Ainsley Rodriguez – Becoming an Online Trainer, Fitness Influencer, and Entrepreneur with 2 Million Instagram Followers

Episode 46

Ainsley Rodriguez was planning to go to medical school when she started an Instagram account that was required for her part-time job for a supplement company. Seven years later, she has 2 million followers, writes fitness programs and trains clients online, and has recently started her own product lines (and more are coming soon!). Needless to say, her Instagram account has become her ticket to entrepreneurship. On today's show, Ainsley talks about how she has built her Instagram following and the lessons that she has learned along the way. She also talks about her new product lines which includes nut butter frostings and collagen-based protein cookies (with more hair and skincare products coming out soon).

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Kara Goldin: Hi everybody. It’s Kara Goldin from Unstoppable. I’m here with Ainsley Rodriguez.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Hi.

Kara Goldin: Welcome. So excited to have you here.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Thanks for having me.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, so Ainsley has the most insane Instagram. We’ll talk about that in a few minutes and how you’ve built it, and maybe help some other people think about how do they build it out. When I say insane, she has almost 2 million Instagram followers, which is just amazing. Amazing, amazing.

But just a little bit of background. She’s a fitness model and personal trainer…

Ainsley Rodriguez: Out of Miami.

Kara Goldin: Out of Miami.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’m living in Miami now, but technically my business is online-based. So it’s people all over the world are my clients.

Kara Goldin: That’s so great. And so, you’re personal training and online.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah.

Kara Goldin: I want to talk about that a little bit as well. That’s amazing how you’ve been able to build that business. So basically on this Instagram account, she shares a lot of workout videos and diet tips and recipes, as well as client transformation photos, which I just could not believe the changes in some of the photos that I saw in there.

So you pursued a medical degree prior to going this route?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah. What a change, right?

Kara Goldin: Huge. And eventually took a job at a supplement company, and then just decided that she was going to start to build this out. So you grew up in Miami, is that what brought you back there?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Born and raised in Miami.

Kara Goldin: I love Miami.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I just haven’t had a reason to leave. Yeah, the weather. I don’t do well with the cold, so.

Kara Goldin: That’s awesome. So take us back to when you actually started this idea or what gave you the idea to actually, or really the courage, to go and start really the company?

Ainsley Rodriguez: So ironically enough, I actually never had social media before. It wasn’t really about it. I was going to school, Again, I was at FIU, I was studying for the MCATs at the time, substitute teaching part time. And I started working for a supplement company as a side gig. As a substitute teacher you don’t really make too much. So I was like, “Let me pick up some extra cash.”

So I met someone at the gym one day. I always went to the gym because I loved it, nothing more. And he was like, “Hey, we have a spot as a demo girl. Pretty much set up shop at a supplement store on the weekend, couple of hours here and there.” So I was like, “Okay.” And then the supplement company is the one that required me to have an Instagram.

So that was actually the only reason I even started an Instagram was because it was a requirement for them. And then, at the time I feel like Instagram was very different than what it is now. Nobody was really posting selfies.

Kara Goldin: What year was this?

Ainsley Rodriguez: This was probably about seven or eight years ago now.

Kara Goldin: Wow.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah. And again-

Kara Goldin: A very different company, right?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, and very different Instagram.

Kara Goldin: Yeah. Very different.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I mean, what it’s turned into is absolutely crazy because if you had told me that I could be making a living off of Instagram or online, at the least I would have told you you were crazy. So the way that this spirals out was actually a blessing in disguise because I was dreading the MCAT and going to med school.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: So I started posting content that was pretty much organic to me. I loved the gym. So a lot of it was a screenshot of notepad and a workout I was doing, or healthy recipes because that’s what I loved. It wasn’t even photos of myself at the time. And then, it started to grow organically. So little did I know, but what I was putting out there was actually content that was valuable for other people. And I was doing it, again, very organically. And that’s where it started to grow.

Kara Goldin: And you were storytelling and doing what was natural to you and authentic.

Ainsley Rodriguez: It was my day-to-day, whatever I did and what I did to stay in shape or what I believed in, what I thought and it carried on from there.

