Harrison Fugman: Co-Founder & CEO of The Naked Market

Making the switch from Wall Street to starting and running not one but two brands is not common. But for Harrison Fugman, Co-Founder and CEO of The Naked Market, launching and building brands is where it is at. The Naked Market currently has two brands under its roof – Rob’s Backstage Popcorn and Flock Chicken Skins. Harrison has been able to see what growing a brand from its infancy and with different business models is really like. What it takes to “start”, what did he learn that he didn’t expect and the value of celebrity partnerships are all just a few of the topics that we discuss. I love Harrison’s journey and appreciate how he authentically shares about his experiences. This episode is for anyone thinking about switching industries and becoming an entrepreneur, but also who wants to learn what’s working for him and what bumps and discoveries he’s encountered along the way. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Jessica Ewing: Founder & CEO of Literati

Listen as Jessica Ewing, Founder and CEO of Literati, shares how being an unapologetic lover of literature can be the inspiration behind starting a company to make a difference in the world. Her company Literati aims to elevate literacy outcomes by connecting readers with books they love. And of course there is some technology involved behind the scenes. Her initial focus for the product is kids, but she shares how expanding to other demographics could be in the mix soon. Want to know about fundraising? How she did it? How starting her career in product management at Google, and co-owning five different patents in consumer technology design, were just some of the cool things that she did along the way and what she learned from her achievements too. Let’s just say that Jessica is not an underachiever! Thrilled for you to hear all about Jessica’s lessons, Literati and more. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode from an amazing entrepreneur. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Julie Clark: Founder of Province Apothecary

Julie Clark the Founder of Province Apothecary, struggled with severe allergies and eczema all her life. Finally, she took matters into her own hands, and from her kitchen, began formulating natural, organic skincare products. Province Apothecary was the result and is one of Canada’s most well known clean beauty brands. Amazing what can happen when you focus on creating a solution to a problem! Hear more about her incredible journey and company that she has built, how it has evolved and her hopes for the clean beauty industry. You won’t want to miss hearing about this incredible brand story from an amazing entrepreneur. Don’t miss this episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Interview Replay: Kara on The Sales Development Podcast

We have CEO/Founder of Hint Inc., Kara Goldin joining us to talk about her book, Undaunted (a WSJ and Amazon Best Seller), building a business based off passion and how to make pivots in your life and career.

David Dember wastes no time in having Kara get practical and tactical as she shares her story of how she built Hint. Kara shares some great insight that every business owner needs to hear!

Kara goes on to discuss the power of getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, how to find your groove in business and the importance of passion being present in all you do.

Daina Trout: Co-Founder & Chief Mission Officer of Health-Ade

Daina Trout has come a long way from brewing kombucha in her college dorm at Tufts University. After getting her Masters in both Nutrition and Public Health, she developed her own personal philosophy that health is less about science, and more about what makes you feel good and happy. Fast forward a few years, she decided to launch her product idea, Health-Ade, with her Co-Founders, husband Justin Trout and best friend, Vanessa Dew. With a commitment to brewing the best tasting and highest quality kombucha on the market, starting in farmer’s markets and growing rapidly across the US, hear how Daina tirelessly created, launched and scaled Health-Ade to the brand that is today. So many lessons here. You won’t want to miss listening to this incredible episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Megan Reamer: Co-Founder of Jackson’s Chips

This mission-driven entrepreneur has had quite the journey building her incredible company. When Megan Reamer, Co-Founder of Jackson’s Chips, developed the first recipe for slow-cooked chips made from sweet potatoes with coconut oil, she wasn’t thinking about creating something that would scale to the success that Jackson’s Chips has today. Megan’s mission was to develop a great tasting snack that was nutrient dense and could help their son Jackson while they were managing his rare autoimmune disease. Tragically, he passed away at age 16 from complications of the disease, but his legacy lives on through the creation of Jackson’s Honest using the same all-natural recipe that she made for their son. It’s an incredible story from the heart and you can’t help but admire the journey she takes us through on this episode. You don’t want to miss listening to this incredible episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Julie Nguyen: Founder & CEO of Methodology

What do you do when you learn through changing your own diet how easy it really is to fix those health issues that have stumped you for years? You start a company to bring your delicious creations to others. Julie Nguyen, Founder and CEO of the absolutely yummy company Methodology, shares her journey with us today. This luxury meal prep company delivers high-quality, fully cooked, sustainably packaged meals that are sure to get you excited. Julie is the story of a mission driven entrepreneur with a purpose. A mission to do good in the world. A former finance and tech exec changing course and using her determination and curiosity to help others get healthy through healthy and tasty food! So much inspiration here! You are going to love hearing her incredible start-up story and how she has scaled it to be the success it is today. Don’t miss listening to this fantastic episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Mike Schneider: Founder of FlatFace Fingerboards

What do you do when you have an idea to make a product you love better? You create a company of course! Even if you are only 9 years old! Mike Schneider, Founder of FlatFace Fingerboards, wasn’t daunted back then by the task of making a category better. And he isn’t today either as his company is one the largest in the world in fingerboard manufacturing! Mike has been called the Tony Hawk of Fingerboarding and is not only a professional fingerboarder, and Founder of FlatFace Fingerboards, but also the creator of “Fingerboard Heaven”. So much inspiration here! You are going to love hearing about his incredible start-up story and the nuts and bolts around it. You don’t want to miss listening to this episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Anna Brightman: Co-Founder of Upcircle Beauty

Anna Brightman, Co-Founder of Upcircle Beauty was 22 when she had the idea for her company. Then she launched it with her brother Will. No small feat. Upcircle Beauty has grown to become the UK’s #1 upcycled beauty brand – in just six years! When the brother and sister duo discovered that more than 500,000 tons of coffee grounds from London cafes were sent to landfills each year, they decided to do something about this. And so they did! The two created a line of amazing skincare products using the collected coffee grounds. Now Upcircle Beauty products are stocked in over 40 countries and is an overnight success! Anna, our guest, is a great example of a Co-Founder who saw a problem and created a solution. So much inspiration here! You are going to love hearing about this incredible mission driven entrepreneur start-up story and the nuts and bolts she’s journeyed through to get to where she is at. You don’t want to miss listening to this episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

Carolyn Aronson: Founder & CEO of It’s a 10 Haircare

After experimenting with a multi-product line and then doubling-down on just ONE amazing product, this serial entrepreneur quickly dominated the haircare space… with a product many know and love! Carolyn Aronson, the Founder + CEO of It’s a 10 Haircare, shares how one of the only female-owned professional hair care brands in the world was able to scale from zero to hundreds of millions in sales. Her star product—the Miracle Leave-In treatment—lines the shelves in over 25,000 professional salons and 15,000 professional salon chains. Carolyn takes us through her incredible story including some struggles along the way. So many lessons here! You are going to love listening to this incredible no-nonsense entrepreneur take us on her journey to success. You don’t want to miss listening to this incredible episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.