Wende Zomnir – Founder of Caliray

Wende Zomnir is a legend in the makeup world. Having cofounded one of the top beauty brands and now ready to try again. Most recently, Wende founded the sustainable, clean beauty brand, Caliray, and before that, the wildly successful, Urban Decay. She shares how resourcefulness and authenticity are the keys behind every successful entrepreneur. Listen too how she feels about tying the founding story to your brand. Listen to this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow

Michael Mogill – Founder & CEO of Crisp

Michael Mogill, the founder and CEO of Crisp, shares how he’s changing the game in the world of law firm marketing. His strategy of focusing on helping law firms utilize the power of storytelling has made him world renowned. In this episode he shares the power of creativity and perseverance and info that we can all learn from – even if you aren’t an attorney including. Don’t miss this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow

Ariel Garten – Co-Founder & Chief Evangelism Officer of Muse

Brilliant things happen in calm minds! Ariel Garten, co-founder and Chief Evangelism Officer of Muse, created a high-tech headband that tracks your brain activity during meditation. Ariel came up with the idea for the Muse headband when she saw the lack of brain-sensing technology available to the public. She talks about how she connected her talents in fashion, psychotherapy, and brain science to create this amazing product. Master the art of meditation with this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow

Interview Replay: Kara on Founder’s Journal with Alex Lieberman

Always be asking, “What else can we do?”  On today’s show, Kara joins Alex Lieberman on Founder’s Journal to share why this is critical for every founder.  

She shares how important asking this question is as well as other key drivers that helped her open doors for success.  What else can we learn?  Listen now. 

Steven Hoffman – Founder & CEO of Founders Space

With enough determination, you can achieve anything! Steven Hoffman shows us this today. Steven is the founder and CEO of Founders Space, one of the leading startup accelerators in the world. He talks about how his passions for filmmaking and gaming started him on his entrepreneurial journey. We’ll also hear about Steven’s amazing new book Surviving a Startup, and his advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Level up your business with this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow

Interview Replay: Kara on Follow Your Different with Christopher Lochhead

Tune in this week to hear Kara on the Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different Podcast!

In this episode, we do have a world changer. She’s both an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. She’s the category queen of a new category of flavored healthy water. Her name is Kara Goldin and she’s the founder of a product you probably have tried and most likely love called Hint water. Fortune named Kara one of the most powerful women entrepreneurs and Forbes says she’s one of the 40 Women To Watch Over 40. Today, she reveals how Hint Water could have just been another idea that never went anywhere if she had let her own doubts or the doubts of others be the end of the story. Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters Kara has recently launched a new book called Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters. It is currently number one on the Amazon charts. IN fact, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook says it’s a great read for entrepreneurs looking for proof that her dream can come true. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re going to love this conversation with Kara and the story behind her book.

Farah Nanji – Founder & CEO of Regents Racing

How can our passions become our purpose? Our guest today teaches us how. Farah Nanji is the founder and CEO of Regents Racing, a company exploring how the psychology of motorsport can impact leadership. Farah shares how she pivoted from her Formula 1 car racing dreams into entrepreneurship and deejaying. She shows us how she found her company through recognizing her passions. And helps us think about how we can all do the same! Listen to this terrific episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow now!

Marshall Mosher – Founder & CEO of Vestigo

How can adventure be more accessible? Our next guest is Marshall Mosher, founder and CEO of Vestigo, a company using VR adventure courses to promote healthier lifestyles and build stronger teams. Marshall shares how combining his interest in outdoor sports with virtual reality created a business that helps companies train the best teams. Listen to this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow now!

Suzy Batiz – Founder, CEO & CCO of Poo-Pourri

What does starting from scratch really look like? After losing it all for the second time, Suzy Baitz decided to risk everything on her odor-masking company Poo Pourri. Suzy talks about her journey from bankruptcy to booming business. Her story is a testament to beginning small, dreaming big, and ending bigger. Out with the old in with the new on this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow

Heather Monahan – Founder & CEO of Boss in Heels and Author of Overcome Your Villains

Heather Monahan is undaunted! Today, she shares how getting fired actually helped her to be more vulnerable and gain self-confidence. Just the inspiring message others need to hear for sure. Her story of grit and perseverance is incredible and is certain to make a connection with anyone looking to gain a little more confidence too. And her new book, Overcome Your Villains, is incredible and will surely be a bestseller! Time for a confidence boost with this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow