like becoming strength in numbers, and loving leveling up our responsibility as to who we are, what we’re capable of getting the knowledge, the data to then go out and apply it and practice it in life. That’s what’s happening and so women are coming in in droves because no matter what Are you fit in the ecosystem, there’s a place for you here as long as you know, you have a little loving your heart and a little hustle and your muscle and you want to and can see a better side potential for yourself and you want to become better. This is your environment for you to flourish and prosper.

Kara Goldin 25:25
That’s, that’s amazing. Well, and I think that in today’s day and age, not everybody, as you mentioned, has a grant, you know, next to them that is being super supportive. So I think having a group that will hold you accountable, will help you to kind of get

Elena Cardone 25:46
that’s the thing, like some people think some people think, Oh, well, my husband or, you know, isn’t supportive. And and, and I’m like, Okay, well, what areas do you need to be supported in like, because there’s certain things that that are just not exciting for me to talk to about grant to grant on certain things, but they’re not important in those areas, for that part of our relationships. So the people that, like, who is my group that I can talk to about my hobbies, or whatever, that that does interest them, like, I don’t have to get everything from Grant, when I have these other groups that will supply that nourishment in like, let’s say, I like to practice MMA, or I like shooting guns or whatever all this stuff is like, not stuff Grant’s just gonna want to have a long conversation with me about he wants to talk about other, the family or the where we’re going in the in the creative, you know what I’m saying? So, so yeah, it’s about coming together and finding who kind of does what, and fulfillment of their role in their life with you.

Kara Goldin 26:57
So you’ve achieved amazing results and helped a ton of people, when you think about your own success. I think that people sometimes think, okay, if I make a million dollars, or I make, you know, $100,000, or $10 million, or whatever the number is, I find that many people have shifted, and that’s not really success. For them. It’s not about money, and especially if you’ve been able to achieve levels of money, success doesn’t. Really, that’s not where people are measuring themselves. When you think about success, how do you measure your own success?

Elena Cardone 27:39
Yes, so So for that, I look up definitions for everything. So the definition of success means the accomplishment of a purpose or goal. So it can be anything, you know, but it’s, it’s an accomplishment of a purpose or goal. So it’s not everyone wins gets a trophy. That’s not success to me. So if I set a million dollar, and sometimes it won’t be a million dollar goal, or $100,000 goal, or whatever the goal is, if I hit it, that’s a success. Now, if I’m putting conditions on it, like once I hit 100,000, or a million or a billion or whatever, then I’m going to be happy. That’s a that’s a twisted inverted process. That’s like putting other things on success that maybe have no relevancy to the attachment of that goal attainment, it just means did I attain the goal, like my success? I wanted to have a grant be really excited about a surprise, and I wanted him to be blown away and overwhelmed. Okay, was he yes or no? Was it a success or not? You know what I’m saying? Like? I wanted, I feel like I’m successful in the rearing of my two children. They’re winning. They’re not on drugs. They’re, they’re focused, they have purpose. Like so far, it’s going well, is it perfect? No, do I still have things I’m learning as I’m, as I’m going? Are there mistakes that I feel like I’ve made but like, how I hit certain targets that I wanted to hit? Yes. That’s success to me. So now if I invert, definitely, and

Kara Goldin 29:19
they’re still speaking to you, that’s that’s what I always I always tell that’s success for me with my with my kids, that they still want to hang out with me and, and have dinner with me and want me to come and visit them and all of those things like that, to me, that’s

Elena Cardone 29:33
an accomplishment if you want them to want you as your friend and they’re doing that. That’s success. So the says, Whatever your goals or purposes are, if you’re accomplishing and that you have success,

Kara Goldin 29:49
so being an entrepreneur, no matter what stage you’re at, is brutal. I always tell people when you’re signing in to whether you’re signing into a To be a first time entrepreneur or as you, I view you as somebody who is scaling companies and doing lots of incredible things you’ve been supporting grant along the way and seeing him be an entrepreneur and have sort of that entrepreneur spirit, speaking to your younger self, knowing what you know, today, what do you think is like the most important thing, when you have a concept for something, maybe even when you were launching 10x Ladies, you know, there was probably mistakes along the way that that you made, we always see the perfect, you know, we we move forward great entrepreneurs and figure out how to fix things. But is there anything that you would tell yourself, maybe for that entrepreneur that just feels like nothing’s going right? I’m a failure, I can’t do things, right. What is it that you’ve learned along the way that helps you to move forward?