Kara Goldin: So you were just living your life and people were responding back to you and where was the spark that allowed you to say, “Okay, I think I’ve got a business here.”

Ainsley Rodriguez: Supply and demand, right? So there was a bunch of people that after posting so many healthy recipes were like, “Do you have an ebook or some kind of healthy recipe book? ” And I was like, “What the heck is an ebook?” So I did what anyone would do. I jump on Google, I Google ebook and, lo and behold, to me it looked like a PDF. So that’s what I did. I took 15 recipes, popped them in the PDF and manually PayPal-invoiced people for $10.

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah.

Kara Goldin: Wow.

Ainsley Rodriguez: And then, after that, the whole training thing, again, I had never been a personal trainer. I had trained myself because I wanted to and because I enjoyed it and people started asking me, “Do you do diet and training programs for people?” Lo and behold, Google comes into play again. We figure out what certifications I needed, I went ahead got everything I needed from nutrition and training, and then started being able to write programs for people online.

Kara Goldin: So that was really the start of the business.

Ainsley Rodriguez: That was really the start of it. Yeah.

Kara Goldin: And how many years ago was that?

Ainsley Rodriguez: About seven or eight now.

Kara Goldin: And so, building your brand on Instagram, what do you think, above and beyond the… That was the start of it, the recipes and really. I mean, do you think diet was really the number one?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah. I feel like diet is what people struggle with the most. I think most people, finding sometimes you got to sweat, and they always say you can’t outwork a bad diet. It’s very true. It’s much easier to intake a thousand calories than it is to go and burn them off. And that’s where people have the most difficult time is if you think about a slice of cake, maybe 800 calories, how many hours are you going to need to spend in the gym just to burn off that one slice of cake?

So that’s the reason that diet, a lot of times, outweighs even the training portion of things although both are important.

Kara Goldin: What do you think is the number one thing that people, in terms of diet?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Nowadays through all of my ups and downs, I was the opposite of most people. So instead of being overweight, I was severely underweight where I was on every fad diet possible. I was restricting my calories. Ever since I was probably 13, I started writing down the calorie count of every single food I would eat in a notebook, and then I would go to the gym and I would make sure I would burn off every calorie.

I looked extremely sick. In my head, I was eating, but little did I know that’s what I was burning off. So I slowly developed eating disorders and that was years of ups and downs to overcome. That was a really tough struggle.

Kara Goldin: Scary.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah. And I feel like so many people, even men, we feel like it’s more prevalent in females, but men go through it too. Bulimia, anorexia, being afraid of food. So I think that a lot of times overstressing those things, it’s what gets people in that downward spiral. And it’s almost like, realistically, no matter how you look on the outside, I feel like you’re never really going to be satisfied. You’re always going to be chasing something more. So until you feel good about yourself on the inside, it’s not really going to translate to the outside anyways.

Kara Goldin: That’s a really, really good point. So, in terms of diet, what do you tell people just at the get-go?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’m a huge advocate of making healthy choices most of the time. I’m also a huge advocate of people finding the healthy foods that they enjoy and sticking to those. If you hate chicken and broccoli, I’m not going to tell you to eat chicken and broccoli because you’re not going to do it. Or you’re going to do it, you’re going to feel miserable doing it, and then you’re going to toss up your hands, throw in the towel and you’re done.

So it’s find out how you can maybe season your food better, or what little tricks can you do? Or hey, if you love pizza, okay, can we work on portion control? Allow yourself to have it, but maybe have a slice or two and not a whole pie.

Because I felt like even through my personal struggles, that was a huge downward spiral as well, was so much restriction led to this binge cycle where I couldn’t have a slice of cake. If I had an even a bite, it would turn into an entire thing. And that’s when bulimia comes into play.

So it was definitely this whole stressing about the food. And trying all these bad diets and that deprivation, just really leading to that cycle.

Kara Goldin: Makes such a big difference. That’s awesome that you’ve figured that out. So-

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, I took a long time. It was definitely a roller coaster. It wasn’t a an upward hill.

Kara Goldin: So building the brand, how do people… You’re living the dream, right? You’ve built this brand on Instagram.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Some people say that a lot of the time.

