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Episode 545

On this captivating episode of The Kara Goldin Show, we're joined by the dynamic duo, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, two titans of entrepreneurship and personal development. We discuss their entrepreneurial journeys, the impact of self-education, and the changing landscape of the knowledge industry. Each emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and the value of self-education in today's dynamic environment. The conversation also touches on personal transformation, the power of communication, and the significance of providing value to others. Personal development, business growth, the impact of AI, and the upcoming The Game Has Changed Live Event – it’s all here.  Plus we learn all about the upcoming incredible and FREE event that Tony and Dean are hosting on June 13 to June 15.  A must for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally, leverage AI, and gain valuable tools, learnings and growth opportunities.

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Kara Goldin 0:00
I am unwilling to give up that I will start over from scratch as many times as it takes to get where I want to be I want to be, you just want to make sure you will get knocked down. But just make sure you don’t get knocked down knocked out. So your only choice should be go focus on what you can control control control. Hi, everyone and welcome to the Kara Goldin show. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders. We’ll talk with founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and really some of the most interesting people of our time. Can’t wait to get started. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hi, everyone. And welcome back to the Kara Goldin show super, super excited to have not just one amazing person, but two amazing entrepreneurs. With us here today, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, who are the cofounders of, but also have an incredible event that we’re going to, they’re going to let us in on that is coming up very, very soon called the game has changed live event. So Tony Robbins is a number one New York Times best selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s top life business strategist. And having transformed the lives of more than 50 million people across 195 countries. successful entrepreneur, I don’t think anyone would argue with that. And it was insights and strategies and personal development and peak performance are legendary to say the least. And Dean Graziosi is also a super, super successful serial entrepreneur and master educator, who has been instrumental in creating impactful companies and platforms that have revolutionized self education and entrepreneurship. And so together with Tony, as I mentioned in the very early intro, he co founded And if you have not trucked out that platform, it is super, super amazing. But this event that they’re doing, you must must must join in on it is I can’t wait to hear about not only their journeys, but also about this event, which will take place on June 13 to June 15 And is the best word no matter how successful you are, is free to join the event. So we love that. But without further ado, we’re gonna let I’m gonna stop talking and let Tony and Dean help us really understand a lot more about who they are as entrepreneurs, but also about the event. So welcome.

Tony Robbins 2:45
Thanks for having us.

Dean Graziosi 2:47
Great to be here.

Kara Goldin 2:48
Super, super excited to have you both here and so honored to meet you both. I feel like I’ve I’ve watched you from afar many, many times. And I think we have many mutual friends and comments. So really, really thrilled to have you guys here. So okay, starting out. We’re you’re both entrepreneurs. Tony your life story is a testament to personal transformation, just to give people a little bit of a brief backstory, can you kind of share like a pivotal moment where you saw early in your career that really set you on this path to becoming not only the entrepreneur that you are today, but one that really wants to help a lot of other people? Yeah,