Elena Cardone 30:57
One of the things that all of that is the process. So if you’re feeling like a failure, and a loser, everyone who’s successful has felt that way, I don’t know anybody. And you would probably attest to this, since you’ve interviewed so many successful entrepreneurs, like that’s part of the process, like, I don’t know, one Olympic gold medal winner that didn’t have a fall either literal or metaphorical. A setback, a plateau that they hit. So if you’re going through that, I know that that’s what you actually need to move through and go through to be able to hit the gold medal of, or the Super Bowl ring of life, or what whatever that accomplishment of that attainment is that if you never go through that, chances are you’re playing too small, you’re not giving yourself enough challenges, barriers, like I’ve just never seen anyone go to the other side without having to have those, those growth spurts that are painful and a little uncomfortable, not that you have to sit in on not that you have to go dramatize them, but that you will experience them you’re going to experience betrayals, you’re going to experience knows you’re going to be you’re going to experience random out of the blue things that come up that you didn’t anticipate, and how do you have to overcome and challenge that? And so what would I say, to my younger versions, self or somebody in a similar situation? Is I would say, Who are you in the future, like, just can you mock up in your mind, or write it down on paper, who you want to see yourself as in the future confident and be a good speaker financially secure with assets, blah, blah, blah, family life that looks like x, y, and z, mock up your entire future, and then reverse engineer to the present time with the same beingness that you would be in that future? You know, that’s the thing about successes, some people think once they have the thing, then I’ll be the happy, smart person that can go have the voice. But it’s the complete opposite, you have to be that picture, pull that picture from your future into your present, and assume the beingness of it now, assume the beingness of that success, assume the beingness of the competent, and how does that person conduct themselves, that person then goes through getting the right information about what they need to to become that person in the future. And then now, every single stumble that you have going forward is only you one step forward, of going through what you needed to go through to create that picture that you’re going to live into the future by creating it now. Versus if you live from the past into this moment. The past has all these attachments and failures and this and this. So okay, so then you say, I’m going to do a diet, and then you tried to do the diet, you fail again, and it’s only the 1500 time you failed. And why am I doing this because it’s failed again, and I can never depend on myself. And I’m such a failure, and bla bla bla bla bla bla, and then you want to stop because nothing works and something’s wrong with you. And only the gifted intelligence, smart, talented, people are supposed to have success. And that’s never going to be free with you. Because you’re from the past and you’ve never been able to make it work. And they’re for every sort of failure or a setback brings you further back, if you were just able to disconnect from your past and live from your future self which goes, Okay, now in present time when I fail, or I didn’t do my die, like I said, Well, who cares? I needed to go through that to become the future self. So I’ll just start in a new unit of time and get back on my program and it doesn’t mean all this other stuff because that’s who I am. That’s pulling me to this and now everything that I had to go through so Every, you know, book that I read, whoo, there’s my book, every book that I read every seminar, every mentor that I listened to, I’m listening to, and for intentionality to make that picture pulled into the present time.

Kara Goldin 35:15
I love that. That’s, it’s absolutely terrific. And I feel like the 10x ladies to is really the support group that really helps you to, to figure out if you are running into that spiral, that you’re talking about that downward spiral that surrounding yourself with people that can really knock some sense into you and get you to believe that, that you can do something

Elena Cardone 35:45
extra. Because if you really weren’t that if you really were your future self, and you really did have all that success and you really didn’t know you had whatever stability or whatever you wanted from the future, if you absolutely million percent knew, based on your actions that you were gonna have that picture, would you react differently, right now? If you lost a $30,000 account? Would you react differently knowing in five years you were a multi multi multimillionaire? Would you look back and go, Oh, God, why did I react so bad? And why did I have it stopped me. But if you’re reacting from your broke past self, and this 30,000 was like your big once in a lifetime thing, and it slipped away and you lost it and you’re like, oh my god, like you see the difference in the the the attitude and the differences of your emotional energy and everything. Whereas one is like devastating pull you back massive setback, and one’s like, okay, that’s no big deal. I just need to make more outflow and not depend on that one person for my source of energy. So how can I reach out and take more actions and reach more people and promote more and get my face out and get seen more, and get on Cara’s podcast so people can know me so I can sell my products and services? And you know, Donna? Okay, I’ve just been thinking too small. See the difference of viewpoint of how a millionaire billionaire successful person would think versus the person from the past? Who who can’t pull anything off? Because they’re a failure?

Kara Goldin 37:19
Yeah, and, and meeting people, too, that are that are have been in your situation, right? I think that that energy knowing that it’s possible, right, because sometimes people are sitting in their little silo, and they don’t know anyone else. They feel like they’re the only one. And so I can only imagine that that’s what your group will also bring to people. So I will have all the info in the show notes. But Elena Cardone, thank you so much. I’m so inspired by you, and you’re doing a great thing for not only lots of people, but we didn’t even get a chance to talk about your family and everything that I see you doing their I can’t wait to see the 10x Family series coming out and and bringing kids into this mindset as well, because I think it’s really, really important. So but thank you again, and thank you, everybody, for listening.

Elena Cardone 38:17
Thank you, Kara.

Kara Goldin 38:19
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