Kara Goldin: And you’re living off of that. What do you think people need to do, or what are people doing wrong, I guess, who aren’t building it as fast as they want or overall aren’t getting their name out there. What do you think is the key?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I think one definite key is consistency. So too many people start and they’re like, “I’m not going anywhere.” And they just give up and it’s like, you really do have to be consistent and that’s consistency with posting. And people are like, “How am I going to post every day?” Or, “How am I going to post twice a week?”, or whatever. And it really is.

And then, the other thing is just remaining authentic and being vulnerable. And I think now at least I’ve started to see Instagram and social media allow that a bit more. But I think that before, especially me, when I first started, I’m sure all of us go through it, there’s this stigma where you need to be perfect and if it’s not the perfect photo, you don’t want to post it.

If it’s not the perfect this, if it’s not the perfect that, or you’re scared to let people know that you don’t have it all figured out, or that you don’t know. So I think now opening up about those things definitely is a sigh of relief. And I feel like it’s beautiful as well because at the end of the day, people are able to better connect to you and relate to you. And it just gives them a little bit more warmth towards you and give yourself a little bit more credibility when they can relate back to you.

Kara Goldin: I think that’s super true. I feel like Instagram definitely is. I see more and more people are going towards being much more authentic, and much less perfect, and particularly since they launched stories, I think that stories really gives people an opportunity to just say, “Hey, here’s what’s going on. Here’s my real me.” And there’s other social platforms. I mean, we talked briefly about TikTok. I think TikTok is such a great example where people are like, “Whatever, just show up and just turn it on.”

Ainsley Rodriguez: And have some fun. Yeah.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, and have some fun and definitely for… I have a few teenagers in my house and they’re definitely, one in particular, he definitely choreographs, he’ll kill me for saying this, but a lot of what he’s doing on TikTok, but it looks like it’s very-

Ainsley Rodriguez: For sure. Has he asked you to do one with him yet?

Kara Goldin: … casual. Well, I jumped into a TikTok, I guess about a month ago and I’m due to jump into another one. And he thought it was really great. So at first he didn’t, and then he saw that it got some traction, and then he was like, “Ah, you have to come back and make-”

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’ve seen quite a few parents on there. Yeah. They’re doing it.

Kara Goldin: Yeah so… But I’m not doing the dance and his thing. I jumped into it and people thought it was really funny. So it’s awesome. So what is next for you?

Ainsley Rodriguez: So this year I just started my own product line. So we started with Nut Butter Frostings. Those did extremely well. We sold out within three days.

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing. All online?

Ainsley Rodriguez: All online.

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing. I have to try these.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I have to get you some.

Kara Goldin: And so, what are the ingredients?

Ainsley Rodriguez: So we have four different flavors and we have a fifth one that’s a promotional item. Two of them are vegan-friendly. The other two are not, just because one of them does have some white chocolate chips in there for a little bit of extra flavor. But essentially, they’re made either of cashews, hazelnuts or almonds, palm oil, and then some stevia for sweeteners and a little bit of [inaudible 00:11:27].

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing. And so, they’re like frosting for?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, it’s a flavored nut butter. So everyone’s like, “What do you do with them?”

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’m like, “Well, they taste good on everything.”, to be honest with you. I love them on rice cakes. The cinnamon is awesome when you warm up an apple, you just drizzle that on top.

Kara Goldin: That sounds good.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Its amazing inside of your shakes. So you can literally put it anywhere. A lot of people just spoon it out of the jar and eat it.

Kara Goldin: That sounds really yummy.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I think we’re all guilty of that one too. Yeah.

Kara Goldin: So this is your first. How many flavors do you have?

Ainsley Rodriguez: We have four right now, four base flavors, and we have five because the fifth one is going to be changing. So right now our fifth one was pumpkin, and then that one’s going to be swapping out. So always have the base four.

Kara Goldin: And it’s only online?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Only online at the moment.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Only online.

Kara Goldin: That’s good. And do they come in a powder version or is it?

Ainsley Rodriguez: No, right now we’re just doing the actual nut butters, and then we are going to go into skincare and haircare come this summer, so that will be exciting. And then we’re actually launching cookies.

Kara Goldin: Oh, wow.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Collagen-based protein cookies. Yep.

