Matt McLean: Founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic

Episode 559

In this exciting episode, we delve into the world of Matt McLean, the visionary founder of Uncle Matt's Organic—a top-selling, U.S. organic juice brand. Discover the roots of Matt's journey, tracing back four generations of Florida citrus farming, and how his commitment to avoiding harmful pesticides led him to start his company on just three acres of family land. We delve into the early challenges Matt faced, from securing organic certification to expanding his backyard operation into a national market leader. Matt reflects on the evolving consumer demand for organic products and shares key strategies that helped scale his business. He also offers invaluable advice for entrepreneurs and discusses his ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation in organic farming. Tune in to explore how dedication to health, quality, and ethical production can revolutionize not just a brand, but an entire industry. Now on this episode of The Kara Goldin Show! 

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