Lydia Fenet: Author of Claim Your Confidence

Episode 399

Lydia Fenet, bestselling Author of her new book Claim Your Confidence shares with us today all about her new book and why a focus on overcoming your fears and gaining the skills needed to become the most confident version of yourself is critical. When Lydia is not writing best selling books, she is doing a very courageous career as one of the top auctioneers in the world. This interview is inspiring, listening and learning how not only to gain confidence but also why it is critical in life. One big takeaway is that we all can be a bit more confident in life if we focus on it. Both Lydia and confidence are great teachers and I think you will be glad you listened to this episode. Now on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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Kara Goldin 0:00
I am unwilling to give up that I will start over from scratch as many times as it takes to get where I want to be I want to be, you just want to make sure you will get knocked down. But just make sure you don’t get knocked down knocked out. So your only choice should be go focus on what you can control control control. Hi, everyone and welcome to the Kara Goldin show. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders. We’ll talk with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and really some of the most interesting people of our time. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hi, everyone. It’s Kara Goldin. And we are here on the Kara Goldin show. I’m so so excited for my next guest, we have Lydia Fenet, who is the author of claim your confidence. She’s a lot more than that, though. I actually met Lydia when I was launching my book. Now almost, I guess a year and a half ago now a little over that. Almost two years ago. Now we’ve got time. Time flies when you’re having fun, right. But anyway, Lydia and I became fast friends. She wrote her previous book, which was also a best seller, the most powerful woman in the room, which is awesome. Awesome. Yes, so good. So when Lydia is not writing best selling books, she is a top auctioneer, traveling the world and running some of the top auctions in the world. Fascinating, fascinating. And if you ever get a chance to have her be a part of your auction, you definitely have to have her be a part of it. Because it is absolutely fascinating and so much fun. And she’s not boring at all. She will keep everybody wide awake. But also read not only the second book, claim your confidence, but also definitely pick up a copy of that first book, The most powerful woman in the world. But we are going to talk to Lydia today about this new book. And if you’re looking on the video, I have it right here. It is so so good. So welcome, Lydia, so excited to have you here.

Lydia Fenet 2:21
Oh, thank you. That was quite an introduction, Kara. I really appreciate it. I’m thrilled to be here.

Kara Goldin 2:25
Very, very excited. So this is your second book, Why did you decide to write on the topic of confidence?

Lydia Fenet 2:34
When I was on my book tour for the most powerful woman in the room is you. Every single time I did a q&a, there was always a woman who asked me about confidence. You know, I’m an auctioneer, I stand on stage in front of 1000s of people and people would ask you how do you do that? How can you be that confident on stage? Why do you seem so natural up there. And it really made me think a lot about confidence. But this was 2019. You know, life was very different in 2019. And I thought a lot about it, the words imposter syndrome kept coming. So I was seeing themes that I could definitely write to. And as a writer, I’m always kind of looking for the white space. And then COVID hit. And like many people, I became a stay at home homeschooling mom of three, in addition to running a global team and the school cafeteria simultaneously. And as you know, those times were very confusing, especially for women. And what had started during those books, the book tour Q and A’s during COVID became a deluge of emails and DMS, from women that were like, I used to be confident, I have no competence, I used to have a job, I lost my job, I’m scared financially. And I felt like I was holding up really well, during COVID, I have a very deep well of competence, I have a very deep well of reserve, I always have. And I built it up over the course of my life by putting myself out of my comfort zone all the time. So when bad things happen, I figure them out. And that’s when I really feel like I can move forward. And so I started writing again. And I wrote to these themes of confidence. And I wrote to the women who were emailing me and DMing me about things that I was going through, you know, I took a 40% pay cut, my husband lost his job, I was scrambling to create side hustles to make sure that we didn’t have to change our lifestyle, you know, all of these different things that I was doing, I figured somebody would be able to be helped by them in a book. And ultimately, we kind of came out of COVID and I had more time by the end of 2021. I finished my second book and you’re holding it now bright orange, the big sun on top.

Kara Goldin 4:30
So awesome. Well, before we get into the book further, I’d love to hear or I’d love for you to share a little bit more about you. I did my research and a little bit on your background. I was I was fascinated to hear how you actually got to New York and I think somebody’s got to write a story about all the various ways people ultimately get into what they’re doing, because I think yours is so fascinating. So do you want to share a little bit about that?