Kara Goldin: Wow.

Ainsley Rodriguez: In the beginning of March, so we’re almost there, in about three weeks.

Kara Goldin: That’s amazing. And you’re doing it all out of Florida?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yes.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, everything. Wow. How many people in your company now?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Right now, it’s eight of us.

Kara Goldin: Oh wow. That’s amazing. Do you think you’ll ever go into stores or?

Ainsley Rodriguez: We have talked about it, so I guess the beautiful thing about social media as well is that even the second that we launched, I feel like sometimes people have to wait to get approached from stores and stuff like that, or have some kind of traction in order to get in there. But the beautiful thing is that I have a ton of people that follow me that own these little boutique supplement stores that wanted to get that in there.

So I was talking to one of my partners and I’m like, “Hey, we need to get wholesale pricing now.” Again, this was my first stab at product. So everything is very new. It’s really exciting because I’ve been doing the same thing for eight years. I’m like, “Let’s go.” So yeah.

Kara Goldin: That’s awesome. Well, if you can build it online, you’re building your brand that way.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’m not opposed to the stores. What do you think? Coming from someone who?

Kara Goldin: So we started out in stores, and now 40% of our business is direct to consumer. And so, but stores are still really important for us. And so, they’re 60% of our overall revenue. I think today that the consumer really decides where they’re going to buy your product. And so, I feel like if you’re not online and in stores that you’re missing an audience that is not going to buy from you online.

And I think that the Instagram, Instagram will kill me for saying this, but I think that the Instagram audience is not a hundred percent tuned in to actually buying online. And I don’t think the TikTok audience yet is buying online either.

Ainsley Rodriguez: No, I don’t think so. I think it’s also a younger audience too.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I think you have to know your demo, right?

Kara Goldin: And so, they might be coming up, but they’re just not really there yet. So you have a lot of people who might be really interested in your products that are not on Instagram, not on TikTok and maybe they go into Target and they’ll start to see your brand. Maybe they’ll hear somebody that had talked about you, or whatever, and they just can’t really figure out how to work Instagram, or whatever.

So I don’t think you have to run to go and open in stores, but I think that it’s also just figuring out, if your goal is really to help lots of people, then I think you need to be in stores, and I think even beyond supplement stores, because I think there’s a lot of people that don’t go into supplement stores. Right? Because they’re afraid to get healthy because they think they’ve failed so many times before.

Ainsley Rodriguez: You feel like there’s an intimidation factor, where they’re just like-

Kara Goldin: Yeah. And I think like they think it’s too hard, and so they’ve given up, and so they’re not going to… I think it’s the same thing. When Hint came out 14 years ago now, my goal was to help people enjoy water. And so, we figured out when we, it’s just the skins and oils of the fruit that is in every bottle, whether it’s pineapple, or cherry, or whatever. And so, we actually sent it to a lab to actually calculate the number of calories.

And the lab was like, “Oh, it’s amazing because it’s zero calories.” And I was like, “But that’s normal. I mean ,it’s water. Why wouldn’t it be zero calories?” And they were like, “Oh, everybody’s like…” At that time there was no zero calorie drinks. They were all 10 calories.

Ainsley Rodriguez: 10 calories, right.

Kara Goldin: And so, it was really, they were like, “Wow, you’ve actually created this amazing product that doesn’t have any calories in it, and that will be huge.” And I never really wanted to emphasize that because I just didn’t think that calories was really… People who had been afraid of calories, right, for so long, I wanted them to enjoy my drink.

And so, for probably the first two years I would hear from people, they’d write me and they still write me, but they’re like, “Gosh, what do you put in this drink because I’m losing weight? I know that I can do it.”

Ainsley Rodriguez: That’s amazing.

Kara Goldin: Yeah. I’m always the person in the company then, and still to this day, that’s like, “Don’t emphasize that it’s good for you, or it’s diet.”, or it’s those words I think are, that’s really for niche audiences that obviously those are big businesses in supplements and et cetera, but I really wanted to create a mainstream product.

And so, I think if you’re really trying to create, if you really believe that your product can actually help everybody and not just people that are focused on looking good and feeling good-

Ainsley Rodriguez: Weight loss, right.