Tony Robbins 3:35
actually, I’ve always loved people, I always passionate about human beings for whatever reason, like even a little kid. But when I was 11 years old, we had a time I had four different fathers and my fourth father is a really good man. But he you know, he got canned and lost his job. And so on Thanksgiving, we had no money and no food when I was 11. And we wouldn’t starve. We’re gonna add crackers and peanut butter and so forth. But what changed my life was my parents were fighting, saying things you can’t take back. And there’s this knock on the door. And long story short, this man arrives, who’s got these bags of groceries and uncooked Turkey on the ground and frozen turkey and says your father here. And so I was like just one moment. So I brought my dad in. He didn’t have a good reaction. To be honest, he sought his charity. He left our family shortly thereafter. But it changed my life in a different way. Because I focused on the fact that there was food for the concept, but more importantly, what changed my life is the meaning I gave it which was that strangers care. And if strangers care about me and my family, then I got to care about strangers and it was already in my nature, but it just put like turbochargers on it. And I promised myself someday I do well enough to not just take care of my family, but support others. I’m gonna feed some families. And so when I was 17, I’ve had two families and then for the next year and then eight and it grew to a million people a year and then 4 million people a year and then about eight years ago, I was writing this book money master the game where I interviewed the greatest investors in the world. You know, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett type thing. And, you know, these multi billionaires all started with nothing from scratch. But what’s interesting is at the same time Congress cut the SNAP program, the food stamps program, basically, by $6 billion, which means every family that actually needs food would have to give up one week worth of food every month. And so I call my offices and said, you know, we got to get more people participating. How many people have I found, I found it was 42 million people, which I was thrilled to hear. I didn’t realize it was that large, I knew it was large, not that large. And I thought, what if I could feed 50 million people and do what I’ve done an entire lifetime in a year. And then what if I did 100 million 100 million for 10 years. So I’m proud to tell you we did an eight years we’ve had over a billion people here in the US billion meals. Now I’m working on 100 billion meal challenge. But it all just came from me learning to study patterns. And that’s what Dean and I do. It’s like, if you look at anyone that’s the best at music, at dance, at business and investing, it’s all patterns. And it’s people look smarter than you are, they’re not any smarter, they just know the patterns you don’t know. And if you don’t know them, it’s like playing a video game with a child, you always lose. And the reason is not because they’re faster and smarter. It’s because they played this game before they know what’s coming. And so they can anticipate, you’re reacting. And so one of the reasons Dean and I got together is over the decades, between us, we have 70 years of experience, it’s embarrassing to say it to me, but I got 47 of those years to give you an idea. And in those 47 years, we’ve had a chance to help millions of people, in my case, almost a billion people now. And during that time, you know, we came together about six years ago and said, What can we do to help other people who want to get in do what we do, we get to have a business where we are able to have a sense of impact, a sense of excitement, a sense of meaning, and we do great economically and our families get to be involved. And today with new technology, what used to take us years to do you can do in days with AI or hours, sometimes minutes. And I’m not exaggerating. So six years ago, before AI was here, we started to do this. And we worked with about 4 million people during that time. And right now we have a community of 100,000 people from every country in the world from every niche, who’ve learned how to be on the knowledge business, which now is a billion dollars a day. I remember when he and I first started, they’re talking about a billion a day, and we thought it was crazy six years ago, and now they’re talking about being a trillion dollars a year in three years. So it’s an industry that’s exploding. And it’s one that does well, in really bad times, you know, when you have situations like massive inflation, and so forth. I started my career myself in 1977 78, when interest rates are 18% Wow. But it really you learn how to do well in this environment. And you can, boy, it’s truly amazing. So I’ve had the privilege of you know, building 114 companies now we do over $7 billion in business, across different industries. But my passion is our daily business and what Dean and I get to do together, which is really got it really get people to have the privilege we have, which is to have freedom, you know, to be able to do something meaningful, and to be able to earn while they’re doing it, which is pretty exciting. And most people don’t think that’s even possible, it seems too far. But we’ve built some technology that is second to none. And it uses AI or you have to do anything where you literally tell it where you want it to guide you through it. And so we’ve really seen some gigantic life changes in this and probably one of the most exciting things we’re doing together. And that’s why we’re doing the free seminar, we have over a million people join us on those couple of days, three days, just a couple hours a day, like instead of going to movie come join us and we will show you how you can enter in an industry that is exploding geometrically. So you could do it part time, you know, on the side while you’re doing what you’re doing. Or you may say, Hey, I’m all in. But we show people how to do that in a really simple way that meets where they are where they start today, which we’re excited about. That’s

Kara Goldin 8:31
incredible. So Dean, you’ve launched multiple successful ventures as well. And what initially drew you into entrepreneurship, and it seems like you have really focused on the educational side of the world, or I should say self education, but kind of like, how did you get there? And and when you think about those early days, and kind of what you’ve accomplished? I mean, I feel like you’re really giving this gift to people as well. Yeah,