Lydia Fenet 4:58
Yeah, and it’s funny that you say that I have a podcast on claim your confidence where I talk to different women and you are on it as well about how they came to, to who they are, where they came from, or how it all started. And I didn’t really because so many people I grew up in Louisiana, and so many people are like, Oh, well, everyone in New York comes from New York, and that’s why they’re successful. And I always laugh. I’m like, no one from New York comes from New York. Everybody comes to New York, to make it right. And so people who’ve made it there, I think you do find this commonality of hard work and tenacity. And, you know, I think that’s what I brought to the table. When I came to New York in my 20s, I had read an article in Vanity Fair magazine about Christie’s Auction House, I became obsessed with working at this place. I didn’t know anything about auctioneering. My parents were not art collectors. But this article about Princess Diana’s dresses being sold at a place called Christie’s on Park Avenue just captured my college aged imagination, and I just really wanted to work there. And I applied for an internship didn’t really get it because there weren’t any internships available, stalked the internship coordinator until she finally relented over two weeks. And once I got in, I never really wanted to leave. I became an auctioneer, about four years into my time there, I tried out, it’s a four day trial like Survivor, you get voted off the island, and I stayed on the island. And once they gave me that gavel, I just would not get off stage. And 20 years later, I just launched my own auctioneering agency last week, because as a charity auctioneer, and one who’s taken 1000s of charity auctions over the course of my life, I often say like, I know what it takes to be up there. And I know what good ones look like. And so as you said, no one wants to sit through a boring auction. And I know, I can make sure that they don’t if I come on stage, or if I can train someone to do what works when they’re out there. And more importantly, to raise money for a nonprofit.

Kara Goldin 6:40
I love it. Well, you definitely I love, love, love that story. It’s so great. So the first time you remember that you had to find your confidence. I mean, that was definitely I guess it takes a lot of confidence to move to New York and go and apply for that job at Christie’s. But were there times even before then, when you just weren’t sure whether or not you had the confidence to be able to go out and do something? Is there anything thinking back on? You know that time,

Lydia Fenet 7:11
so many times, I mean, you know, I think about high school, I went to boarding school, my mom is British, and she went a boarding school when she was eight. So she thought nothing of the fact that we were gonna go to boarding school in high school, it seemed like we’d been home for maybe too long, I thought, sure. But um, I went to boarding school in Connecticut, and I grew up in Louisiana, and Louisiana and Connecticut are two completely different worlds. And I arrived, my roommate was from Hong Kong. And I remember the first night, I thought it was a great idea to go to boarding school, I was really excited about this prospect. I mean, my mom had told us all these amazing stories about her time there, and I just really, really wanted to go. So I lobbied my parents, and I will never forget that first night, just sitting on a bed being like, Oh, I think I’ve bitten off a little more than I can chew here, my roommate looked similarly shell shocked. And I did have a lot of confidence then, because I wasn’t like everyone else at that school. You know, predominantly, when I was there, it seemed like most of the kids came from the northeast. And so everyone up here was different, you know, they were doing different things. They were dressed differently. I mean, I definitely was wearing skirts, we had to wear skirts and dresses to class. But my did not look like the skirts and dresses that were coming out of New York City, that’s for sure. And so I think over four years, I really learned to trust myself. I remember, I remember one interesting thing that I don’t think I’ve ever shared on a podcast before. But I remember being at lunch one day, and I’ve always had a really quick wit, like I always love a good comeback. I love to keep up with people who were funny. And I remember being at a lunch table with one of the one of the girls who was around my age, who everyone always thought was so funny. Someone can just sit down and she said something. And the thought had actually come to my mind exactly what she said I thought of at that moment. And everyone laughed. And I remember thinking, I shouldn’t say things like that, like I shouldn’t keep these things inside. Because obviously being funny is really like it’s it’s something interesting, like people like yeah, I remember making a decision at that point that I wasn’t going to keep that stuff inside that I was going to share that sort of humor with other people. And now over the course of my career, that humor is what defines me on stage. You know, I lean so heavily on it, because I know that it keeps people engaged, and it entertains them. And so I can still at that very early age remember like shoring up my confidence to make those jokes and to say those things. But those were tough years. I mean, my high school years were from the outside looking in, they probably didn’t look like that. But for me, they were they were many years of finding myself.