Kara Goldin: … I think that you need to get out.

Ainsley Rodriguez: It’s a much bigger niche, right?

Kara Goldin: Yeah, it’s much bigger. And I think Amazon, a lot of people… We sell a lot on our site at, but then we also sell through Amazon and that’s where we started. I think Amazon, I mean definitely, has its challenges where they own the email addresses, you don’t own the email addresses. But having said that they have a huge audience-

Ainsley Rodriguez: I use it all the time.

Kara Goldin: Yeah. And their mass appeal. They’re is much appeal to the average consumer as a Costco, or a Target, or Walmart. The Walmart shopper is going on Amazon and buying stuff to have shipped to their home. So I’m a huge believer, even if you have your own site, that Amazon is also a place where, if you want to broaden your audience, I think that they’re on Amazon before they’re going on Instagram. At least to shop.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I know I am.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Especially drinks. So coming from a fitness person this is going to sound so lazy but drinks are the one thing I love to order on Amazon because I just don’t want to put it in the cart or the basket. I’m like, “If it’s not in a basket, it’s not coming home with me.”

Kara Goldin: Yeah. And you don’t have to [crosstalk 00:18:40] it and carry it home-

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, I’d rather just have it on my doorstop, and then put them in my fridge.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, no definitely. And I think even at times it’s challenging, I think, for a brand, but their recommendation services too, if you can figure out who is your customer? Try to figure out how to get your product to come up alongside some of those products too. I think that that’s such a huge benefit in going through some of the search services as well.

But anyway, so going back to… So tomorrow, give us a sneak peek of what are some of the things? For people who can’t be here tomorrow. What do you think are the key things that Brian is having you, Brian Mazza, who’s running this conference is having you chat about?

Ainsley Rodriguez: So tomorrow we’re going to talk a little bit about social media and how to build your audience, how to monetize it. I think definitely a key point, especially, I would say both for males and females, maybe more so females, that I definitely went through in the beginning of Instagram too, was chasing likes and followers versus, what kind of person is actually buying from you?

Let’s talk about even bikini, bikini photos. We all do them, right? But there’s a big difference between a male clicking on that because he thinks you’re sexy or hot, versus someone who’s actually coming to you because you’re credible and they want to buy your product. They want to sign up with you, or because you have some knowledge behind that.

So I think that a lot of people got addicted to that part of things versus, again, just you being authentic to yourself and those things are cool every once in a while, let people know you worked hard and I’m all about self-confidence, so I love it. But I think it’s also the message that you put behind it that makes a little bit of a difference.

Kara Goldin: I think that’s yeah, that’s huge. So when you look at the eCommerce side of it, has it been tougher you for you on Instagram to look at those audiences and try and figure out exactly how to build that audience? Or what do you think are the biggest challenges there?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I would say in the beginning it was because Instagram was mainly just photos when it first started. So it was never video. You could never really even bring your personality out, let alone knowledge. It just wasn’t being run that way. It was just photos with not much else. So I do think that it posed a challenge at first, just in terms of males and stuff like that.

But as I’ve progressed, I think just me, again, opening up about things, about eating disorders, about things that I’ve been through. I actually, just last week, I had capsular contraction in one of my implants and I had to go under the knife again for the fifth time to get them redone.

Kara Goldin: Wow. Just last week?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, just last week.

Kara Goldin: Oh my God.

Ainsley Rodriguez: So the influx of just females and for me, again, I’m just sharing my life and I’m like, “Hey guys, this totally sucks. I can’t be in the gym for six weeks, but I’ll show you what I’m doing diet-wise to keep it up and if I can walk, I can walk.”

And the influx of just females being like, “Oh my God, I went through that.” Or, “Hey, what do you think about this? Or what do you think about that?” It was just like, whoa. It wasn’t really expecting that. It was just like, “Sorry, I can’t post any workouts for the next six weeks.”

So it was actually really nice and it was really comforting as well because knowing that I could help them versus I wish I knew certain things before I had to go through this five times.

Kara Goldin: Well and you’re building this community of honesty.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Exactly.

Kara Goldin: Right? Which I think is super, super huge. What do you think is the key thing in getting them to share? Do you ask people to share or?