Dean Graziosi 9:04
what’s great, what Tony shared was that the evolution was fantastic. And the fact that matters, Tony is a huge part of that journey for me. And not to sound a little redundant to Tony. But the fact is, we all have our own story. We all have something that disturbed us enough. So do you care, right? The reason you’re sitting in that chair, we’ve read all the amazing things you’ve accomplished, there was something you were either running away from, or somebody you didn’t want to be or someone that didn’t You didn’t want to have control of your life and, and you made different decisions than others. And sometimes that’s it’s a painful reason you move for me. I watched my parents split when I was three, and similar to Tony in my own way. But I watched my mom work three jobs and come home at 10 o’clock every night and she was just tired. She cleaned houses cut hair and painted houses. So she’d come home exhausted every night and my sister and I learned to cook and do the laundry and it wasn’t for us. We wanted to take care of her and I remember my sister and I just saying what can we do for mom, and that was just something that snapped. I’d love to say it was 15 but it was probably not I remember thinking I’m gonna do whatever it takes to retire my mom. So we all have our own it like, like Tony said a million times, sometimes the most energy needed to get the rocket off the ground when the the burn, the burst has to be so strong, get off the first couple of feet, you get out in space, it’s easy. We need to do whatever it takes to get off the ground. For me, it was not accepting what my mom had to deal with. And my dad’s a great guy still with us at eight years old, but he never paid child support. And by the time I was 17, I had already started two businesses. By the time I was 22, I started giving my mother money at 25. I retired her and I’ve been given her a check every week in my life since I was 25 years old. That was that’s what got the ship off the ground. But what I realized is that that pain was actually a gift. And once I started getting that momentum, I realized, hey, if I’m willing to do what other people aren’t, if I could model proven practices, what Tony shared about shared I could get momentum. And I started a collision shop and in auto sales and ended up retiring my dad then I started helping other people. I started building apartments, I started building houses and 27, which is now quite some time ago, a little bit longer than I thought just 28 years ago, 28 years ago, I saw Tony Robbins on a late night infomercial. If you ask why an infomercial because there was no internet at the time. So don’t blame us. I went into that business because of you, Tony. But I saw a late night infomercial. And as as you probably have done at one point in your life care and many of you listening, I felt like Tony was talking directly to me. And I bought everything you had. It was personal power. It was power talk, I bought everything and devoured it. And a couple of things hit me. One was, I realized in that moment that all the things I had went through was my gift and my blessing and life happened for me, not to me. And it just shifted my perspective. I wasn’t the victim anymore. I was I was blessed by the gift of that. But secondly, I said, I invested in Tony, he gave me information. I was happy to pay him. And it shifted my life. And it made me that day I made a decision to go in this industry. I said how could I not be I can empower people for a living. I was 27 years ago, I was blessed. You know, my brands have done over a billion dollars, probably heading towards much more than that in today’s world. And then the fact that matter is 12 years ago, someone introduced Tony and I just wanted to shake his hand and say thank you. He had shifted my life so much. It was a plateau. I wanted to do not start a business together, just thank demand, and we hit it off, we ended up I don’t know the next our second meeting, I think we spent 10 hours together, we couldn’t shut up sage, his beautiful wife fed us three different meals and finally was like, Hey, why don’t you get out of here right now she wasn’t long story short. And then the rest Tony shared. About seven years ago, we were together and said if we were going to start something, what should we do? And we said what shifted our lives so much was self education. It was learning from those who have already walked the path and would be willing to share and we realized the current education system is broken, the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be as model proven practices. So we decided, let’s do everything in our power to make self education the new norm, we launched mastermind, and since then it’s been it’s been a movement. So it’s a pleasure to be here. And it’s great to talk about because it is something you know, when Tony started, when Tony started this industry, it’s funny to say because all of it, we’ve heard it from all of our parents, you have to walk uphill both ways in the snow to school, right? You got to film an infomercial product product in the warehouse, you had to buy TV, media, all these things that didn’t seem hard, then there was no other option. And in today’s world, people have the opportunity to extract their experience and get it in people’s hands in moments electronically like this, be able to serve impact others, but create a business that literally has no glass ceiling. So that’s why I’m passionate about it’s why we love that’s why we’re doing this event on June 13. Because it’s time this industry and the tech that’s here is the great equalizer. And the last thing I’ll say is I think why we do so well. And Tony is my brother and dearest friend at this phase of my life. And I’m it’s awesome that we all get to hang out here today. But I think what carries us for as it was we never forget what it felt like to think what if we miss it? What if we end up like our parents? Like not? I love my parents. But what if I ended up like them where money was the biggest issue when they never leaned into who they’re supposed to be? They were stuck in old patterns. And we know what it’s like to think am I going to miss the whole thing, but we also know what it’s like to take that action and live into a life of abundance and joy and fail miserably but fail forward and shift the generations below you. So how could we not want to pass that forward?

Kara Goldin 14:27
No, I I totally agree. And I love that I think that you know, as you’re talking about the days of no Internet, and I was definitely there to and dial up services. I remember in the early days of direct to consumer, probably to some extent. It was the same thing with with the infomercials where people were calling and you were excited that the phone was ringing, right? Like that’s how we’re getting, you know that that’s how you were getting the orders along the way and today. There’s really there’s no barriers to Being able to go out and start these businesses and certainly with AI, I think it it definitely is kind of hit everybody by storm. So in these challenging times, what do you believe is the best investment that people can make? So somebody’s sitting here thinking, I’ve got limited cash right now. And they’re thinking about, you know, should I change jobs? What should I do? I mean, what would you say to people, as they’re self reflecting on? You know, what’s, what’s next for them?