Kara Goldin 9:42
I think it’s interesting what you’re talking about, because if you look back on, on kind of when things really worked, I guess is when you’re and also the challenges that you’ve had, you can learn a lot, right and I think that that’s how you build confidence. I feel like I got that out of your book, as well. I felt like your book was really a powerful manual, that I was able to kind of say, Okay, this could help. Whether or not you have confidence or not, this is the kind of reminders that help you to think about, okay. I’m not feeling confident right now. But when did I feel confident? And that’s what I felt like I was able to really get out of your book, not just a, I don’t think it’s just a book for somebody who is just a an individual that says, I have no confidence at all, I need to go read Lydia’s book, I think it’s also a book for somebody who feels like they have confidence. But maybe they have tough days, I guess, is the right way to say that.

Lydia Fenet 10:44
And we all do. And, you know, I talked in the first chapter openly about this amazing moment where I’d been on book tour in New York for two weeks, you know, and it was really the culmination of so many amazing moments in my life. You know, I’d run partnerships for Christie’s at that point, I was nearing 20 years of a career there. And my book launch was held in the boardroom, where I’d run the events department for 10 years in my early career at Christie’s. And so it’s like sitting at a table being honored in a place that I was so honored to be in, felt like such an unbelievable moment. And then, you know, the today’s show is connected to Christie’s and I went on the Today Show, and I remember, when I was about to go on, there were people from my office walking by they’re like, Are you about to go on this today show and you’re just these incredible moments that you just cannot believe there’s such pinch me moments, and two straight weeks of that just party after party after book signing, and it was kind of magic. And then I headed out to San Francisco. And you know, I walked into the first event thinking it was going to be exactly like New York City. And over the over the first chapter, I really show that in the end, there was one person who’d come to my book sign. And then there were a series of people who I tried to recruit who just told me no, when I asked them if they would come to my book signing, and then a homeless woman pulled her shopping cart in and heckled me, the entire talk that I gave in front of five people. And what I say in that book is, people think that confidence comes when you’re successful. Confidence comes when you have put yourself out there and you are in full hair and makeup for a book that you’ve written about yourself, and one person shows up, and someone else’s heckling you, and you make it out alive, and you keep going. And you can tell that story is the first chapter of your next book. Yes, you’re not afraid of these things that life throws at you. And you realize, when you get to a point where you’re successful, this is the stuff that happens to you, because you are putting yourself out there. And it can be embarrassing, and it can be mortifying, but if you’re willing to do it, the payoff is so big. And that’s what I want to show in the book time and time again, through small times through big times, like that is where confidence is born.

Kara Goldin 12:44
Yeah. And I think that the most confident people also know that that one incident isn’t going to define them that they have to get back up again and try again. So I think that that is such a great example where maybe you felt like quitting. But you were like, No, I gotta go out there and change the visual.

Lydia Fenet 13:07
Yeah. Well, as I do, Kara, on a book tour, you can walk into any book sign signing anywhere, and there can be for people, it’s just part of being an author, you know, it’s not people don’t always care about your book. And so you learn what to do to make sure that that doesn’t happen, but it’s always a possibility, and you keep going out there.

