A Conversation Between Kara Goldin and Guy Kawasaki

September 23, 2020

Guy Kawasaki interviews Kara Goldin, the founder, CEO, and chief taster of Hint, the lifestyle company that sells bottled water and hand sanitizers. The conversation covers Kara’s experience prior to Hint, working at AOL, CNN, and Time. And, well, technically, the TeePee restaurant in Arizona. The episode starts with a story about an executive from a large beverage company in Atlanta addressing her as β€œsweetie” and how that was a pivotal moment in her undaunted quest to start a company that sold bottled water.

In this episode Guy and Kara discuss:

🍊 what it takes to make a cold call
🍎 get your products into Whole Foods
πŸ‹ and, in general, how to be Undaunted

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Kara Goldin: Founder and CEO of Hint, Author of Undaunted