Tony Robbins 15:34
I asked Warren Buffett this question when I was writing, you know, money master the game, and I said, What’s the been the most important investment of your life? And I thought he was gonna say, Coca Cola, or Geico, you know, I know all his investments. And he paused for a moment he goes, the best investment I ever made is what you do. And I said, Why do a lot of things, you know which part of that and he said, I went to Dale Carnegie. And he said, I learned how to communicate. He said, There is no investment in my life that comes close, because because all my ideas would have died on my lips, I couldn’t communicate in a way that had people responsive to me. And he goes, so Tony, the most important investment anybody can make is in themselves, because he said, the cool thing about it is no one can tax it. If you add to your skill set, you get to carry it out through the years, there’s zero taxes on it, and it can get better and better and better. And, you know, you’re in a position where like, if inflation hits and people are worried about 8%, inflation, what are we gonna do? He said, All you got to be as 10% more effective. And you make that happen. And that is so easy to do if you invest in yourself. But what’s happened is people we call it the game has changed because it is what was the game before you work really hard to go get good grades, you go to school, you got a big job, but a corporation, you stay there forever, you get a retirement package, you live your life, that was the game. Well, today, 73% of the people who go to college who spend godly knows how much money on that four, or five or six year university education and what level education they get 73% never use that degree in their actual work. It’s insane. And they’re in deep debt for it. And of the, you know, the people that do the 27% that actually are working in the same area they studied on 50% say they hate their job. So most people have really settled and Gen Z is really unique in that they are going to have at least three to four careers. That’s, that’s at least one more career in a lifetime than most people do. So they’re living in a dynamic environment. But here’s what’s cool. Today, people are bored with traditional education, someone is going to tell you what they think about things they want to learn for people that are actually doing it, you won’t be perfect. If you’re somebody who’s figured out, you know, have a divorce, and you’re both friends and conscious. We have people that have figured out how to teach that to people and change their lives, you figured out how to you know, get rid of eczema on your child, and you put that out for somebody and that person’s got a giant business. It’s like your problem really becomes your opportunity when you learn to educate people. But today, this knowledge industry, as I said, it’s a billion dollars a day. And it’s growing like this, because as you said, you don’t have the same blocks. But here’s the most important thing for people to understand why investing in yourself. I went to work for a man named Jim Rohn. When I was 17 years old, he was a personal development more of a business philosopher. And I remember at one point, you know, he taught me simple things like, you know, for things to change, you got to change, things get better, you got to get better, you know, putting the responsibility fundamental things. But one of the greatest gifts he gave me is I remember one time I was so frustrated about what how I grown up, and my father’s always struggling. I was like, why am my father’s always struggling? We had not enough money for food. And they were good men. And then I see this, you know, guy over here has got this hedge fund. And he’s making a billion dollars a year $2 billion a year or a school teacher who makes you know, in those days, it was like $40,000 a year. I said so unfair. I mean, why is that? Explain to me. And he was really kind, he sat me down and he said, Tony, here’s your money. Understand. We’re all equal as souls, but we’re not equal in the marketplace. So what does that mean? He said, Think of it this way. Is it possible to make twice as much money in the same amount of time do you think, are the people to do that twice as much as other people? So of course, five times as much, yes. 10 times as much 20 to 100 times as much? Yes. How do they do it? He said they become more valuable. He said, You need to work harder on yourself than you ever do on your job. Your goal is to figure out how to be more valuable. If you’re gonna go into a business, your goals do more for others than anybody else in your industry. And if you do that, year after year, you build a brand. When you build a brand, you have people coming to you instead of you going out to try to get them. And I’ve lived that and all my companies, 114 companies, that’s how we do 7 billion in business. Every one of our companies is obsessed with doing more for the customer than anybody else, including what Dean and I do together like late years more, and what that gives you is not satisfied customers satisfied customers go away when someone else has some other offer. It gives us raving fans satisfied customers go away raving fans day. And so we have that for decades. I got between a 70 years on both sides of the table. And we figured out how in the marketplace to do it. So I looked at my father’s and he said your father’s were good people. But look at this way said, if you work for McDonald’s, he said, you get minimum wage and people complain, he goes, but you’re not supposed to stay there. And today, you know, those jobs are going to be you know, you’ve seen what’s happened to fast food with inflation, somebody with a $4 burgers and $8 Burger Three years later, there’s no way they can pay the fees that they’re paying and maintain the level they need to, especially in California, where they’ve raised the rates. Sounds wonderful, but the business can’t succeed. So he said, That’s how it’s supposed to be Tony, you learn that skill right now you can learn how to be working at McDonald’s in a few hours. He said, so it’s not that valuable. The guy you’re complaining about your school teachers were great teachers, but we’re, they’re all great teachers. And he said, Well, they measurably great. I said, Well, no, I had two or three that were amazing. He goes well, they’re only working with 25 or 30 students, and most of them are not being held to a standard not want to put themself on the line. So if they produce a lousy result, they still get paid for the people to put themselves on the line. For those people that have had the most value. He’s the guy made a billion he made 40 billion for his clients. He said, so those are people’s retirements, that’s for their family schooling. That’s all those things. So if you become obsessed with not how do I get things, but how do I give? How do I give more than anybody else, anyone can grow in business. So you gotta invest in you. That’s the most important investment of all, if you make that investment, you’ll learn how to make all the other investments, which I also teach people to do as well. But this is where it has to start. And that’s what will give you the greatest advantage over anyone else. So

Kara Goldin 21:36
obviously, is amazing, everyone should sign into that. But you both are hosting this event on June 13, called the game has changed live event who should attend this event, who is the who is of the million people, what percent of people will benefit if they are x from this event.