Kara Goldin 13:25
So first of all, next time you come to San Francisco, you need to call me, I know, I will, I will show up and I will definitely bring a whole group you will be more than surprised at how many people will be there will will shut down the the will shut down the room because they’ll have too many people in it. But But I love your focus on positivity too. And you talk about that in the book and suggest harnessing this immense force of positivity, especially when you aren’t feeling confident, maybe even coupled with humor, as is definitely something that has worked for you. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Lydia Fenet 14:08
Yeah, positivity to me is really such an important key in life. You know, I think there’s so many different ways to look at any different situation. But if you try your best to come at things with a positive attitude, you’ll find that the things that seems so heavy and dark and deep, oftentimes are not as bad as you think. And so, I am a glass half full kind of person. But I also feel like when I have those days where I’m not feeling particularly positive, I think about the effect that my attitude has on the people around me. You know, again, I always go back to storytelling because I grew up in the South and that’s how we do things. And in the book I talked about this morning where everything went wrong, you know, it was snowing outside, it’s just all escalated, snow turns to sleet. I didn’t know that growing up from Louisiana sleep turns to rain. By the time I got to the subway after dropping off my kids. I was going to be late. Wait for a presentation that I was supposed to be running. And I ran down the subway platform, and I basically slid on my hands and knees and my purse, dumped everything onto the subway platform. And I remember, like, piling everything up. And I’m wet because I didn’t have an umbrella and I’ve ripped my hose, and I’m just a mess. And I missed the doors to the subway, like such a sliding deployment, like, literally missed it, and kind of see myself in this, like loose reflection. And I looked so angry. And it occurred to me at that moment, you know, I had a boss who once said something that I’ve never forgotten. She said, if you get it in one argument over the course of the day, it’s 5050. as to who’s to blame, if you get into you should probably look in the mirror. And I was like, what if we apply that same principle to our life and to positivity? Like, what if instead of me thinking that the world is conspiring against me, and everything that’s happened is all bad? And today’s going to be a terrible day? Because of all of this? What if I change that narrative? Because if I push onto that subway car with this anger that I feel right now, everyone around me is going to be angry, right? Yeah, I’ve given all that negativity to everyone around me. And so what if I just try? Like, what if I remember, it’s not always about me? What about life is not always about me. And I think about this, even with my three kids, like, if I’m arguing with all three of my children, there’s probably one common denominator, that’s me. It’s not all three of my children, it’s me. Same with friends. Same with things like if you’re in this constant thing about like everyone doing things to you, you need to really think about what’s being done. Is it people doing that to you? Or are you the problem? And so that’s really where I find most of my positivity from in those moments. Like at Starbucks this morning, I was one of 95 people waiting for my drink, and it was taking forever. And I was like, what if I’m the one person here, who isn’t angrily staring at the barista? You know, what am I like? Thank you so much for that amazing drink. I really appreciate you as opposed to being like, this took 28 minutes, which was pretty much close to what it took. Anyway, I’m not Pollyanna. I’m not Susie sunshine all the time. But I do really try my best. And I think that it very much affects the way that I live my life and the people who around me.

Kara Goldin 17:11
So do you have any tricks that when you catch yourself in that mode, how do you kind of get out of it?

Lydia Fenet 17:18
Yeah, absolutely. So first and foremost, as I said, like I think about that morning, a lot of times negativity comes where you’re keeping things together. So you know, that particular morning, I had been with my children, we’d forgotten backpacks. So we walked outside, and it was snowing. And it was so pretty. And we made it almost to the subway, we realized we’d forgotten backpack, so to Avenue blocks back to my apartment. And by the time we left again, it was raining, right? So already there. I’m like, frustrated and a little angry. But if I were to flip that model, what happened when I got home, my third child was not expecting us to come and was still at that delicious baby age where when I came in the door, She squealed with glee. Like, what if I focus on that part, right? What if instead of thinking like, all these things are bad together? What if I flipped out and thought about all the things that I had not, instead of all the things that I didn’t have? And that that sort of mental, like, stop right now, disassociate these negative things from one another, treat them as individual things and flip them into positive things? If you can. That’s what I tried to do. And as I said, this isn’t an every moment of everyday thing for me. But when you’re having like a really bad day, I’m like, Lydia, just stop for a second and think about what’s going wrong. And are all these things together? No, the world is not conspiring against you to make you slip on a subway platform you ran when you should have walked. It’s that easy. Yeah.

Kara Goldin 18:33
I think that’s so true. I always when I catch myself saying the word I can’t, I can’t or I’m like, you know, slapping myself across the face and saying, Hold on, what can I do? Yeah, right. You could walk out of Starbucks this morning, and go somewhere else, right? We live in a free world. And, you know, it’d be a real bummer that you didn’t get your latte or whatever, this morning, but you could go find something else. Right, that you could. And I think that that’s where confidence starts to kind of play into this as well that you figure out, you know, what can you do? Yeah, so and I know you do that so often. So what advice can you offer to someone who is just in a big rut right now that they’re not feeling confidence? I think that also surrounding yourself with the right people to I mean, I guess this is also positivity, maybe you’re in a wreck, because you’re not in the right role right now or job company surroundings. I think that that could also be something like change your environment, apps that you get much more confident.

