A Conversation Between Kara Goldin and James McKinney

March 9, 2021

James McKinney speaks with Kara about her experience in technology and media, and how that unlikely background led to her founding a company that became a multi-million-dollar global beverage brand. Kara talks about how she didn’t allow “what she didn’t know” to stop her from moving forward with bringing a product – which she created to improve her own health – to the larger market. The reason the doubts and doubters didn’t faze her is because she knew the consumer needed this solution…again…there was nothing else out there when she created Hint. It was her determination and mission that allowed her to silence the noise and focus on what had to be done in order to build the business and the brand the way she wanted to. As inspiring as she might sound solely based upon my introduction, you can’t forget that NO success story happened overnight…in fact…most success stories start far earlier than many think.

Every wildfire began with a spark. Every superhero has an origin story. And every single startup has a moment that they point to as their beginning. And every founder has a purpose that drove them in the midst of all obstacles. THAT is The Startup Story.

The StartUp Story

Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO, Hint Water | #ThePlaybook 394