Dean Graziosi 21:59
So I’ll tell you, it’s kind of three buckets only because we’ve been doing this for so long. And we have about four as Tony said, we had about 4 million people come join our events. So we have enough data to know exactly who that is. And it’s really three buckets. Number one is the investigator. And just the label I’ve been calling it and that’s someone who’s in an unfulfilling career. They know they did the work, maybe it’s it pays, okay, but they know they’re meant for more, they want to see something else. They don’t want some fad. That’s how to get rich overnight for doing nothing. They want to realistic way they want to be shown what to do. First, they want the confidence to off ramp, an unfulfilled career into something that could create purpose, impact and no glass ceiling. Right. So that’s the first bucket. The second bucket, I’m calling like the part timer, the entrepreneur who’s been dabbling a little and I don’t mean dabbling in a negative way. But it kind of in and out like I have this entrepreneurial spirit, I need to do my own thing. Maybe I tried a few times, but they were missing the right resources. You know, sometimes people have the education but not the tool. Sometimes they have the tool. They’re overwhelmed, they don’t know how to start. Sometimes they just need guidance. They need someone to go hey, stop, do this work first, hey, go over here. No, avoid that pitfall. Hey, you’re supposed to fail there, get up and come over here, right. And if one of those elements were missing, they might be going back and forth with I need to do my own thing. No, this job this unfulfilling. unfulfilled career pays the bills. So we call that kind of the part timer. And that person in me just needs the guidance, they need to have the conviction, they need to see clear, they have to have clarity, they need to know where to start. And once you put that person on on the road, it’s take off time. And then lastly, it’s the business owner. And these are about 33%. Each little little heavier on the first one, the new person which we love working with, but the business owner who’s looking for the competitive edge, the unfair advantage, they know they should be using AI, they know they should have an information product as a part of their bottom line, their p&l at the end of the year, they should be providing value on top of whatever product they had. So I don’t mean to make it like everybody in the world should come. But if you’re watching Kara, and you know that there’s another level for you, you know, you’re meant for more just not sure what in your business, in the part time entrepreneurship or the career is not working. That’s exactly what this is for. And it’s the reason Tony and I do three days, we literally could present in two hours and share an amazing thing and just be done. But over three days, we take people on a journey. It’s like hey, this is what you could offer. This is the delivery system you could use. This is how you can use AI to extract it compounded and prepare it. This is how you find your ideal client that already wants this is how you sell through service and impact not some salesy cheesy sales presentation. And then lastly, how to deliver it in a way that aligns with who you are. So that’s that’s what our three days are and that’s what that’s the group of people that that come to give you

Tony Robbins 24:52
a two on one word who needs to come anybody who’s hungry. Yeah, you know, when I say hungry, hungry to be more to do more to create more anyone who’s not willing to settle for less Less than they can be or do and has a sense of entrepreneurship. But you know, how do you do that you want to do it with people that have done it, who’s done it over and over again for decades, who are the best in the world at what they do it and some very humble, but in this industry, we are number one. And what we do, there’s nobody close. And reason is we have certain instincts, and certain experiences, and we can cut the time, it’s like, my whole thing has always been proximity as power early on in my career as like, I’m never gonna get to the next level, unless I work with people that are way beyond where I am. And I can get their insights. That’s how I can compress time. That’s how I compress decades into days is learning about other people’s experience. People hear of OPM other people’s money as a way to, you know, leverage things. But the more valuable thing is other people’s experience if they can articulate what it is. And today, things that took us literally years to do, you can do in a couple of days, because of AI and because of what we know is the shortcuts. And so we can help people. We were talking the other day, like can you imagine if we had started with these kinds of tools back then. I mean, it’s ridiculous, that the kinds of results that people are getting, starting from nothing in a matter of weeks and months, is it’s it’s not something that we would have even believed ourselves before. But the tools are there, we’re able to take our knowledge and delivered directly to you. But then people unknowingly have access. So during those three days, we don’t just teach them some principles, we take them, like Steve just said on a journey, where they’re going to begin the process on their own while they’re still with us. And again, there’s no charge for it. It’s not partially free. It’s totally free. And it’s a couple hours a day total immersion. But start at one o’clock Eastern, you know, give me a sense, and it’s you know, June 13 through the 15th. So people what’s the what’s the URL Dean for that one? If

Dean Graziosi 26:40
you go to Dean and Tony, forward slash Cara, perfect Dean and Tony, forward slash Kara, and I’m sure Carrie will put it in the show notes as well, so people can find it. Absolutely.