Lydia Fenet 19:48
Yeah, I mean, I have one of my closest friends who I talk to on the phone almost every day. You know, it’s funny, she can tell I’m rarely in a bad mood when she calls but I know that she calls especially when She’s in a bad mood, because she knows that I won’t let her sit there for long. Which I think sometimes she also doesn’t call because she wants to sit in that bad mood. And that’s fine too. But I do say surround yourself with people like that, like, there’s always somebody you can call if you want to be negative, right? Every single person has a friend in their life, who if they want to go into a deep dark hole, you call them and they will go and sit there forever, right, you probably also have the other person who is positive, and who has a positive outlook, and can kind of help you through that. And then maybe you have that medium friend who will kind of meet you somewhere in the middle of it will also sort of pull you out of the rut, like, know what these people are for you. And if you don’t have people who are positive in your life, find some new friends to add to your friend group. Because people who are living the life they want to live the they’re creating what they want out of their life, tend to be positive people, because they’re singularly focused on creating what they are focused on. They’re not looking around comparing themselves to other people, or thinking that other people have it better. They’re focused on what they want to do. And so those are the types of people I try to surround myself with. I mean, the woman I was talking about earlier, I often say, and she would say this back, we both are like delusionally, optimistic, you know, I would say nine out of 10 ideas that we have just do not go anywhere. But that’s also fine. It’s just a kind of part of it. You know, we don’t dwell on that. So find yourself with people, surround yourself with those types of people who are positive and are looking for a positive life and want to be living a fun and exciting life too. Because I think that’s also part of positivity.

Kara Goldin 21:28
It’s so interesting. Do you feel like there’s a lot of people out there lacking confidence right now, I mean, maybe I don’t know, has COVID kind of affected people in that way that they’re not as confident as maybe they were before? I’m so curious what your perspective is.

Lydia Fenet 21:46
I mean, when you write a book called claim your competence, you find out about a lot of people lacking confidence, because people love to tell you that they don’t have confidence. And you know, I wrote my first book was called the most powerful woman in the room is you and I remember, a woman who I’m very close with said to me, when I told her that the second title of my book was going to be claim your competence, she said, You know, I really liked that. Because not everybody wants to be powerful, but everybody wants to be confident. And I really struck me when she said that, and I was like, you know, you’re right. Everybody does want to be confident, because if you don’t feel confident, and you look at somebody who seems to have it all, whatever that means, or seems to be so comfortable in their own skin, aren’t you attracted to that person? You know, are you attracted to what they’re showing? And what they’re showing off in their life? I am, I certainly am. I’m always like, I want to get closer to that person and understand what they’re doing that makes them so comfortable in their own skin. Because that’s what I think confidence is, I think it’s really just being able to be in your own skin and be comfortable with who you are and what you’re doing, no matter what other people think or say about you.

Kara Goldin 22:47
And so, so, so true. So how can confidence help us to bring greater meaning into our lives?

Lydia Fenet 22:57
I think in every way, you know, if you’re living a competent life, you get to make the decisions that you want to make. And that ultimately defines everything about the way that you’re moving through life, you know, if we’re seeking greater meaning, meaning, whether that be a spiritual seeking of greater meaning, or seeking a greater meaning from those around us, as long as we’re grounded in who we are, ultimately, we’re gonna get the answers we’re looking for.

Kara Goldin 23:21
Yeah, definitely. What’s your advice to others on claiming their confidence or your confidence?

