Sheri Salata – Former Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and Author of The Beautiful No

Episode 55

My guest, Sheri Salata, worked with The Oprah Winfrey Show for 20 years. Prior to working at Oprah, Sheri had several jobs including working as a store manager at 7-eleven. When she was 35 years old, she took an entry-level position with The Oprah Winfrey, and eventually became the Executive Producer. She writes about her story in her new book *The Beautiful No*, which I highly recommend to everyone. Sheri has been named one of *Fast Company’s* "100 Most Creative People in Business", *The Hollywood Reporter’s* "Women in Entertainment Power 100" and *Feminist Press* "Power Award Winners". She is also the cohost of the podcast The Sheri + Nancy Show, and the co-founder of The Pillar of Life. On this show, Sheri and I talk about how she ended up working for Oprah, her perspective on busyness, the importance of honoring yourself and living your fullest life, and much more.

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