Kara Goldin 26:52
So personal development, as a topic seems to actually be something that in the past, I think people have been very skeptical, right, especially experienced people, oh, I don’t need to do personal development. I think more and more people are signing on to it and saying I do want to get better. I also think that the value of attending your event to is is really in that you get to hear other people, as you said, you know, think about it, and maybe you’re actually going to understand a little bit more about you and who you are that something that you hadn’t seen in the past. But what else would you add to that?

Tony Robbins 27:38
I think that personal and professional development go together, you’re never going to grow your business if you don’t personally grow the chokehold on the growth of any business and occur. I know you’ve seen this, you’ve built such sizable business for yourself. The chokehold on growth is always the leader. It’s their skills and their psychology. And it’s both, we teach both because you can have all the skills but if your belief is oh my god, what if I fail, or I’ve never done this before, I’m uncertain, which most people start there. If you don’t change those core beliefs, that mindset, it doesn’t matter what skill someone gives you. So you need both of those. So business demands that you grow personally, if you’re going to grow the business, I’m sure you’ve been to a business, I grew up in a town where there was this little burger place. And if I go back there, you know, 40 years later, they’re still aligned for the burger, place Joe’s burgers, but there’s a place called McDonald’s that’s on every street corner. And they don’t have the best burger. But they’re the biggest business because they turn it into a system. And so we teach people how to take something they have in their head and turn into a system that now adds value to other people’s lives. But to do it, you got to grow too, so you can’t separate them. If you don’t grow, the business won’t grow. And that’s the beauty of business. To me, I look at it as a spiritual game. What do you got to do? Every religion on earth teaches some version of Love thy neighbor like thyself, some version of it in their religion, right? And what is that? It’s like I gotta do for others. If I do more for others than anybody else, I prosper. That’s a spiritual game. So you grow, you grow mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, you learn to face your fears, you learn to overcome them. And most importantly, you also learn the skills but I found that 80% of success in business is psychology 20% of the mechanics, and I’m a strategist, meaning strategy is important. One strategy can save you a decade, I’ve learned things that have taken businesses I’ve purchased or just partnered in, and literally transformed the entire business in less than a month, because I knew the right strategy. But the strategy is worthless if you don’t have the right mindset, and most people don’t. That’s why most businesses fail. 50% of all businesses fail in the first year still, even when there’s so little to get started. Most businesses, you know, in five years 80% are gone in 10 years. 96% are gonna miss 4% Make it that doesn’t mean they’re profitable. Why? It’s not because they’re not good people. It’s that they haven’t mastered this and this. And so, a big part of what we do demonize we want to give you the tools those are priceless. But we got to shift so that you get yourself in that kind of Invincible unshakable state. That doesn’t mean you’re fearless. It just means you know how to get yourself to push through. Without that all the knowledge is basically worthless. I always tell people knowledge is not power, its potential power, execution, Trump’s knowledge every day of the week, and what we get really well with, and you see the results of all these different people from every walk of life was to get people results because we make this shift as well as the skill shift. Yeah,

Kara Goldin 30:26
and the excitement, I can’t wait, I’m definitely attending as well. So it’s, it’s super, super exciting. So what is success for you guys in this event, so when people are coming to the event, you’re going to have easily a million people signing into this, but the key takeaways that you hope participants are going to leave with,