Lydia Fenet 23:28
You know, one thing and I said this kind of earlier, I always believe that we all are born with confidence, you know, we grow up with some amount of competence. And over the course of our life, we either get more of it, or similar times we lose it. I don’t think it stays forever. I think you have to constantly try to get more confidence in there’s things that happen to us that completely knock our confidence out of us. I mean, we’ve talked about this Kara, like, there are just moments in life that you are so blindsided, you have no idea why something happened. But if you have gained your confidence by constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you realize that this is a blip on the radar. And ultimately, no matter what happens around you, if you are strong enough on the inside, and you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll be strong enough to handle anything that comes your way. And you know, I talk about this very openly. In the last chapter of my book, my husband and my three children and I were in a horrendous car wreck on Halloween of 2021. And even when I was sitting in the car, after I knew that my husband was alive, and after our three children he’d like touched each of their bodies and knew that they were alive with broken bones but alive, and he took them out of the car I was left in the car with what I would later learn was a fractured spine and seven broken ribs. I slipped my face over and I couldn’t see out of my left eye and so I remember sitting in the car and my whole body was numb. I mean, I was pretty sure I was paralyzed because I physically couldn’t move the lower half of my body at that point. And even in that time in the car Hard, which was probably call it 15 minutes, I don’t know how long it was, but I was in my mind going to that place where I was like, okay, if I’m paralyzed, like, I’m going to be okay, I’ll be fine. If I’m paralyzed, I will get a wheelchair and I will be able to handle this, like, I am strong enough to handle this. And if I’m blind in my left eye, like, I’m blind in my left eye, and I will be okay, I am strong enough to handle this. And so when I say to people, if you’re confident, it doesn’t matter what happens around you, I speak from experience, you know, I left in a stretcher, out of my car that day. And I went into a surgery where they thought I might die because I was bleeding out internally, or that’s what they thought when I went in for the first of many surgeries after that car accident. And even in all of those situations, I still felt confident that no matter what happened to my body, as long as I was alive, I would be okay. And I would be strong enough for my family. And I was, and I remember Cara, when, after I had two surgeries when I was in hospital. So the first was for the internal bleeding, which turned out luckily to just be fluid, and they didn’t have to cut any of my organs. So just like such a blessing on so many levels. And then four days later, I went in for a spinal fusion because my spine was fractured, so that they had to put a titanium rod in my lower back. And they wheeled me down into the sort of lower levels of the hospital. Because there weren’t a lot of emergency room, or a lot of hours that were available at that time. I was going for surgery at 130 in the morning. And I was by myself with the nurse who had been there the night of the ER when I came in with my entire family. And, you know, this is a hospital called Westchester medical up in Valhalla, New York. And the entire hospital knew what was happening because my three children were all in the pediatric ward and my husband and I were admitted upstairs. And you know, when I first came in, the sort of message that had gone out I later learned from some of the nurses was like, there’s a family coming in. They don’t know if the mom is going to be okay. We think the children are okay, we think the husband is okay, but we just really don’t know about them on. And so you can imagine, like the worst case scenario. And you know, after they brought me in, I was cracking jokes. Like, while they weren’t doing all the things like I remember one of the surgeons when I was about to go in for the first surgery. He’s like, so what have you had to eat today? And I said, Well, I think I’ve had about 200 pieces of Halloween candy. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Because we just love trick or treating. We were on our way back to the city from Halloween. And the guy was like, okay, and I could see he just like, didn’t understand why I kept like cracking these jokes, but I wanted to literally yelled at them. I’m like, I am fine. Like, I don’t think you guys realize how strong like I’m fine. I know this is bad. I’m gonna figure it out. We’re good. And so the woman down that night said to me, she said, So how are you doing? Like before the surgery, this spinal fusion? And I said, I don’t think I’m doing pretty well. And she said, I have to be honest. People don’t usually tell us that they’re doing well, when they’re about to go in for a spinal fusion. But she said, you’re the mom who came in on Halloween with your kids, right? And I said, Yeah, she goes, I knew you would be okay. Because you were okay. Even when all that stuff was happening. We didn’t even know what was going to happen at that point. You were cracking jokes. And you were like talking to everyone. She said, I’ve seen people come into this or who are your age who have like minor injuries who die because they expect to die from the minute they walk in. And she’s like an I’ve seen 8590 year old people who come in here who should be dead, no question, who live because of their attitude because of the way they approach this. And I swear to God, Cara, from that moment on, I was like, if that is not the biggest validation to live a positive and confident life, I don’t know what is. And really, ever since that conversation, I’ve never looked back and thought that that it should be done differently. Because I’ve seen that and even through the incredibly painful recovery from something like that. I still maintain that positive attitude. And it kept me moving forward. And more importantly, it kept my children moving forward as they recovered to.

Kara Goldin 28:57
Yeah, no, definitely. Well, I think that really speaks to to that. If you don’t claim your confidence, no one is going to come save you. Right? You have to be the one that is owning it and claiming it and figuring out how to claim it if you don’t have the confidence to do it, but it is up to you to show up and actually do that as you did. So thank you so much for sharing that story. And I’m so happy that you are not just okay but absolutely great. And it makes me so so happy to know that so everybody grab this book, claim your confidence. And thank you again, Lydia for coming on and sharing and writing this book. It is super, super great. And we’ll have all the info in the show notes as well and definitely listen to her podcast as well claim your confidence and it is it’s so so good. too, so amazing guests on there. But thank you again, have a great rest of the week.

Lydia Fenet 30:05
Thank you, Kara. Thank you so much for having me on.

Kara Goldin 30:08
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