Ainsley Rodriguez: In terms of something like last week, I think they do it voluntarily where they feel, again, like they can relate back to it or they have a story or they’re like, “Hey I think I’m going through this too.”, or “I went through that.” And it does definitely create, again, that confidence.

I try my best to respond to everyone. That’s something I’m really, really big on. If someone takes the time out of their day to write to me, I want to make sure that I try to give them that attention back as well. And I also think that’s how you keep the people who have been loyal to you, loyal and believing in anything that you say.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, I think it’s huge. So, and are you asking people to actually join email lists and?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Well, I don’t like to really force things on people. I provide people with information based on, again, what I do and what I think. I do share my client transformations and anytime anyone had the inquiries, I always either direct them into my DM, tell them to send me an email, whatever it is, and I just get back to them and let them know, “Here. Here’s what I can do.” Whatever questions they have, I’m happy to answer. But usually I like to let them be the ones who take it upon themselves to take the next step.

Kara Goldin: That’s awesome. Is your most of your audience male or female?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Female, believe it or not.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, that’s-

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, it definitely went through a shift. There was a point where my page was just stagnant and what was happening was I was actually losing the males and gaining the females, which I loved.

Kara Goldin: Yeah.

Ainsley Rodriguez: So-

Kara Goldin: That’s super great. And demographic wise, are people all over?

Ainsley Rodriguez: They are all over, US is still my top. Mexico is actually my second. So I do speak Spanish as well. And then, my top cities are actually New York, California, and Texas.

Kara Goldin: That’s awesome. And do you speak Spanish on Instagram or?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I don’t. I have before and I try to translate my captions as much as I can. But doing everything twice is just-

Kara Goldin: It’s a lot.

Ainsley Rodriguez: It’s so much. And then I dabbled before on Spanish a little bit, but I felt like the people that were new and were following me in English, were like, “Wait, does she speak Spanish?” It was a little confusing. So every once in a while you’ll hear a Spanglish come out.

Kara Goldin: Do you see any people that are doing translation? Doing both?

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah, a lot of people do both. They do.

Kara Goldin: That’s interesting. It’s interesting because I think that the Mexican audience overall, I think, particularly in Mexico and Latin America, seems to be growing a lot. I was just in Instagram.

Ainsley Rodriguez: They’re huge. They’re the number one consumer.

Kara Goldin: Yeah, I know. It’s huge. So that’s really interesting.

Ainsley Rodriguez: The great thing about Latin Americans too is they’re very loyal to other Latin Americans as well. So I feel like most people do speak a little bit of English, even if they’re… I’ve been to Mexico countless times, a lot of people do understand it at least, enough to defend themselves.

Kara Goldin: So you’ve been growing this community, you’ve got products coming out, so much going on. That’s amazing. So I always ask people, well, first of all, what’s your favorite Hint flavor?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I want to say pineapple.

Kara Goldin: Yeah?

Ainsley Rodriguez: It’s also that I’ve been downing so much pineapple.

Kara Goldin: I love the pineapple too. I’m drinking the pineapple right now as well. What makes you unstoppable?

Ainsley Rodriguez: I think it’s my drive to never be complacent and keep on going.

Kara Goldin: I love it.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Yeah.

Kara Goldin: I love it. That’s great.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I think every new and exciting opportunity is just something I want to say yes to. And again, just keep on helping others along the way. And I’ve been through so much, why not let them learn from the mistakes I’ve been through?

Kara Goldin: That’s awesome. Well, I think you share that with people as well, which helps build confidence just by your own storytelling of being authentic. And I think that that’s super, super key. So where can people find you to support and how can we support you?

Ainsley Rodriguez: So my Instagram handle is @ainsley, A-I-N-S-L-E-Y, and I have Facebook and Twitter as well. And then, my website is

Kara Goldin: Awesome. That’s great. Well, thanks so much, Ainsley.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Thank you.

Kara Goldin: Excited to hear you talk tomorrow too. I know it’ll be a great.

Ainsley Rodriguez: I’m delighted by it.

Kara Goldin: Yeah. So thanks so much.

Ainsley Rodriguez: Thank you.