Dean Graziosi 30:51
I think a couple of things. And I want to just anchor in what Tony said about us the great question about psychology, and personal development. And then we’ll get back to the key takeaway. If you think about in life, Tony is talking about modeling proven practices, like how do you get ahead if I’m, if you’ve tried before, if you’ve had a business that didn’t work, you’re one of the 94% or 97%, after after 10 years didn’t work? Think about not to oversimplify it. But sometimes people complicate it. If we pick an industry that’s growing, not dying. Number one, right? You’re not investing in taxi cabs. You’re going to Uber not to overstate a an obvious, right? If you pick the right industry, that means you’re in the right boat, then you got to make sure you’re rowing in the right direction. Right? Right. The second thing is rowing, the right direction is modeling proven practices, finding somebody as we’ve said, both Tony and I over and over, if you find somebody’s already done what you want to do, and you do what they’ve done, then you can compound on top of that, you can start off on third base. So if you know you gotta get in the right industry in the right area, then what’s left, what’s left is always the psychology. It’s always the mindset. It’s always the personal development. Because I know this, and I read it a decade ago, in Augmon. Dino’s book when he talked about the world’s greatest salesman, I think it was scroll number two, he shares a word that I believe guarantees, it’s the only word in the English language that can guarantee success. If you’re in the right boat, if you’re modeling proven practices, the only thing left is I will persist until I succeed. So the fact of the matter is, the only reason in so many cases people don’t start or don’t get off the launch pad is because they give up when they’re just close to shift. And what is that that’s their mindset. That is the shift. They didn’t find a big enough purpose. They didn’t find a big enough passion. They didn’t know how to shift old stories, they didn’t get new beliefs. They don’t believe they can. And then they find a reason to say why it doesn’t work. They wait three years, and then they try something new. And that’s the person who gets to be 90, it looks at himself and says, I’ve been a dabbler. No, you’re not it’s not a bad human being. It’s like in my 20s, I would think I’m a hustler. You give me the right product, it’s 90% the product, I’ll hustle, not, you know, 90% the product 10% My mindset, as Tony said, it’s 8020. To me, it’s 9010. At this phase of my life, if my mind’s not there, if the passion is not there, I don’t think I’m gonna persist. So I succeed, it’s not going to work. So I just wanted to anchor that in is get in the right boat, and just keep going. The last thing I loved Augmon Dino said Augmon. Dino said in the book. He said, for some reason people think the prize is at the beginning of the journey, it’s at the end. And we have to keep going around corners until our prize is on the other corner. But here’s the thing you don’t know if it’s three corners of 30. You just got to keep going because around one of those corners is your next level of life. And what do we hope people get out of this event, that fact of the matter is whether they’re investigating something new part time, or it wants to go full time or in business and want an unfair advantage. We want over three days for people go, damn, I need to do this, I don’t even want I have to do this. And they can see a path to purpose and profits and to another level. And they continue to work with Tony and I so we can provide the capabilities, the skills to make this real to model our proven practices and make this a business. And that’s why we’re blessed to say we’ve we’ve touched people in over 100 countries over 100,000 people working with us 4 million have come to our events and it’s been an amazing, it’s been an amazing journey.

Kara Goldin 34:09
It’s amazing. So AI and new technologies at it’s sort of the hot topic, I think many people that I’ve talked to are interested, they just don’t really know how to learn about it, what to do with it. Some people are thinking I’m just gonna let somebody else embrace those new tools. What would you say to that?

Tony Robbins 34:36
I would say you know, people are worried about being replaced by an AI you should not be worried about that. You should be worried about being replaced by a person who knows how to use AI. replace you. And so this is something you’ve got to jump on not seems complex, but it’s actually extraordinarily simple. It’s really the process of asking questions. And if you have the right questions, you get the right answers. So what we’ve done Have we taken all the knowledge that we’ve built, like showed you how to build the boat, we’ve already got a boat for you. We know we’re in an industry that it’s exploding. So you got the momentum of the river going with you, you don’t even have to pedal that hard. There’s so much momentum. But we then say, let’s put on the back of that thing, you know, a jet powered engine called AI, where you can literally, if you’re writing something you’re trying to do or come up with an idea for a course or an element. hardest part is getting something on the page, getting those initial things going, just like for any writer, communicator, or creating a course, while you’re talking AI and say, Well, this is my passion. I love this. I hate math, this is it. And it starts walking you through what to do and says, Well, here’s some examples. What do you think would be described what you think would be most important, and then it pops back and gives you examples. And when it goes to actually develop the course it shows you how to do it when it goes to marketing the course, all the best marketing. And Dean, by the way, you know, he is an artist in this areas, I consider myself strong in this area. Because early in my career, I realized, if I don’t become a marketer, my ideas are gonna die on my lips, I’m gonna, I’m an artist over here on the corner, I’ve got to be able to reach and change lives. So I got good at but Dean is truly extraordinary in this area. And so Dean’s history, my history and marketing in this industry is all built into that as it’s not like going to chat GPT and getting a bunch of things made up half the time. It’s the stuff that actually works, and it’ll spit out for you. Okay, here’s your emails, here’s what your brochure looks like. This is how your marketing plan will go. So to be able to take people from nothing to that, without AI is a big jump with AI and with our experience is extraordinary. And so you AI has got to be part of your life. It’s you can’t stick your head in the hole and make sure it’s not there. People, some people are afraid what it’s going to do, it’s going to take jobs, it’s going to take a lot of jobs. But most jobs are still going to exist. You need somebody who’s going to direct that AI. And all that is we’ve even created the prompts, which is the questions already for people. So they don’t even have to figure that out. And then it’s just like anything else you learn to play the piano. What do you do, you play other people’s music, they’ve been really developed in or they spent decades to figure it out. They were incredible artists, maybe they’re better than you in that area. But guess what, now they’ve laid the pathway. You don’t have to be a genius, you can literally model a copy what they do and play this magical music. But when you do that long enough, after a while, you start creating completely your own music, because you build on what you learned from others. And Dean and I both have done that we’re standing on the shoulders of all the people before us that we’ve learned from. And so now we’re trying to provide some nice broad shoulders for the next generation to really go forward and get results like never before, but also do it. Not just any business, it’s not widgets, it’s things that matter. It’s like most people focus on things that don’t really matter. That’s why they’re so unfulfilled. But to be able to take some problems, some challenge you’ve had some learning you’ve had, and you might even think you have it, but that’s what we do to help you figure out what it is, or take someone else’s work. You know, like in the beginning, when I was entering the financial markets, it’s like, people wouldn’t know that how much I know in that area. Coach Paul Tudor Jones were the top 10 Financial guys in history for 24 years. But the way I did it, I went interviewed, I said, I’m gonna get me I interviewed 50 of the greatest investors in history that are alive today. All Self Made Millionaires, nobody from the lucky sperm club. They all did it from scratch. And guess what, there were patterns there. And I extracted those patterns. And I taught those. Now my experience base is based on Ray Dalio and Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett. And so when I get up to speak and bring this information, I didn’t have it. I’m more like a reporter, I went and got it. So you can either take your problem, or you can take something else and bring it to the table. But AI accelerates this 100 times easier than what Dean and I had to do. So we drove uphill both ways through the snow walking for miles to go to school. We sound old in that area. But in our lifetime, I mean, I remember how much it cost to be able to rent that hotel room, which you don’t do now you can do those things on Zoom. You know, I remember the incredible expense that I had to kind of grunt all those 10s of 1000s of dollars on brochures, mailing cost, tons of 10s of 1000s, or hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Now, social media, AI, emails, zoom, I mean, it’s a different universe. So anybody would ever want to do it, the biggest mistake you make is not investigate. So that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re gonna give you three days where you can investigate a couple hours a day, not just investigate, but actually experience it. Even user AI, we got an opportunity for people do it while they’re with us for those three days. So they can really start to build the business from scratch. But I can’t emphasize enough. This is a once in a lifetime shift. And if you don’t take advantage of it, you will be left behind. And you don’t have to be a genius. That’s the best part. If you can communicate as a human and ask questions. That’s the power of what AI can give you. If it’s structured now. It’s going to chat GBT. Good luck, you know, Gemini, you can ask questions, and 1/3 of the responses are made up. So you think it’s for real? Do you think it’s effective? And it’s really not. That’s why we’ve corralled our AI and put our data straight into it. So you gotta get answers that are real predictable and actually produce results.

Kara Goldin 40:04
This is such a massive opportunity. So we’ll have all the info in the show notes. The game has changed live event starts on June 13. Goes 1314 15. Tony, you said one o’clock Eastern 10. Pacific, and it’ll be on Zoom and also YouTube and super easy to connect, you owe it to yourself to sign into this again, because I think it’s it’s really a gift of helping you to think about what can you do and lots of learnings, as you mentioned, as well. So I’m super, super excited for it. But thank you so much to you both for coming on and inspiring us. And I can’t wait for this. Girl.

Tony Robbins 40:50
Thank you for having us. And thank you for what you’ve done. You’re such an example yourself for the companies you’ve built. And I’m looking forward to interviewing you. I just told you off the air, I want to make sure to view you you’re you’re given so much to your audience. You’re bringing them so many people but you’ve lived it yourself. And it’s one thing to talk about something it’s nothing to live it. I know you’ve lived it. So thank you so much for having us on.

Kara Goldin 41:08
Thank you so much.

Dean Graziosi 41:09
Same words, Kara. Thank you for the amazing interview here. Thanks

Kara Goldin 41:13
so much, Dean.

Tony Robbins 41:14
Talk to you soon.

Kara Goldin 41:16
Thanks again for listening to the Kara Goldin show. If you would, please give us a review and feel free to share this podcast with others who would benefit and of course, feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode of our podcast. Just a reminder that I can be found on all platforms at Kara Goldin. I would love to hear from you too, so feel free to DM me. And if you want to hear more about my journey, I hope you will have a listen or pick up a copy of my Wall Street Journal, best selling book undaunted, where I share more about my journey including founding and building hint. We are here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thanks for listening and goodbye for now.